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2010-11-18 News digest

Bay Area

"Take a moment to help protect Glen Cove Sacred Site!" by "Solidarity"
Everyone who wants to protect Glen Cove sacred site from destruction and desecration should send WRITTEN COMMENTS to the Greater Vallejo Recreation District before November 30th.
Comments should focus on why permits should not be issued to grade and blade the area which is rich in cultural resources and is a major burial site.
Of course also mention objections to adding toilets and a parking lot on top of or near a burial site.
You can also request to be notified of all opportunities to comment on the proposed Glen Cove Development.
Comments should go to GVRD General Manager Shane McAffee at this email: smcaffee [at]
Also cc these comments to the Mayor of Vallejo, Osby Davis at: Mayor [at]
To join the listserve for updates on the situation: or email: protectglencove-subscribe [at]

"Sacred Site/Shellmound Peace Walk"
Sponsored by Indian People Organizing for Change, (IPOC), Shellmound Peace Walkers, SSP&RIT and Foot Prints for Peace November 17-26, 2010
Beginning in San Jose,CA traveling through the Bay Area to Sogorea-Te` Shellmound -Glen Cove Vallejo, ending at the Emeryville Huchiun Shellmound (Bay Street Mall)
IPOC Shellmound Peace Walkers along with SSP&RIT and Foot Prints for Peace invites all to join in a journey of walk and prayer to remember our ancestors that lived on this land for thousands of years.
The walk will be led by traditional Native American leaders and Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist. We will walk and pray with our ancestors in areas where shellmounds and sacred sites have been desecrated by development and celebrate the return of our ancestors due to the NAGPRA law recent changes.
Needed for the walk: Bring a good attitude
Please bring your own utensils, bowl, plate and cup.
Sleeping bag and clothes for all types of weather, including rain gear.
Money for Alcatraz Ferry on Thanksgiving morning $16-$18 and any other incidentals that you may need
Donations needed: Places for people to stay the night at our destinations.
Groups to provide evening meals. Water for the walkers Financial donations to purchase supplies. The use of vans and/or trucks to assist in transporting walkers and the elderly.
For More information contact:
Corrina Gould at 510-575-8408
Johnella LaRose at 510-743-7373
email at
Foot Prints for Peace is a non-profit, all donations are appreciated and tax-deductible
No Alcohol or Drugs
This is a Citizens Assembly
Community Potluck and Blessing for the Shellmound Walk: November 16, 6-9pm Intertribal Friendship House 523 International Blvd, Oakland, California
Date: Leave:
Nov 17 Alviso to Mission San Jose
Nov 18 Mission San Jose to Coyote Hills and Union City
Nov 19 Union City to Hayward and San Leandro
Nov 20 Alameda to Oakland to Berkeley Shellmound
Nov 21 Berkeley Shellmound to UCB /Evening at Thangs Taken – La Pena
Nov 22 Berkeley to Albany Hill to El Cerrito to Point Molate
Nov 23 Point Richmond to Vallejo
Nov 24 Vallejo to Sogorea-te` Shellmound-Glen Cove
Nov 25 East Petlunuc- Sun Rise Ceremony - Alcatraz Island
Nov 26 Huchiun Shellmound - Emeryville

"Homeless asked to leave strip of White Slough"
"Vallejo City Council talks about fire station closure impact"
"Fire ruins apartments, displaces at least two"

Labor -
"Locked Out at Castlewood Country Club
" []

Sunday, November 21st
 2:00pm Meetup, 2:30 March
 Meet in downtown Pleasanton (Corner of Main St. and Bernal Ave, near the Bernal Ave exit off 680)
Join Castlewood workers, community members, faith leaders, and other union sisters and brothers for a march from downtown Pleasanton to Castlewood Country Club. Help us call on the club to end the lockout and sign a fair contract – and show all of Pleasanton that workers won’t be silent in the face of injustice!
Castlewood Workers have been locked out of their jobs since Feb. 25th 2010 and have stood strong in the face of intimidation and the ongoing campaign to starve them into accepting a bad contract. This Thanksgiving we will make sure that Castlewood workers’ families don’t go hungry by providing food and standing together in the fight for justice.
“If we give up now, we won’t be hurting just ourselves, but also all the workers who will come after us. Through nine months of fighting together, my co-workers have become my second family, and we are staying united. It’s just a question of time – justice always wins out in the end, and we’re on the side of justice,” said Francisca Carranza, locked-out Castlewood janitor.
There will be a hayrack ride, Thanksgiving treats, and please consider making donations to the hardship fund or food to distribute to workers.
Please contact Local 2850 if you’d like to turn out members of your organization, volunteer on the day of the march, or invite a worker to speak at a meeting. For more info, contact Lian Alan at or 510-219-6491 or Sarah Norr at or 510-502-5344.
In solidarity,
Castlewood Workers
 UNITE HERE Local 2850

