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Humboldt Communities For Justice and Peace

Works include holding marches and protests, sending out  reports and research studies, exposing media bias and holding this government accountable.
Press Contact: Jack Nounnan [707-442-8733] [jnoun (]

2011-02-22 "Our stand against U.S. Navy weapons tests massively destroying ocean life" press release by Jack Nounnan from "Humboldt Communities For Justice and Peace":

 In this past Saturday's Feb. 19 Rally in Eureka  - we acknowledged how this government has ignored our greatest concerns for over 2 years past and we agreed that all avenues being exhausted, saving Great Ocean Life is left in our hands.
 Rally organized by: "Communities For Justice and Peace, Humboldt.Co.", inspired by the efforts of "Agricultural Defense Coalition of Mendocino" [], and the "Coalition Against Naval Weapons Testing and killing of Marine life" which is connecting with native tribes, environmental, legal and other groups nationwide.

 A Declaration -
 As a group, we are resolved to advocate nonviolent direct action in face of U.S. Navies blatant cruelty and killing. (A rally in Mendocino  took a similar stand)
 A mission statement: As certain as the Golden Rules voyage (see below) inspired the first Nuclear Test Ban Treaty by setting out  to engage  ultimate threat of nuclear testing, we must attempt to intersect with U.S. Navy in their testing areas.

 Beginning This Campaign -
 Join us by calling and connecting with people owning boats among our locals . . . and friends in all coastal regions of our country effected by these tests, encouraging them to be part of this search for those who own boats and can be part of a flotilla . . . numbers of boats  from all coastal areas. . . to intersect with U.S. Navies testing, in bringing wider public notice of this extermination of precious ocean life. For this government to go on with its rationales for eliminating ocean life is not an option! It promises to end certain ocean life cycles and all the marginal to worse ocean deterioration which follows.
 We will continue to urge this government to act, as we have in California through Rep. Mike Thompson and our Senators, while, for example, Thompson's most recent  correspondence sights only his past efforts, while all of this wrecklessness and slaughter go right on.
 As in any action of civil disobedience, our reasons go beyond these present and unacceptable national policies. In refusing to include care and maintenance of great oceans, this government demonstrates it is not fit to fulfill  responsibilities demanded by our times and in no way  reflects our greatest concerns.
 *Thus we begin that we begin, in earnest. . . making our calls and sending our messages by every means we can muster. . .  in arousing awareness of this campaign in finding those who can help in any given area along our coasts... and readying  ourselves to sail into Naval testing areas. We've been living in a quasi dark age mentality for ages regarding our responsibilities of care for oceans and their life forms.

 Our Inspiration:
 The 30 ft. sailboat Golden Rule changed the world with her epic voyage into the Pacific and is now  being refurbished  in Eureka, Calif. and inspires us to act!
 It sailed in  1958, with Albert Bigelow at the helm, a former lieutenant commander in the U.S. Navy who commanded three combat vessels in World War II. He set out with four crewmen aboard this small sailboat from San Pedro, Calif., to protest nuclear testing in waters off the Marshall Islands, located in the western Pacific Ocean between Guam and Hawaii.
 The boat was boarded by the U.S. Coast Guard twice in Hawaii, and the Golden Rule crew were arrested before it could make it  to the testing area, but  this action, together with what followed brought on the Nuclear Treaty. The incident stands out as one of the finest examples of nonviolent protest, together with great exposure to the world at large, which brought on such incredible demand-government responded!

 Stage 1  - Present focus -
 Reaching out  to caring people of California, Oregon and Washington, the eastern seaboard, Gulf coast, Hawaii and Marianna Islands, spreading this message as much as possible, which is only as good as what all of us can do!...... to friends, friends of friends, those in other coastal areas... to find those with seaworthy  craft, maybe fishermen who may be aware of how the Navy's "take' (kill) has been cumulative and undermining of their own livelihoods.
 This is a stunning issue, a whole teaching in itself. . . so be prepared with your best set of facts and feelings in reaching others. Good Resource info [].

