Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2011-04-06 "Demand General Strike Action At Western AFL-CIO Convention-Stop Supporting Two Corporate Parties" from "United Public Workers For Action"
Join the United Workers For Public Action
April 9, 2011 at 9:30 AM
at the Oakland Airport Hilton
1 Hegenberger Road near the airport.

There will be a Western Regional Meeting of The AFL-CIO. Now is the time for all working people and organized labor to mobilize the entire labor movement and also move toward the formation of a democratic labor party. In California, the Democratic governor Jerry Brown and the Democratic controlled legislature are launching major attacks on working people and public services.
Enough is Enough!
Trade unionists and workers on April 9, 2011 will be supporting a;
* 1.5 Million Public Workers For General Strike Action To Stop Union Busting & Attacks On Public Workers
* 84 Billionaires In California And We're Broke?
* For A Democratic Workers Party And A Workers Program

The April 4, 2011 protests being held throughout the United States are statements that public workers and all workers are under a frontal union busting assault. These attacks are not only coming from Republicans but President Obama and Governor Jerry Brown. With depression level unemployment in California and the US this is an emergency situation, yet the Democrats and Republicans have no solutions while they continue to expand wars from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and now Libya. There are trillions for war while social services and education are being butchered and privatized. Working people need to stand up and put a stop this one sided class war not only in Wisconsin but in California.
President Obama supported the firing of Rhode Island teachers, unilaterally imposed a freeze on Federal workers pay, a tax on union workers health care plans, no cost of living for two years for SS recipients and has supported privatization of public education while he expands the imperial wars overseas.
Governor Jerry Brown is attacking the pensions of public workers and is also continuing to impose furloughs even at CA-OSHA where the salaries are paid for by Federal monies and a premium on workers compensation insurance.
Obama and Jerry Brown both refuse to make the billionaires in this country pay for this crisis. Jerry Brown even refuses to protect the Napa State Hospital employees and patients who continue to be murdered and raped because of the lack of staffing. San Francisco TWU 250 A Muni operators are being retaliated against by Democratic Mayor Ed Lee for making health and safety complaints about the transit system that threaten both the drivers and the public.
Democratic politicians are also pushing for more tax breaks for corporations and regressive taxes in CA and Obama along with the the Democratic Congress provided billions for the bank bailouts. At the same time, the bosses are telling the working people that it is cheaper to invest in China and India and they have no future for us and our families. These same bank and billionaires have illegally foreclosed on millions of workers homes and have covered up their crimes with the support of the politicians who take money from them.
They need to be in jail for fraud and crimes. Making the banks good as the AFL-CIO and SEIU are arguing is an illusion of how change takes place. While talking about making these banks behave, these same union officials are pushing concession bargaining from Wisconsin to California.
Private banks are about making more profits off of the people and their derivatives and speculation is how they are doing it. Only public control of these banks run by workers and the community can make them work in the interests of people.
In California, there are 1.5 million public employees. At present they are divided up by unions, departments and districts and the unions are each trying to fight their battles separately against outsourcing, privatization and union busting.
It is time, to unite all public workers in California and nationally. We must prepare now for a national general strike with all public workers unions, private workers along with students and we must begin work to run independent labor candidates with a program to solve the economic crisis.
Millions of immigrant workers in 2006 showed the way for all workers in this country yet the AFL-CIO and SEIU have failed to mobilize their members in similar action. In fact today, 7,000 SF Hotel workers are without contracts as well as all UAL and American Airline workers. The Oakland Education Association OEA is without a contract and 65,000 unionized CA state workers are still without contracts yet they are kept divided and demobilized.
The growing government and police repression including the ICE raids against immigrants and the repression in the Black and Latino community has been the response by corporate controlled politicians and the government in this crisis.

The United Public Workers For Action is for fundamental structural changes that will defend our public services and education and also restructure California to eliminate proposition 13, support a state bank and eliminate the insurance industry in healthcare and public control of the energy industry including PG&E.
The lessons of this system crisis cannot be resolved with more Democratic and Republican politicians who are controlled by corporate America.

Contact the United Public Workers For Action [] to join the struggle to unite all public workers in the fight to defend public services and public education.
Demand the AFL-CIO call a general strike against union busting and for a democratic workers party on April 9, 2011, 9:30 AM at the Oakland Hilton Hotel.
United Public Workers For Action []

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