Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stop Privatization at UC!
Call or Email Today to Demand UC STOP Privatization!

UC executives released a cost-cutting plan in March that will be voted on in the May Regents meeting. Part of their plan is to privatize work on some campuses. Privatization schemes at UC does nothing but undercut good jobs as well as threaten the health and safety of workers and the public.
At UC Irvine, over 100 contracted out custodians have been in a struggle for over 2 years to become University employees. Many of these workers have been working at UCI for over 20 years with their dedication and commitment to the UCI community ignored by being exposed to unsafe working conditions and have minimal benefits making it a daily struggle to support their families.
"I rent a room in a house for 3 of my children and myself. Sometimes we have nothing to eat for days after I pay the rent. I used to clean homes while working at UCI. That helped to pay the bills. Due to the economy, that side job has ended. Right now I see tough times because I just have one job. I want to work for UCI to have more benefits for my children, especially for my son that has autism." - Araceli Ramirez: Contracted out worker at UCI since May 9, 1987

TAKE ACTION NOW by calling or sending a letter to demand an end to privatization plans and contracting out at the University of California
Call UC President Mark Yudof at 510-987-9074 to demand he stop privatization efforts.
"Hello, my name is ______________ and I am calling to ask that you put a stop to privatization at UC.
The UC Irvine custodians should all be brought in immediately as University employees. Furthermore, I know some campuses are considering privatizing services. I urge you to stop privatization at UC and the creation of junk jobs in our communities.

Subject: Stop Privatization at UC
Your Letter:
I am emailing to demand an end to privatization at UC.
As you know, some campuses are planning to privatize work through contracting out. I am concerned that UC executives are planning to balance the budget on the backs of front line workers. In today’s economy, we need more good jobs in our communities—not less.
UC Irvine has over 100 contracted out custodians who are working with substandard benefits and under unsafe conditions. Everyday these families struggle to survive, while UC turns their backs on their long term service to the University community.
Privatization not only hurts workers and their families, but also often puts the health and safety of our students and patients at risk.
I ask that you end all current and future privatization at UC - especially at UC Irvine.

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