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April 27th, 2017, Northbay Uprising Radio News

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A list of gatherings, workshops, and educational events in the greater Bay Area region
 [] []

Thursday Peace vigil: A weekly vigil for peace supporters. The event is from noon-1 p.m. at the corner of Golden Gate Avenue and Larkin Street, San Francisco.

Peoples Climate Movement - Bay Area
April 29th, Saturday, 11am to 5pm
Lake Merritt Amphitheater
Oakland, Ca
[] []
On April 29, come to the Amphitheater at Lake Merritt for a family-friendly event which will feature local community leaders including Congresswoman Barbara Lee, climate activists, musical and spoken word performances, climate scientists, information booths, and a variety of hands-on activities for all ages. Then link hands around the Lake. Spread the word and join us!
BACKGROUND: The coalition of organizations that sponsored the hugely successful 2014 People’s Climate March in NYC has issued a call for one massive march to bring our demands to the streets of Washington, D.C. While the emphasis is getting the largest possible turnout in the Capitol on April 29th, all over the country there will be sister marches.
We're having a local event that must be large and reflect the interests of all the constituencies impacted by the Trump agenda – the environment, racism and Islamophobia, sexism, homophobia, immigrant and Native American rights, jobs and workers rights, housing, food security, healthcare, education, peace and military spending, police violence and civil liberties, and other urgent social needs.
In the Bay Area, we will be having a massive rally at the Lake Merritt Amphitheater in Oakland, we will have activities spread out on the grass, & we'll conclude with a procession around the lake. We are trying to join hands around the entire lake. What a statement that would make to send an image of hands around all of Lake Merritt out to the world! If you've ever wondered if your presence at a rally really matters, well, it does at this one. To do this, we need each & every person, & we need you to commit to bringing at least 5 friends/family members/housemates with you!
We need to stand up and take action to protect everything and everyone we love. Pledge to be a part of the resistance. There is no denying it: Donald Trump’s election is a threat to the future of our planet, the safety of our communities, and the health of our families. If the policies he proposed on the campaign trail are implemented, they will destroy our climate, decimate our jobs and livelihoods, and undermine the civil rights and liberties won in many hard fought battles. It’s up to us to stop that from happening.
We will not allow climate deniers to threaten the planet. We will not allow attacks on immigrants, communities of color, women, LGBTQ and workers to become the new normal.

a true peoples’ lawyer, who was railroaded to prison for helping a client, and then denied compassionate release (for her cancer) for way too long:
- SAN FRANCISCO: 7 PM, Sat. 6 May, @ 518 Valencia St. near 16th St BART, donation requested.
- OAKLAND: Sun. 7 May, @ Humanist Hall, 390 27th St. between Broadway and Telegraph.
* Justice for Lynne Stewart! campaign website []

* "Lynne Stewart, Lawyer Imprisoned in Terrorism Case, Dies at 77" (2017-03-07, []


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Updates on campaigns for Peace, Justice, & Freedom across the greater Bay Area, Norcal, and Socal

* "Call-in to Shut Down Berkeley on May Day: Berkeley is at a boiling point. Student workers at Cal are staging daily walkouts; homeless people are dying in the streets; BUSD students are fighting daily battles for representation and safety; families are struggling to survive" (2017-04-20, by Berkeley Against Racism & Sexism) []:
•Defend Berkeley & BUSD’s Sanctuary Status
•Defend immigrant workers, students, & their families against Trump’s attacks
•Reject privatization of public education
•Demand Universal Healthcare
•Demand justice for victims of police brutality
•Reject global war crimes & the drafting of our children to further US imperialism
•Demand access to local, affordable housing

* "Black Block clashes V.S. fascist groups and Trump supporters in Berkeley, California" (2017-04-22, by Demián Revart, []:
On Saturday, April 15th, a black bloc made up of young antifascists, anarchists, and communists fought against members of neo-nazi organizations and Donald Trump president's supporters in Berkeley, California.
The police served as accomplices to the right wing groups allowing them access to the main area of the rally. Along with the usual "Make America Great Again" t-shirts and hats, the right wing groups carried anti-semitic signs, flags with nazi swastikas, and at times were even seen carrying out the nazi salute.
While the clashes took place, the black bloc bravely carried a banner reading, "We will defend our communities" organizing around the "community" as an alternative to the american proletariat.
During the battle, objects and fences were put to use by the anti-fascists to impede the advance of the fascist groups. However, fascists used sticks, poles, and even tear gas against the anti-fascists demonstrators.

