Saturday, March 6, 2010

2010-03-06 "Students march on City Hall"

by Laura Wenus from "La Voz" of "De Anza" college []:
 Two more council members spoke briefly before the microphone was offered to impromptu speakers, who were invited to share their reasons why education was important to them and their experiences with the budget cuts.
 Speakers included Meredith Watson, an ex-chef with a serious back injury. She walked the roughly three miles round trip to City Hall and back on her cane to protest budget cuts. To her, the budget cuts would harm her ability to get an education that could help her get a job which doesn't require her to stand for long periods of time. John Milton, a former English professor at De Anza, frequently interjected encouragement and statistics as people spoke into the microphone at City Hall.
 "Complacency kills," warned David Daman, the CEO of a group called Everything Wins, whose purpose is to provide food to the hungry. He continued, "Your education is paramount to your future."

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