Student Power movementUC San Francisco -
"Inside the UC protests"

"UC Protesters Stand Off With Cops At Mission Bay

"Protests against new fee hikes being met with violence"

2010-11-12 "Police Overreaction to Protest Is Typical; Protest Was Largely a Peaceful Demonstration" by Joseph Anderson from "Daily Californian" newspaper of University of California, Berkeley Campus
[]I was "swept up" in the mass arrests in Oakland at the "end" of the Justice for Oscar Grant march on Nov. 5. It's amazing how highly edited, rearranged video, with reporters giving a very pro-police version can make TV viewers think they are seeing something that they aren't, contextually.
As in George Orwell's "1984." the lie becomes the "truth," and the truth - if a major march (especially if there's "violence") is televised at all - becomes the "lie."
Right-wing TV in Venezuela made it look like Chavez supporters were shooting at Chavez opponents; Israeli media made it look like the Gaza flotilla attacked Israeli commandos; instead of what really happened: actually, the opposite!
When riot cops indiscriminately storm and club people trying to protect themselves, TV makes it look like it's the protesters who are violent, "resisting arrest," "assaulting an officer" - those pro forma police charges! Many TV stations described marchers pushing down a chain-link fence as an example of "widespread violence."
In reality, what happened was overwhelmingly peaceful but included frightened marchers trying to escape from phalanxes of very aggressive, paramilitarized cops in full riot gear who tried to entrap them.
cops seemed about to assault innocent marchers, bystanders and, later, even neighborhood people. I saw young black females peacefully sitting in their own neighborhood trapped and led off in handcuffs by big riot cops, who arrested us all for "failure to disperse" when we weren't even allowed to leave!
I saw one small woman roughly picked up, slammed to the ground and handcuffed. All this in spite of a black mayor, Ron Dellums (who is often missing in action).
Like Oscar Grant, none of us were armed, none of us were resisting and, overwhelmingly, none of us were violent. At least two reporters at the mass arrest reported no rocks thrown at police and no "widespread" violence except, much earlier, a few broken windows. Such minor incidents should have been easy for up to a thousand riot cops to control. Instead, the cops played the public relations game - proclaiming 152 arrests - enclosing and mass arresting obviously nonviolent protesters (the easiest ones to catch). I've also seen, defying any common sense, riot cops purposely antagonize protesters. This would anger me if I were an Oakland business owner.
TV news propagated "rumors" (gee, I wonder by whom?) of "a marcher who pulled a gun from the holster of a riot cop and pointed it at the cop." It would seem to defy common sense, since the rumor is all we heard! Let's see you get close enough, long enough, especially if you're black, to a phalanx of itchy-to-strike, riot cops, to then successfully reach out for and wrest a gun from his holster, and then even point it at the cop and live to tell the story!
Instead, you'd be gunned down along with any nearby marchers in a hail of other cops' bullets or viciously clubbed worse than Rodney King!
A cop killed Oscar Grant, as Oscar merely tried to catch his breath, while torturously pinned face down!
Cops kill, in a hail of bullets, black men for merely standing in their doorway (Amado Diallo) or for merely sitting in their car (Sean Bell)!
The police portray themselves as concerned with protecting Oakland's small businesses. But, after a previous Oscar Grant march, cops in full riot gear, also far outnumbering the remaining "protesters," stood down and just watched as they let the downtown Foot Locker be sacrificed - practically waving looters into the store. Oakland Police Department did this for sheer self-serving manipulation.
As citywide budget cuts fell on the department too, it could show TV viewers, "See, this is why you need us cops!" And, "See, this isn't really about Oscar Grant: it's just about Negroes wanting stolen athletic shoes."
You can bet that the cops wouldn't have stood down and let nearby Wells Fargo Bank be broken into, because that would have been a message by protesters that TV viewers could relate to about the institutions that have looted all of the U.S.!
Unfortunately, most middle-class-and-above, and especially older people fall for this TV manipulation. TV news can always find one of these types to verbally set up on camera, who then say how scared they were for themselves or their businesses. Such people have probably never participated in a political march where they would see how the police often behave. They watch TV and believe that, since they are watching the (rearranged) video, they must be seeing "what happened!"
But, the police say that they don't want to be all judged by the supposedly "few bad apples"; yet, the cops and the media always judge all the protesters by the relative few! It's all part of the media narrative that's spooled out to us each day to keep us fearful (especially of U.S.-provoked foreign "boogeymen"), racially divided, docile and accepting whatever the state and the police do - even literally blocking people seeking social and global justice. It's the same media that harps about protesters not from Oakland.
Yet, Oakland cops often reside in the outer reaches of suburban counties with riot cops even from Modesto - lapping up much overtime! - rarely live in black neighborhoods. Well, police atrocities should anger everyone!
Why weren't all the cops at the Fruitvale BART arrested as accomplices to, ahem, "involuntary manslaughter" - or conspiracy to commit obstruction of justice in their attempted cover-up (they even attempted to confiscate people's cell phones)? Oakland civic groups condemned the latest police actions; while, sadly, even the Daily Cal called the march "a mob" and "a riot!"
But, if we aren't allowed an overwhelmingly nonviolent protest, then what else is left to do? It's crucial to give support to the true protesters, and to those very few reporters who do honest reporting. One journalist is the highly respected Davey D, of Oakland, who has posted excellent articles at about the protests.
And please read online, "Cops Arrest 152 Justice for Oscar Grant Protesters," for a neighborhood woman's chilling account.

