Sunday, December 19, 2010

Save the Whales!

Here is a letter Dr.G. is sending to everyone he could think of, and while that's alot of people, it isn't as many people as all of YOU know combined! Send a note like this to EVERYONE, because we might see the whales go extinct in one lifetime!

Dear [ ... ],

Lately my mind has been on the ocean. I like to think of whales, who can live to be 300 years old or more, as well as the dolphins who play well with humans, and if intelligent life existed anywhere else in the universe, it'd be in the hearts and minds of the whales and dolphins, for their brains mimic every important function used by our brains.

However, they are forced to feed on all this trash and junk dumped into the ocean and are internally bleeding from toxicity of illegally dumped chemicals, malnourished as they already are from the over-exploitation of stock such as tuna and squid...
The Nation of Nippon (Japan) has been killing hundreds of these wise fishers of the sea just to saisfy their tastebuds, as opposed to the indigenous nations in North America who will kill only a few for legitimate hunger needs...
And now, the United States Navy is using a Sonar powerful enough that it is killing and severely injuring all mammal life over 200 miles out from where it is used, a system which could be engineered so that the tests of this offensive weapon safeguard the whales and dolphins, important as they are for the Pacific Ocean's ecosystem.

Why should it have to be so bad?
We already know that a healthy ecosystem means a sovereign future for everyone, because sea life all-together can self-regulate a perpetual source of food and air.
The religious congregations already know that these intelligent beings are a worthy gift of life, not to be taken away because of human selfishness.
Citizens across the world have been networking to ensure that sealife, especially whales, survive the ecocide our economic system is creating.

If you find it within your means, would you consider getting in touch with the right people, in government, the communities, the churches, around the world, to bring word to our species that the whales and dolphins need to be protected and propagated for our survival?

Sincerely, [ ... ]

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