Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Hitlist (July 21st, 2016)

Interview with -
Damion Square, posting up his new tracks:
- 1time,
- Rise Up,
- American Nightmare,
- Pyramids to Plantations
He writes: Musically, I feel like across all forms of media in the U.S. people of color are misrepresented. My goal is to create an independent media platform that solely produces content that upliftes, inspires, and redignifies people of color. I have a production company & entertainment company that I'm currently putting together  (De-colonized Mindz Productions & Black Militant Intellectual Ent).
Education is the key, and when you consider that majority of youth are being educated via media creating a platform that speaks to thwre experiences in a way that would empower them culturally, spiritually, and intellectually hip-hop is the greatest vehicle for that. It is the #1selling musical genre on planet earth. I feel like Hip-hop indeed is the ultimate liberation tool.
- President, Santa Rosa College Black Student Union  / UMOJA - Outreach Coordinator
Contact Damion at [d_nice334@)]


Featuring guest artist from Austin, TX -

"What's Next", by
B.I.R.D., TeeRex, and Dino 
from 2-3 (Two Three)
Artist, producer and writer.
Native to Austin since being born Oct 2nd 1986!
Look him up! [] [jpfrom23@)]
Parking Lot ft B.i.r.d
Grand Master (Feat. B.I.R.D)

Upcoming shows -

Friday @ The Hub we will be hosting another open mic from 7-10 pm ft performances by upcoming Bay Area artists. $5 enter fee 350 Georgia street
Hosted by The Kid & @roz200000


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