* "Staying Safe & Watching Each Others’ Backs: Security Measures to Keep in Mind" (2017-04-18, by Northern California Anti-Racist Action NoCARA) []

* "Why the Alt-Right Are So Weak: And Why They’re Becoming So Dangerous" (2017-04-17, by CrimethInc. Ex-Workers Collective) [], photos [] [] [] [], [begin excerpt]:
On April 15, “alt-right” supporters of Donald Trump invaded Berkeley, physically attacking people in the name of white supremacy, anti-Semitism, and nationalism while the police looked on []. A large number of them were outright fascists who had converged from around the United States in hopes of creating an advertisement for right-wing violence. Finally, the Trump regime is getting the street cadre it needs to graduate to the next stage of fascism. Setting aside disingenuous arguments that the best way to support free speech is to promote totalitarian ideas , we have to ask ourselves—who are these people? Why are they attracted to fascism? And how do we stop this phenomenon from spreading?
* "This Is Not a Dialogue Not Just Free Speech, but Freedom Itself" (2017-01-26, CrimethInc. publishing collective, []

* "How Berkeley PD Helped Alt-Right Trolls with No Permit Stage Rally" (2017-04-20, [] [begin excerpt]:
Since Saturday, April 15th, the Alt-Right has been declaring a victory over antifascists in Berkeley, CA, where a mix of Trump supporters, militia members, far-Right bikers, and neo-Nazis gave fascist salutes, held anti-Semitic signs, carried Alt-Right flags, and listened to white nationalist speakers, including one who writes for, the website run by Richard Spencer.
But the leader of the rally, Richard Black, a part of the Alt-Right himself, paints a much different picture. According to a post by Black on the “Free Speech Rally” Facebook event page [], Black claims that without the coordinated help of the Berkeley Police Department, who worked over a period of time with Alt-Right organizers, antifascists would have overrun and shut down the rally before it even began.
As Black outlines in his reflection on April 15th, Berkeley police worked with the Alt-Right to develop a strategy that both disarmed antifascists and allowed those on the Right to stay armed. Meanwhile, Berkeley police would in turn enforce a permit for the racist rally even though none existed. Furthermore, police also planned to hold back antifascists in order to allow the Alt-Right the ability to evacuate the park once their rally was completed.
Moreover, Black openly admits that neo-Nazis, members of the Alt-Right, and racists were in attendance at the rally, however makes the false claim that he did not know that these people were planning on attending beforehand. This blatant lie flies in the face of the fact that even the speakers he invited are openly part of the Alt-Right and white nationalist movement and the attendance of various Alt-Right and neo-Nazi groups at the rally was well documented beforehand []. [...]
As Black indicates in this report, the plan of the Berkeley police the entire time was for the white nationalist rally to take place and after the last speaker had finished, organizers would signal to police who would then begin “mobilizing against Antifa,” allowing the Alt-Right to move people out of the park. In essence, before the 15th, the Berkeley police agreed to attack antifascists for the Alt-Right, all the for sake of allowing them to have a rally even though they didn’t have a permit.
We can only assume that this knowledge of the police working so closely with the Alt-Right organizers was part of the reason that they were able to mobilize upwards of 100 people to the rally, mainly from out of town and out of state. In short, the open knowledge that the police were working closely and protecting the rally – despite the fact that no permit was issued – helped swell the numbers for the event and provide a sense of security for the far-Right. [...]
And while the idea of two “separate but equal sides” sounds fair on paper, in reality what the police did was create a buffer between antifascists and the Alt-Right, who’s rally took place at the fountain and cement area at the center of park. Again, this shows that police were keen on enforcing a de-facto permit for racists and fascists, and focusing their energies on policing antifascists. Again, working for the racists. [...]
But then Black goes on to make another observation, that because of heavy policing of antifascists by BPD, (which even included the confiscating of picnic items), while openly allowing the Alt-Right to keep weapons and shields, the police ensured that counter-demonstrators didn’t shut the event down. It also mean that in the ensuing clashes, the Alt-Right had a tactical advantage that the antifascists did not. [...]
Take Note, Take Sides -
Should we be surprised that police worked closely with the Alt-Right in the lead up to the event? No.
But we should be angry. We should be angry that law enforcement, an institution that we are forced to pay for with our tax dollars and every court fine, traffic violation, and fix it ticket, worked openly with a group of Alt-Right trolls, militia members, and neo-Nazis. They worked to attack the side of anti-racism and supported the side of open fascism.
Again, we should not be surprised. Police in this country kill an average of three people per day. They harass, deport, evict, foreclose on, and bring to court millions, which rakes in money for the State and fills up the prisons. They enforce the structure of white supremacy, from de-facto segregated neighborhoods, to the gentrification of cities, and the repression of political dissents. The police serve the existing order and this is the same order that white nationalists and the Alt-Right hope to advance to their own authoritarian and fascist conclusions.
On Saturday, April 15th, the Berkeley police enforced a permit for a out of town group of racists while denying the ability of hundreds of local people to likewise assemble. People shouldn’t forget that.
The old slogan still rings true: Cops and Klan, Hand in Hand! [end excerpt]
Photo captions:
- A biker with a knife shows how poorly the police disarmed the far-Right and actively sought to take away anything that could be used by antifascists to defend themselves

