Thursday, April 28, 2011

2011-04-28 "Tea Party: Obama Has Multiple Social Security Numbers Tied To Bill Ayers" by David Badash
Tea Party leaders are now suggesting that President Obama, who released his long-form birth certificate Wednesday, has “multiple social security numbers,” and claims Obama is friends with William Ayers, who is “very proficient in the use of false identifications and said the best IDs incorporated a social security number.” They also are suggesting Obama committed fraud in relation to his social security number(s) and his selective service registration.
Tea Party Nation founder and birther Judson Phillips, about whom The New Civil Rights Movement wrote Wednesday, and who appeared on “The Chris Matthews Show” just hours later to support his birtherism, today continued his attempts to discredit the President, Hillary Clinton, and the Left.
"Obama has a social security number that was issued in Connecticut. You can tell where a social security number is issued by the first three digits of the number. His was issued in Connecticut. Why is this interesting? Obama never lived in Connecticut and up until the time the number had been issued, had never even visited there. So how does he end up with this social security number?"
Phillips — who advocates for voting rights only for property owners — continues, with, “The Western Journalism Center did a story on Obama tying him to potentially multiple social security numbers. These are all tied together by addresses Obama is known to have lived at. This is incredible fodder. Why would this man have multiple social security numbers? The only people who do that are those engaged in some type of fraud or identity theft.”
Note that “The Western Journalism Center” is another front from World Net Daily founder and birther extraordinaire, Joseph Farrah, whose WND is backing (and refusing to back away from) a soon-to-be-published book about Obama not being an American, even after Obama has proven he is, time and time again.
Judson Phillips, who actually had the guts to blame “gun control Nazis” for the hate crime beating of Chrissy Lee Polis, the transgender woman whose brutal assault at a Baltimore McDonald’s was filmed in a video that has gone viral, also suggests Hillary Clinton was the original birther.
Who started raising questions about Obama’s birth certificate?
Hillary Clinton. She raised those issues when Obama started taking off in the Democratic primaries.
First, the first case of Obama not being born in America can be traced back to this Kenyan-based 2004 Sunday Standard article with a false headline []. You can thank for the info.
Second, Hillary Clinton didn’t start birtherism. Many reports claim an anonymous ardent Clinton supporter circulated an email that said Obama wasn’t born in the U.S. That may be true, but it’s not the Left that has promulgated the idea.
Oh, and that bit about Obama, and his supposedly-fraudulent selective service registration? Two words: Orly Taitz [].

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