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July 21st, 2016, Stranger News

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Stranger News
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* "David Icke accuses TV hosts of ‘abuse’ after heated interview about shape-shifting lizards" (2016-07-14, []

* "Weird quantum effects stretch across hundreds of miles" (2016-07-19, []

Space News
* "NASA discovers giant hole growing on the sun’s surface" (2016-07-14, []

* " ‘Dark streaks’ on Mars give NASA a hint that Red Planet may have water" (2016-07-09, []

* "Astronomers discover snow surrounding new star for the first time" (2016-07-14, [] [begin excerpt]: Galactic snow has been discovered around a star beyond the solar system for the first time ever, giving an insight to atmospheric conditions and even signs of life, according to a new report by astronomers.
The “snowline” surrounding a young and hot star known as V883 Orionis originated from a violent stellar emission, where material from the star suddenly became heated and instantly sent the snowline away from the star, making water particles cold enough to freeze.
Scientists at Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) in the desert of Chile were able to capture the image from a radio telescope, showing a bright star with an orange disc and a darker outline – the ring of snow.
V883 Orionis is located around 1,350 light years away from Earth and is 30 percent bigger than the Sun. [end excerpt]

Ancient News
* "Dinosaurs wiped out when asteroid struck oil - study" (2016-07-15, []

* "Children's Song Preserves Early American Hymn to Goddess of Witches, Says Academic" (2016-07-07, []:

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