 Stage 2 - Strategies and logistics for carrying out this mission -
 If we feel we can muster and have decent communications/coordinating among  a close knit group of those in any specific coastal areas, then forming some idea of how to go about this..all of us committed/rooted in  non violence as we  proceed with any  direct actions.
 Time is of essence :  Every region is essentially a self contained area and should be among those who know and trust one another. . . each immediate group deciding its own focus/action/time line and taking care to keep such plans known only within that particular group.
 Meeting to organize in each area;  discussing all implications and credible ways to proceed;  any info on Naval scheduling of departures from bases involved with testings;  working on plans and your crew scheduling of  calendared time slots over the next months.  Listing all needs of equipment, personal gear needed, food, etc. scheduling those involved where they have time. Attempting to ascertain  how much support we have for this.
 We ought to acknowledge what all this will take.    Only if we  feel such an action is right...feel confident we're able to follow through, have the time, are able to work closely together on strategies in the best sense supporting one another in considering an action.  It's going to take some real doing.
 Greater numbers of us involved gives us far better chances.  It gives us more opportunity to know what the Navy is up to in regard to these tests in our own areas. And our greater numbers will help in case of government action against any one member or team.
 Remembering all of this work in outreach is best for arousing public awareness and  continues building greater strength to demonstrate against these government atrocities.
 It means mustering enough in any given group  who urgently feel this is a the right course, beyond mere emotion it invokes.
 Preparation means having a good sense of media contacts... both locally and beyond, among national environmental groups and the press. And considering the very best strategy... for when to be in touch with these media connections.
 Let us begin and see where this takes us, keeping in touch best we can and welcoming the best ways to go about  carrying out such plans.

 What our world already faces:  (A quick review) World  Summit  On Biodiversity  calls for immediate action to save life on Earth.                   
TOKYO (AFP) -  Oct 10, 10'.
 Delegates from  193 nations gathered  to confront the rapid loss of animal and plant species that allow humans to exist,  a "defining moment" in the history of mankind, aimed at survival of diverse species and ecosystems threatened by pollution, exploitation and habitat encroachment. "We are destroying the very foundations that sustain life on this planet.". . . estimates of Earth losing species 100 to 1,000 times the historical average. "We're on the verge of a major extinction spasm," said Russ Mittermeier, president of Conservation International.

 Non violent resistance:
 "Non-cooperation with evil is as much a duty as cooperation with good" said Gandhi throughout his life. Later Philip Berrigan told us:
 "We have to practice nonviolent resistance to imperial America, as a way of life."Resistance is not just a periodic fling, but a day to day process. Gandhi insisted that if people wanted independence, they had to start acting like they were free...and thus seeing what all was involved and what was robbing them of their liberty.

 Non violent code:
 + Our attitude is one of openness and respect toward all beings
 + We will not use violence, either verbal or physical
 + We will not carry or use alcohol or drugs other than for medical purposes during actions
 + We will carry no weapons
 + We will strive to create an atmosphere of calm and dignity
 + We will not condone senseless acts of sabotage.
 + We promise to practice finding  humor in most  all concerns and pay attention to maintaining our awareness and our balance.

 **Update:  U.S. Naval war against ocean life should be intimately tied to  upcoming protests  to end wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq!

2012-03 press release by Jack Nounnan from "Humboldt Communities For Justice and Peace":
 "We seek the democracy you've  endlessly  spoken of, but never seem to mean, We march together with this profound  and impassioned public outcry ... Joining  with Americans everywhere, all of us wanting that you absolutely know!
 We're  sickened by  your violent practices against humanity abroad and here at home.
 We're appalled  by your wasted  fortunes on these incorrigible  wars,   literally condemning our chances for  funding our overwhelming domestic choices.
 We loathe massive productions meddling with earth, now demanding quick responding efforts, but seeing  you're obsession blinds ...and toward responding, you're never inclined.
 We see we face this never ending... ever disintegrating-usurping of our rights and very lives!
   We know too, we won't  endure too well, just choosing to ride this through. Thus it dawning ( or was it being compelled)  to finally see  how maybe, after all, It's our moment, 'our' history...and how, of course, it's written by what we do !
 "Yes" and embracing our part, our share in all  this  emerging scenario And together making our way, empowered by fuller meaning of our devotions and our part in destiny."
 Bothering to be public to gather and to grow!
   We have no intention whatsoever of forgetting who we are! Thus we'll celebrate as well Mar 20,  as surely as the people of South Africa  danced before those powers refusing them recognition, never forgetting their good will nor natural exuberance and fun .
      **Everyone  much encouraged to volunteer and bring cloths in fairly good shape for the Haitian peoples, so call [707-442-8733]**
 "Of course it's family friendly and an exceptional time to have our kids involved!"
 See you Saturday!

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