Friday, February 3, 2012

Crimes of local fascism...
We, the people, are forced to rely on energy monopolies whose only purpose is to make money.
The majority of the people are poor, and instead of laws protecting the people from being cut off from electricity during times of financial need, like how food stamps keep people from starving, people are punished with the fatal status of being without electricity. People die. 
Fairfield city residents, Shetarra James and Latisha James, sisters, have been vilified in the monopolized media across the USA, and they both have lost years of their lives, causing extra anguish in their family for a mistake which ended with the result of losing their children.
The system was built by crazy capitalists to perpetuate this sort of madness...

Shetarra James

Shetarra James, after being victimized by the entire gawddam system for a mistake anyone could have made and which killed her children and fam's children:

Latisha James

2010-07-07 "Mother in fatal Fairfield fire arrested, pleads not guilty" from "News10/KXTV"
FAIRFIELD, CA -  Latisha James, one of two mothers accused in the deaths of four children in a Fairfield apartment fire in April was taken into custody Wednesday morning.
James appeared in Solano County Superior Court Wednesday morning in a domestic violence case when she was arrested by the Solano County Sheriff's Department, according to Lt. Darrin Moody with the Fairfiled Police Department.
James pleaded not guilty to four counts of involuntary manslaughter and four counts of child cruelty with an enhancement of death. She was booked into Solano County Jail on $250,000 bail.
The victims, ages 10 months to 4 years old, died April 28. The police and Solano County district attorney's office investigation determined James, 23, and her sister, Sheterra James, 24, had been outside of the apartment at least 30 minutes while the children were left inside unattended. The women were burning candles because the electricity had been turned off due to non-payment. The investigation found three of the children were restrained in strollers while a fourth wasn't when the fire started.
The district attorney's office announced the charges against the two women last Friday. Sheterra James was the mother of three of the children and Latisha James was the mother of a girl who died.
The court set July 19 for Latisha James' preliminary hearing.
Police continue to look for Sheterra James.

2010-07-26 "2nd Mom In Fairfield Fire Taken Into Custody; Shetarra James Taken Into Custody"
FAIRFIELD, Calif. -- Shetarra James, one of the mothers whose children were killed in a fatal fire in Fairfield, was taken into custody Monday.
The District Attorney's office made the arrest. James was booked into Solano County Jail.
Solano County prosecutors said they were pursuing manslaughter and child abuse charges against sisters Latisha and Shetarra James on suspicion of leaving their children home alone.
A $250,000 arrest warrant was issued for Shetarra James.
Latisha James was taken into custody in early July when she voluntarily showed up to her court appearance.
The four victims' mothers were outside when the fire started. A candle left burning on a television set in a front living room was cited as the probable cause of the blaze.
Robert Christopher Charles, 4; Natalie Rogers, 2; Nevaeh Nunn, 2; and 1-year-old Keviana Michelle Morgan all died in the Delaware Street fire.

2010-07 "Fairfield fatal fire mom Shetarra James pleads not guilty" from Bay City News
FAIRFIELD, CA - A second Fairfield mother charged in connection with the fire deaths of four children at their home in April pleaded not guilty Tuesday afternoon in Solano County Superior Court to involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment.
Shetarra James, 24, pleaded not guilty to four counts total. Three of her children died in the fire.
A preliminary hearing date will be set Aug. 6.
Her sister Latisha James, 23, lost her daughter in the fire and was arrested July 7. She faces the same charges, and both are being held on $250,000 bail.
Shetarra James surrendered to authorities near a BART station at 40th Street and McArthur Avenue in Oakland Monday afternoon, Deputy District Attorney Karen Jensen said.
She was arrested by investigators from the Solano County District Attorney's Office and booked into the Solano County jail at 8:30 p.m.
Investigators blamed the April 28 fire on candles left burning on top of a television set in the families' residence at 728 Delaware St. The children were between 1 and 4 years old.
Both women were outside the duplex when the fire started around 9 p.m. Three of the children died in the fire, and the fourth died later at the NorthBay Medical Center.
The family was using the candles because electrical power to the residence had been shut off, fire investigators said.

2012-02-03 "Fairfield Woman Avoids Prison Sentence In Deaths Of Her Children, Niece" by Ben Sosenko
FAIRFIELD (CBS13) — The Fairfield woman whose three children and niece died in an apartment fire in 2010 received 10 years probation on Friday instead of a prison sentence after being convicted of involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment in their deaths.
Shetarra James could have faced up to 24 years in prison after being convicted in November on four counts of involuntary manslaughter and four counts of felony child endangerment. Instead, the judge ordered probation and time already served. She should be released from the Solano County Jail later Friday. In ordering probation, Judge Judge Peter B. Foor noted that James had no prior criminal record and said she will have to live with the tragedy for the rest of her life. He sentenced to 15 years in prison and then suspended it and placed her on probation.
James’ children, Robert Charles Jr., 4, Nevaeh Nunn, 2, and Keviana Morgan, 1, and her sister’s daughter, 2-year-old Natalie Rogers, burned to death in a Delaware Street apartment fire April 28, 2010.
In an emotional scene, James read letters in the Solano County courtroom Friday apologizing to the children. She cried for most of the hour-long hearing.
“I’m so excited with the result,” her sister Marcy James said. “She gets a second chance really. Like the judge said, a second change to get her life together.”
Another of Shetarra’s sisters, Latisha James, was originally also charged in the case but those charges were dropped last year. Prosecutors have yet to say why they were dropped and if they intend to refile charges against Latisha James. They said Friday they’d make a decision on that in the coming week or two.
The sisters were burning candles in their apartment after their electricity was turned off for failure to pay their utility bill. The children were unattended when the fire broke out.
The prosecution had sought the full 24 years in prison for Shetarra.
“The only human face to it is the defendant’s face. She’s the only one that’s still alive,” Solano County Assistant District Attorney Karen Jensen said. “The children never had anybody to speak for them.”
But jurors spoke on James’ behalf in the sentencing hearing, saying they didn’t want to see her go to prison.
“She lost everything important to her,” juror Shelly Folden said. “My heart goes out to her as a mother.”
Her defense attorney said Shetarra has suffered greatly from the ordeal.
“She’s gone through a lot and anyone who says she didn’t grieve over her children is absolutely nutty,” Amy Morton said.

Shetarra James in court on August 19, 2011. (File Photo)

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