- A member of the Oath Keepers militia, who protected white nationalists and Alt-Right speakers from antifascists

* "Mace, Gas, and Blood: A Report Back from Berkeley" (2017-04-18, []
* "Berkeley: A Medic’s Report" (2017-04-18, [] [begin excerpt]: In retrospect some things have become clear to me. The white nationalists/fascists/MAGAs united and outnumbered us substantially, they were more organized and frankly seemed to have more weapons, armor, and generally more violent forces. [end excerpt]

* "Louise Rosealma on Berkeley and It’s Implications" (2017-04-18, [], audio []

The image of Louise being punched by Nathan Damigo, the neo-Nazi leader of Identity Evropa, has now become the most iconic footage to come out of the clashes between anarchists and white supremacists in Berkeley, CA. Unsurprisingly, the Alt-Right declared victory for the day (as they would have under any context) after police openly helped take away shields and poles from antifascists and effectively enforced a permit that never existed for the fascists. But while police collusion with neo-Nazis and the Alt-Right isn’t surprising, what largely isn’t being talked about in any media is the rising amount of support that is being generated for anarchists and antifascists for having the bravery to confront those on the far-Right for hours upon hours.
In many ways, the outpouring of support for Louise and brewing hatred (even Capitan America wants a shot!) against Damigo is a testimonial to this reality. Wanting to set the record straight about what all went down on the 15th, we caught up with Louise to talk about what really happened in the midst of the ongoing media storm. In this interview, Louise discusses their anarchist and antifascist beliefs, about being attacked by Damigo, (who quickly fled as seen in multiple videos), and how she was then literally almost killed by several other Alt-Right Trump supporters, who attempted to slam their head onto rocks and pavement.
In the interview we also talk about the need for people to conceal their identity while engaging in such actions, the barrage of threats of sexual assault and murder she has received from the Alt-Right, and the need for all of us to begin to take training, fighting, and organizing of the utmost seriousness.
* "Cal State Stanislaus to investigate white supremacist student who punched woman in Berkeley melee" (2017-04-17, []

* "Confirmed: Jack Palkovic, BCR and Nathan Damigo Openly Embrace at White Nationalist Rally" (2017-04-16, by Bay Area Committee Against Fascism) [] [begin excerpt]:
Jack Palkovic, Berkeley College Republicans and Nathan Damigo, neo-nazi openly embrace at white nationalist rally. What was this Berkeley College Republican doing with violent white supremacist Nathan Damigo at the racist alt-right rally in Berkeley on April 15?
Photos [] [] [].
Back in January of 2017, Northern California Anti-Racist Action warned us that members of the Berkeley College Republicans that were organizing the Milo Yiannopulos UC Berkeley event for February 1 held racist and fascist politics []. Jack Palkovic, a UC Berkeley student and member of the Berkeley College Republicans, was one of those students that we were warned about. 
Since NoCARA provided this information, it’s become more and more clear just how far BCR’s connections to alt-right politics and organizations go. On inauguration day, January 20, neo-nazi leader Nathan Damigo was a special guest at the Berkeley College Republicans tent on Sproul Plaza []. Damigo was seen standing next to BCR’s Troy Worden, and he interviewed Naweed Tahmas (another member of BCR) for the white supremacist media outlet Red Ice. After Milo and BCR were shut down in February, anti-fascists spotted Jack Palkovic hugging Nathan Damigo on a subway platform in Berkeley as they parted ways []. It was also public information that Palkovic was a member of a Facebook group that was organizing for both the March 4 and April 15 violent fascist invasions in Berkeley. Moreover, earlier in April we learned that stickers and flyers promoting Nathan Damigo’s alt-right white supremacist organization Identity Evropa have been appearing all over the UC Berkeley campus, especially in and around Dwinelle Hall, which is where the Berkeley College Republicans hold their weekly meetings and where Jack Palkovic takes classes in the history department (Palkovic studies European History). One of these stickers promoting Identity Evropa even ended up on a UC Berkeley facilities vehicle parked behind Dwinelle Hall []. 
On April 15, fascists, neo-nazis, and alt-right white supremacists invaded Berkeley for a so-called “Patriots Day” rally where they converged under the ostensible celebration of free speech. In what quickly became a viral meme and national news, Nathan Damigo, who was present at the fascist rally, ran up to an unsuspecting woman and punched her in the face before running away again []. This has perhaps become the most iconic image of the whole event. What hasn’t been discussed much about that day is that members of the Berkeley College Republicans were also in attendance at the fascist rally, and Jack Palkovic in particular spent a considerable amount of time at Nathan Damigo’s side. 
Damigo and Palkovic greeted each other with hand shakes, and Palkovic followed Damigo around as they enjoyed the rally together, nazi salutes and all. Media on the scene as well as Nathan Damigo’s own live Periscope video provide the evidence. 
In a Daily Californian article about Identity Evropa propaganda appearing on the UC Berkeley campus [], BCR treasurer David Craig is quoted saying that racism and fascism belong “on the ash heap of history,” and that the Berkeley College Republicans condemn both of them “in all forms.” How can BCR sincerely condemn fascism when at least one of their own members is a racist and fascist that spends his time with people like Nathan Damigo, who BCR itself has allowed to recruit at their table? Why are members of BCR like Naweed Tahmas doing interviews with Nathan Damigo for a white supremacist YouTube channel? 
The Berkeley College Republicans plan to host Ann Coulter for a speech about immigration on April 27. While the details as to exactly where and when this talk will happen on that day have not been made public, many are preparing to protest this event. Show up on April 27 at UC Berkeley and let the Berkeley College Republicans and their friends Nathan Damigo/Identity Evropa and Ann Coulter know how you feel. 
More info on BCR's links to the Alt-Right and Identity Evropa [].

