Thursday, September 22, 2011

Welcome, you are now in the Northbay Uprising!
On today's episode we have two guests.
Beginning at 3:30pm, Age Scott [] will talk about hip-hop comix, his new "Superhood" comic book, and his children's show "Cartooning with Age!" [] shown twice every week, every Monday and Friday at 5:30 pm, on V-CAT TV in Vallejo (channel 26) and anywhere Comcast is showed. please tune in!
Check out his show:

The 2nd guest is Sharon Coleman, host of Backyards Poems for Local Change [as part of 100,000 Poets for Change]
Saturday, September 24, 7:00pm - 9:00pm at Frank Bette Center for the Arts, 1601 Paru at Lincoln, Alameda, CA
Ten poets who work professionally or voluntarily for local change read from their accomplished works of poetry.
Cyrus Armajani--teaches literacy in Alameda Co. Juvenile Hall
Mary J Dacorro--tutor extraordinaire at Laney College
Anita Garriott--critic of mental welfare programs
Kimberly Satterfield--social worker
Claudia Castro Luna--former Oakland school teacher
Milani Pelley--poetry workshop leader for under-served youth
Carla Kandinsky--writing workshop leader for adults on fixed incomes
Sari Friedman--former community college instructor
Lenore Weiss--union political action committee leader
Oscar Bermeo--Oakland school employee and poetry workshop leader for
under-served youth
Hosted by Sharon Coleman and facilitated by Jeanne Lupton

Another event that is part of the National "100,000 Poets for change" is "Revolutionary Poets Brigade in Solidarity with One Hundred Thousand Poets for Change"
Saturday, September 24, 2011, 7:00 pm, at Art International, 963 Pacific St. San Francisco.
poets include Dee Allen, Lincoln Bergman, Judith Bernhard, Kristine Brown, Jim Byron,Giancarlo Campagna, Yolanda Catzalco, devorah major, Agneta Falk, Gary Hicks, Jack Hirschman, Mark Kockinos, Jessica Loos, Jimmy Mankind, Rosemary Manno, Sarah Menefee, Alejandro Murguia, Dottie Payne, Maketa Smith-Groves

100,000 POETS FOR CHANGE, Saturday, September 24, 2011, 7:00 pm, at FOCUS GALLERY, 1534Grant Ave, San Francisco
* Liv Zutphen~ Painter Poet
* Special Guest ~ Tony Serra
* ruth weiss ~ poet
* with Hall Davis, percussion and Doug O'Connor, Bass
4pm-6pm with book signing

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