Thursday, July 7, 2016

Mis Demeanor's got Jerry Katz on The Hitlist!

Jerry Katz of "Baller Blockin'" infamy talks with Mis Demeanor about the iconic film and what hes up to today at his school of acting "Katz Acting Joint"
Listen to the recorded interview at []

Check out the artists on this weeks'
Most Wanted -
** Peezy - "Man of the year" (remix)
** Hugo Monster - "MONROCKS" (remix)
** Jimmy B - "Psychosis"
** Jimmy B - "Playing with Fire" (ft. KOB aka Kobra Abysmal)
** Klaranze Kirk - "Good Day In The Bay"

More from our guest feature, Jerry Katz!
Telephone: [504-358-5351]
Email: []
A note from Jerry: “Hello, I teach a technique that works! It is a technique that is used in the front lines of Hollywood. It is a technique that is being used by successful actors such as: Brad Pitt, Jim Carry, ACADEMY AWARD WINNERS Halle Berry and Charlize Theron…just to name a few. It is called THE IVANA CHUBBUCK TECHNIQUE. It is a technique that will teach you with specific pragmatic tools to own; the title of Ivana’s best selling book “THE POWER OF THE ACTOR,” and in the process….you’ll learn….HOW TO WIN!”

"Baller Blockin" (2000, Cash Money Millionaires)

Filmed at New Orleans by the Cash Money Millionaires, this movie presents a realistic story describing society's corruption in the so-called "ghettos" across the USA. Elements contained in the story include the CIA-Cocaine connection, and the actual motives for police infiltration of narcotic cartels. 

Pictured below is the Baller Blockin Fan Club President alongside her favorite members of the Baller Blockin' Cast!
Here's the run down of who's who [] -
Biatrice - Bryan "Baby" Williams
Tanut - Juvenile
Chopper - B.G.
Iceberg Shorty - Lil' Wayne
Teke - Turk
GD - Ronald "Slim" Williams
Curly Head - Jerry Kato (Katz)
Fast Eddie - Mr. Johnson
Netty - Jeanette Branch
Lieutenant Gaspard - Terrence Kirkland
Gar - Mykel Shannon
Diego - Suleman "Sol" Virani
Slugger - Johnny Howard
Young Tanut - Carl Bryant
Player #1 - Terence Rosemore
Player #2 - T. Rose
Victim #1 - Mike Kemp
Prostitute - Brandy Haley
Jewelry Clerk - Mohammed Mohiuddin
Woman in Store - Ann Duplechin
Girl #1 in Car - Melissa White
Girl #2 in Car - Osaria Allen
Store Clerk - Bewlle Moore
Uniform Officer #1 - Edwin Thomas
Mailman - Corey Thomas
Woman #1 - Evette Foy
Undercover Agent - Charles Anders
Surveillance Man - Stanford Norwood
Detective #1 - Todd Slack
Detective #2 - Ed Horton
Arguing Man - Kim "Big Woo" Smith
Arguing Woman - Joann Kelly
Gunman #1 - Orlando Nelson
Gunman #2 - Waldorf Nelson
Gunman #3 - Earl Register
Columbians - Juan LaBostroce, Don Guillory, Nathaniel Franklin
Man Shot At Party - Elliot Searcy
Women on Steps - Jamie Kenner, Ashley Booker, Gabrielle Bolding, Lilla Causey, Adrian Pierre, Zemmitria Stevenson, Keza Shields, Connie Grant, Sylvia Shorty
Party Girls - Charmaine Randall, Latonia Reado, Karena James, Gabriella Wyman, Kathy Raby, Quiana Brown, Shawana Washington, Kuana King, Keoke Johnson, Stephanie Scott

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