Wednesday, April 21, 2010

2010-04-21 Student Occupy March (365 mile trek from Bakersfield to Sacramento)

2013-03 outreach flyer from the UCD Solidarity Coalition for the March for California 's Future.
The March is a 365 mile trek from Bakersfield to Sacramento that is highlighting the need to restore quality public education and public services. It will culminate on April 21 with a (hopefully) massive rally in Sacramento. Below is a text version of the attached flyer. Please distribute widely, spread the word, and I encourage you to participate on the 21st if you have the opportunity.
Solidarity, Jeff Bergamini []
We live in the richest state in the richest country in the world.
Budget cuts are not inevitable, but the result of political choices.
The choices that affect the Davis Community are not made just by UC administrators, but also in Sacramento .
We Must Restore:
o Quality public education and public services for every Californian
o Government and economy that serve us all
o A fair tax system to fund California's future

April 21: Join the March to the State Capitol!
2-3 PM Gather at Southside Park 2115 6th St. (at U St.), Sacramento
3 PM March from Southside Park to State Capitol (1 mile)
4 PM Rally at the Capitol (west lawn)
Get on the Bus!
When: April 21st - Buses depart at 1:30pm sharp, arrive early.
Where: Mondavi Center Shuttle Stop
How: Reserve a seat by sending an email to []
Buses will leave from the Capitol at 6:00 for return.

The people of California want and deserve quality public education, affordable healthcare and other public services. Unfortunately a small group of legislators are starving public services year after year by blocking the passage of fair taxes and an adequate budget.
Our message is clear-government officials need to fight for the public's interest now and stop starving our public services. The budget can be repaired with fair tax increases on the wealthy and closing corporate tax loopholes.
The UCD Labor Coalition is urging the Davis community to get involved and make this historic effort to save our services and our state a huge success. March side by side with working people from all over California on April 21st in Sacramento including those who have been on the march 48 days!
Follow the march online! []

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