Thursday, May 5, 2011

United Public Workers For Action Press Conference
Date & Time: Monday May 9, 2011 11:00 AM
Location: West Side Of Capitol Sacramento, California
Contact: UPWA [415-867-0628] [] []
Exposure of Nepotism & Corruption by California State Agencies Managers and Support For Taxation/Revenue Proposals
On May 9, 2011 thousands of teachers, education workers and public workers will be attending the actions at the State Capitol to demand proper funding of education in California.
The United Public Workers For Action [UPWA] will be having a press conference to
release information about the systemic cronyism in the California Commission On Teachers Certification CTC and the threat to public education by this commission.
A former employee of the Old Republic Title will also report on the the massive outsourcing of jobs by the Title insurance industry and the resulting illegal foreclosures in California that have cost the state of California billions of dollars. These monies should be returned to the state of California and the State Attorney General should pursue legal action.
Diane Brown, President of the United Teachers Of Richmond will also report on the attack on public education and the increasing financial support of the State and Federal government for privatization in the schools while budgets are been decimated in public education.
We will also have a speaker supporting the newly Initiative that has been cleared for circulation that is called Tax on California Oil
This will provide a 15% tax on all oil extracted from California and the revenues will go to public education.
The United Public Workers For Action is for uniting all 1.5 million California public workers to act collectively to protect public education and public services.

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