* "UC-Berkeley Shreds Constitution to Undermine Coulter" (2017-04-17, Young America's Foundation, []
* "Battle for Berkeley: Will Ann Coulter spark another clash?" (2017-04-21, AP newswire, via [], attached photo [] showing a flier distributed by ( to update the public on the progress of their campaign to halt the rise of fascism in the USA.

* flier (2017-04-12, (.pdf) []:
This is a public service message by 510-253-5551
What we are dealing with is not just another really repressive and reactionary Republican administration, not principally a vile narcissist with a twitter feed with a bunch of racist billionaires surrounding him, but a regime that has brought together what has been developing—fascist movements, white supremacist KKK/militia and Tea Party movements that overlap with a huge Christian Fascist movement—that have been taking root inside of and outside of the power structures for several decades now, which have been brought together under the Trump/Pence regime that will codify—that is cement—into law a fascist America and change life as we have known it in ways that you can’t imagine. Donald Trump has become the vehicle to political power for a whole ugly range of fascist movements that have been growing with their separate media, culture, arms and militia, as well as being infused up into the military and especially various formations of special forces.
- DAVID HOROWITZ: Wednesday April 12 at UC Berkeley, Clark Kerr Krutch Auditorium
David Horowitz, who will speak about his “No Sanctuary Campuses” campaign, is a major national fascist leader whose focus is on “cleansing” U.S. colleges of progressive and radical influences and critical thinking. He ran full-page ads in 50 college newspapers against reparations for slavery, saying “what about the debt Blacks owe to America?” Horowitz has led vicious campaigns against “unAmerican” professors in the name of “Academic Freedom.” He mentored Donald Trump’s senior advisor Stephen Miller when Miller was still in high school. Backed by powerful forces, Horowitz works to build networks of campus student brownshirts to help carry out a Nazification of American universities, working to remold the institutions of higher learning and turn them into active partners of empire, repression, and theocracy.
- ANN COULTER: Friday April 27 at UC Berkeley
Ann Coulter - author of the book In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome! is a total fascist known for racist, homophobic, anti-Muslim commentary and viciously unfunny “humor”. To call Coulter “conservative” is a gross euphemism. Coulter approvingly joked about the murder of abortion doctor George Tiller. Speaking of the environment she has said that “We have dominion over the plants, the animals, the trees. God said, ‘Earth is yours. Take it. Rape it. It’s yours.’” She has been invited by the Berkeley College Republicans to come to Cal to spew on “illegal immigration.” Coulter says she became a Trump supporter when “he won me over with that Mexican rapist speech. … He’s just always cared about America first.”
- “PATRIOTS DAY” ALT-RIGHT RALLY, Saturday April 15  12pm NOON, M.L.K. Park, Berkeley, 2151 Martin Luther King Jr. Way between Allston Way & Center St.
Still incensed by the protests that prevented Milo Yiannopolous from speaking at UC Berkeley, the Liberty Revival Alliance has planned a “Patriots Day” rally in Berkeley. The Oath Keepers, a national fascist paramilitary organization associated with the patriot and militia movements have pledged to provide “security” for the event. Their leader, Stewart Rhodes, has put out a national call for the Oath Keeper thugs to come with him to Berkeley to “protect” other right wing forces. The Oath Keepers are vowing not to have a repeat of the March 4 rally when the fascists were righteously driven out of Berkeley.

