Monday, August 22, 2011

At the 2011-08-22 OpBART gathering, people who were holding the Northbay Uprising banner were arrested, including Jevon Cochran [age 21]. We might never see him again, except in the news, but he has already been released. His rage is justified, and he has dignity, as can be seen in the photographs taken at the gathering. To those like him, we say: ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

2010-03-03 “Oakland Students Join March 4th Statewide Protests Against Education Budget Cuts” by OaklandSeen
 Editor's note: You'll see students of all ages out on the streets tomorrow protesting drastic education cuts. It's a new movement taking shape – and radicalizing a generation who came of age after 9/11. From our discussion this morning on KPFA, students are mad and aren't gonna take it anymore. I must add that they are also inspired and growing in their power. Below is a note from student organizers Nick Palmquist from UC Berkeley and Jevon Cochran from Laney College on local actions that they hope will make a big difference in schools across the state. - Aimee Allison
 March 4th is a day of action and strike for public education that will unite students, workers and teachers statewide—even nationwide. We are fighting against the budget cuts which represent not a financial crisis but a crisis of priorities and to reform our administrations which have been complicit and even violent in forcing through the budget cuts.
 To win these battles we must unite into a mass movement. So on March 4th we will be coming together for a mobilization in downtown Oakland at Frank Ogawa Plaza. East Oakland high schoolers and teachers will be marching from Fruitvale BART at 11:30. Community college students and workers will be rallying at Laney College from 11 to 1 and then will march to Frank Ogawa Plaza. Finally, Berkeley students and workers will be marching downtown leaving Bancroft and Telegraph at 1.
 While this fightback is starting around education, it cannot stop there. Budget cuts and the recession are hurting everybody. We must unite to fight the wasteful spending on the prisons, wars, and banks. So we are mobilizing for the San Francisco antiwar march on March 20th and we want to involve new organizers through an Oakland Mobilizing Townhall at Laney College on March 27th. Now is the time to start a real mass fightback!
 Nick Palmquist is a UC Berkeley student, Jevon Cochran is a Laney Community College student. Both have been organizing East Oakland High School Students for the March 4th protests.
 Javon Cochran and Nick Palmquist are among Oakland organizers leading March 4th protests.

Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums, left, talks with Jevon Cochran, 19, a college student, in Oakland, Calif. , Friday, July 2, 2010, calling for non-violence and justice in Oakland. Former San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit police officer Johannes Mehserle is on trial in Los Angeles for shooting unarmed black man Oscar Grant on New Year's Day 2009 at a BART station in Oakland.

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