UC Davis -
"UCD: Sit-in at US BANK, then Mrak Hall"

Puerto Rico -"Puerto Rico: students protest tuition hike"
"Puerto Rican university strike leader visits UCLA"

"Dying' to stop bullying"

Oakland mayor-elect Jean Quan supports LGBT projects
Transgender Day of Remembrance honors victims of transphobia

"WHAT PART OF "KILLED UNARMED BLACK MAN = MURDER" DOESN'T OPD UNDERSTAND?" by Mesha Monge-Irizarry of the Idriss Stelley Foundation[]
Legendary warrior against police abuse mesha Monge-Irizarry, who founded the Idriss Stelley Foundation following the murder of her only child, Idriss Stelley, by San Francisco police, can be reached on ISF’s bilingual crisis line at (415) 595-8251 or on Facebook. []March for justice for Brother Derrick Jones Thursday, Nov. 11, 3 p.m., from Bancroft & Seminary to Oscar Grant (Fruitvale) BART Station
Another unarmed Black brother, Derrick Jones, 37, a beloved Oakland barbershop owner and father of an infant girl, met a violent death on Monday night, Nov. 8, 2010, shot and killed by two white Oakland police officers while “fleeing,” after they “thought” they saw a metallic object in his hand.
.This OPD homicide occurred only THREE days after Judge Robert Perry sentenced the killer of Oscar Grant III, Johannes Mehserle, to two years in jail, less credit for 146 days of time served plus another 146 days for “good behavior” for a total of 292 days, for “involuntary manslaughter.”
This is the third OPD officer-involved homicide of people of color in 2010. Derrick Jones’ grieving family has retained the services of John Burris, Oscar Grant’s family’s attorney.
‘This incident has nothing to do with the case of Oscar Grant’ - The next day, Tuesday, Nov. 9, I caught the end of a Channel 7 talk show, during which a complacent African American conservative anchor contended, “By the way, it is my belief that the Oscar Grant shooting was ACCIDENTAL.” He interviewed a white former OPD officer and current prosecutor who exhorted the public not to jump to racially biased policing conclusions: “This incident has nothing to do with the case of Oscar Grant. Grant’s killing was involuntary, while yesterday’s shooting was voluntary. You must understand that officers have to make split-second decisions when they have a reasonable belief that a suspect is armed and dangerous and constitutes a life and death threat against themselves or others. Please, you have to understand that it is the scariest scenario in an officer’s life.” The day after the shooting,
OPD’s official version of the killing keeps changing.The corporate press trickles cautious tidbits of information throughout the day. At first, the race of the dead brother and of the shooting officers is hidden from the public. Then an OPD spokesperson reluctantly admits that Jones was UNARMED and that a “confrontation” occurred.
Note the constrained terminology. Initial communiqu├ęs from police usually emphasize:
“Suspect lunged at the officers who feared for their lives”
or “Suspect pulled out a gun, knife” etc.
or “Suspect turned around and repeatedly screamed ‘C’mon, M-F-ers, go ahead and kill me’”
or “Suspect made a sudden furtive move.”
Apparently there was no physical confrontation in Jones’ case.
Throughout Tuesday, the official party line kept changing, from “confrontation” to “appeared to reach for his waist band” to “officers thought they saw a metallic object in the suspect’s hand.”
Hit list on Oaktown contemporary plantation continues to grow -
