Thursday, July 28, 2011

2011-07-28 "Press Conference to Condemn SFPD Harassment & Jailng of Bayview Youth Organizer"
Press Conference to Condemn SFPD Harassment & Jaiing of Bayview Youth Organizer
When: Thursday, July 28, 12 Noon
Where: San Francisco City Hall, Polk Street
On Sunday July 23rd, in an attempt at police intimidation, a Bayview youth organizer, Debray Carpenter, was arrested at his home. Three days later, Debray was released without the police pressing charges. Debray has been a prominent and out-spoken organizer who has denounced the recent San Francisco Police Department’s violence in the city. We demand: End police terror now!
The press conference on Thursday, July 28, 12 noon at SF City Hall, will demand that the SFPD stop terrorizing and oppressing the Bayview community, especially the Black youth. For too long, the city elite have ignored the crime against Bayview residents. Schools have been neglected to the point that Bayview children must go outside of their community for a good education. Community centers are inaccessible to the people. Racist MUNI checkpoints target residents whose only crime is not having $2. Years of gentrification have given the SFPD an excuse to occupy a historically Black neighborhood. If the youth try to speak out, the police lie, intimidate, and terrorize them. All these injustices must end.
The speakers at the press conference will demand:
- Stop the fare inspection raids
- Transit should be free for all
- End police impunity for the killing of Black youth and the poor
- Compensation for SFPD crimes against the Bayview
- Better schools and community centers for Bayview
- Hands off Debray and his family
Debray Carpenter, Bayview Youth Organizer, 415-875-0638
Jameel Patterson, Bayview Youth Organizer, 415-375-1517

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