Thursday, September 1, 2011

RHHR’s Favorite Hip-Hop “Rolas” (Fall 2011)

published 2012-02-25 by "Revolutionary Hip-Hop Report" []:
This issue’s Rolas are courtesy of FR of the LO LIFE CREW

Dilated Peoples – Stimulation Evidence: “hum along to this beat it goes, it goes ‘Hip-Hop’ we got more delete-able foes, take the ground up from under your toes, earth axis spin, tracks collapse on roads, rap music, the shit that gave you power, if it wasn’t for this, might be $8 an hour, might be goin back to baggin up sacks & have ya hustling deals that make you think whether to pack, I made a pact with my crew, a trap to do, now we blowin out capacity rooms, you asked for the truth”

Rusty Pelicans & Imani – Tread Water “just to tread water, its gettin harder & harder, so if you really wanna go farther you & your partners gotta try harder & be smarter, for starters, just to tread water ”

Pete Rock & Ini – Microphonist Wanderlust

Boogie Monsters – Warning “as the world revolves, complex, it seems hard to exit, tapes continue to be ejected, evils respected, men test their manhood & risk bein infected, teflon & latex means protected, our blocks projected as a drug pump, where waste dumps the purpose selected, wanna track our moves so a chip is injected, shackle, ball & chain to keep a brother detected”

Emanon – Path of the Divine “its like theres just too much goin on to keep my eyes focused on the dawn, its gonna take a lifetime to organize my mind so I can travel the path of the divine, its so hard to say goodbye to the french fry but that shit would have just killed me anyway, don’t be slave to societys livin grave, reactin like a microchip injected clone with no mind of your own, & still alone, they say ‘life is a test’ but its more like an experiment so we live in fear of it, sponsored by the government, I raise my voice & revolt against the occult & the establishment, when 85% of who exist cant handle it & only 15% understand it & over that only one-third have the common decency to give back, I symbolize the hop side of rap cuz the hip side is wack, trendy MCs glorifyin all the things that they lack”

Third Sight –Rhymes Like a Scientist “im in it for the art kid, I still pack the cartage & my automatic don’t panic granted I rip apart shit, im borderline insane, mind a genius when I compute calculus with 26 vowels & constantans, scientist, my hypothesis, PHd docorate, mr chocolate drops it before you thought of it, I put the calluses on your hypothalamus, swellin in your cerebellum, blind your mind with paralysis, theres no humor I give tumors”

Mos-Def & Slick Rick – Auditorium “the way I feel sometimes its too hard to sit still, things are so passionate times are so real, sometimes I try & chill, mellow down blowin smoke, smile on my face but its really no joke, you feel it in the streets the people breathe without hope, they goin through the motion, they dimmin down the focus, the focus get clear then the light turn sharp, & then eyes go teary, the mind grow weary, I speak it so clearly sometimes yall dont hear me, I push it past the bass, no nations gotta feel me, I feel it in my bones, black, Im so wide awake that Im hardly ever sleep, my flows forever deep, & its volumes or scriptures when I breathe on a beat, my presence speak volumes before I say a word, I’m everywhere, penthouse, pavement, the curbl”

Lootpack – Antidote to the Anit-dope

Elusive & The Grouch – It’s Cool Huh? “I brewed the beat to my blood, I grew feet to walk thru mud, so thick I dont stick around to politic or slip, my materials a slow drip, I drop potent shit so get the scrote & dick if your mind cant open to this, I use my Oakland wit”

Felt (Murs & Slug) – Hot Bars “[Chorus] I spit hot bars, I spit on cop cars, I spit game to the chicks that belong to rock stars, got the goods, uptown to Hollywood, so what you don’t like us, your girl probably would… [Murs] take a journey through the mind of a one of a kind self-made motherfucka thats enjoying his time, on land, on air, on mics & on sea, let it all just be, good times on me, its California fool, flyest breezies in the world & we can roll up a bleezy that’ll make your toes curl [Slug] and it goes puff-puff-pass so you can kiss my ass, oh you didnt know, you musta missed the class [Murs] its sunshine, one-time, MCs with punchlines, hit Elements on Sunday put it on the frontline [Slug] & tell em all to make some ruckus for the fuckers in the clutches, & the soldiers in the trenches, and the wenches on the guest list, call heaven, tell em ‘got a situation’”

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