Remember young Brother Laronte Studesville, 15, shot by OPD in 2007 while fleeing and attempting to pull up his sagging pants? Luckily, the child survived after two weeks in intensive care, scarred for life, shot in the back of his neck while running, the bullet came out of his chin.
Or Brother Jody “Mack” Woodfox, shot in the back and killed in 2008 while “fleeing”?
Both were shot by OPD, and the hit list on Oakland’ contemporary plantation, the land-of-the-proud-and-the-free-OPD is endless and continues to rage on.
Yet in one year, two months and two weeks or maybe sooner, killer cop Johannes Mehserle is “eligible for release.”
The Associated Press, in its Nov. 9 story, “Family says man shot by Oakland police was unarmed,” reports:
“Loved ones of a barber shot and killed by officers during a foot chase disputed police’s account Tuesday that he appeared to be reaching toward his waistband for a weapon.
“Family and friends of Derrick Jones, 37, called Monday’s shooting unjustified and said witnesses did not see the Oakland man make such a move. They also said Jones was unarmed and that police used excessive force.
“’My cousin is not the type of person to harm anybody,’ said Charles Jones … ‘It’s outrageous for somebody to just kill him like that.’
“Police have declined to say how many times Derrick Jones was shot or whether a weapon was found on him, citing the ongoing investigation. …
“When officers arrived, Derrick Jones fled on foot, apparently ‘to escape arrest for assaulting the woman,’ Israel said. …
“But family and friends said Tuesday that Derrick Jones is being wrongly depicted as a ‘monster’ and was only trying to fend off an ex-girlfriend who came to his barbershop causing trouble.
“… (T)he two officers repeatedly told Derrick Jones to stop and tried unsuccessfully to use a stun gun on him. He said the officers also saw Derrick Jones refuse to put up his hands, and he reached toward his waistband several times.
“… (O)ne of the officers saw a metal object in Jones’ hand, Israel said. …
“An attorney representing Jones’ family, John Burris, said Tuesday that witnesses he has spoken to said Derrick Jones was unarmed and was not reaching toward his waistband when police opened fire. …
“’Any time a human life is lost, the surviving family suffers the grief of that loss, so I offer my sympathies to the family of the man who lost his life last night,’ (Oakland Mayor Ron) Dellums said.
“Family and friends said Jones is the father of an infant girl, has been a barber for more than 20 years and has owned his barbershop for the past eight years.
“Scott Riley, 40, another childhood friend, said Jones served about a year behind bars for carrying a gun to protect himself after he was robbed at his barbershop.
“’He’s being portrayed as a monster, and he wasn’t,’ Riley said outside police headquarters. ‘This is all so senseless.’”

What part of "killed unarmed Black man = murder" doesn’t OPD [Oakland Police Department] understand?
Too little too late … enough!
Is the Mehserle verdict ensuring OPD’s license to kill with impunity?
Is there no correlation between the murders of Derrick Jones and Oscar Grant III?
Apparently, civil rights attorney John Burris does not think so.
Neither do we … or the 152 Oakland protesters arrested on Nov. 5 after the public release of the Mehserle sentence.
Mayor Ron Dellums slapped together hasty damage control “condolences” to Brother Derrick Jones’ grieving family.
Too little too late, enough!

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