* "We’ll Beat ‘Em Again!: Take the Fight against Fascism to the Walls of Your Neighborhood" (2017-04-19, by CrimethInc. Ex-Workers Collective) []:
From Seattle [] to DC [] to Berkeley [], everywhere fascists try to gather, we’ll be there to stop them. Raise morale with this reminder that we've been here before, and we've won. Print out color or black-and-white copies and decorate your neighborhood!


BAY AREA SOLIDARITY: Updates on campaigns across the Nation! 

* "Twin Cities Anti-War Committee to join March for Science" (2017-04-21, []:

* "Seattle, WA: Police Attempt Violent Eviction of Umojafest Peace Center" (2017-04-19, []:
Today April 19th 2017, the group holding space at 23rd and UNION supporting Displacement Stops Here are currently under threat of violence from the Seattle Police Department, who is in the process of raiding our base at the 23rd and Union UPC Project. Folks holding space here did so by and for protection of a space central to the community here in the central district. Our mission at this location was to fight displacement and erasure of the black community. We are committed to this fight, even in the face of hostility. We promoted peace by building relationships with the community and organizations from the community and by providing a space where blackness and healing were centered. The rallies that were thrown in conjunction with folks and organizations were peaceful and welcoming even in the face of violence from people who had agendas that meant the destruction of black communities.
Seattle Police made themselves known by attempting to force their way in through a side-door without notice. Failing their initial entry, they regrouped at the front door and would not answer questions related to their attempted forced entry, and further questions escalated their response to a state where it was clear that they would use whatever force necessary to remove peaceful space holders. They came with no paperwork or notice to vacate the premises, and refused to review any evidence of tenancy or permission. They would not give us information about how to get additional belongings from the space. Property owners who were present during the raid refused to communicate about the personal belongings of the space holders. We have officially been locked out of the space that we have been holding for more than 4 weeks. Any accountability was completely disregarded. We are currently mobilizing press to cover the raid and are asking that anyone who is able come down to 23rd and Union to support the movement.
Holding space in this location is strategic and historical. In 1986, resistance from activists in the community led to the creation of Northwest African American Museum. The Midtown Center, located on the corner of 23rd and Union, is the largest square block that has not been developed in the Central District (and, arguably, all of greater Seattle).This makes it a prime target for gentrification and development. Umojafest Peace Center, founded by Omari Garrett and other members of the community, has been a place of community gathering, refuge and resistance against forces of colonization, displacement and racism for Seattle’s Black community. This space and other Black-centered spaces in the area MUST be protected.
Follow Displacement Stops Here [] for more info and updates of todays rally at Midtown Center at 23rd and Union.


* "Olympia, WA: Train Tracks Sabotage To Stop Fracking Equipment" (2017-04-20, by Puget Sound Anarchists) [] [begin excerpt]:
This action was done to disrupt the movement of trains carrying proppants used in natural gas fracturing. These train tracks are part of a system of pipelines, fracking wells, mines, clearcuts, control centers, fiberoptics, dams, highways and factories that cover the planet and are physical manifestations of a process that is destroying the ecosystems, cultures, and inhabitants everywhere. Behind this network of infrastructure there are politicians, CEOs and bureaucrats who have private security, cops, prison guards, non-profit directors, PR consultants and the legacy of 500 years of colonization to back them up. We oppose all of these manifestations, infrastructural, personal and ideological. We blocked the train tracks because we want to blockade the entire web of domination that is slowly killing us.
We were inspired to take this action by acts of resistance taking place across turtle island and the world, particularly the fierce indigenous resistance of water protectors against the Dakota Access Pipe Line, the encampment blocking a train full of fracking material on these same tracks in Olympia this past November, and the clandestine attacks against pipelines in Florida, South Dakota and Iowa [].
We also were emboldened by the spirit of all those who have risen against the white supremacist police in Furguson, Baltimore, Oakland and elsewhere, as well as by the riotous opposition that has characterized the first few months of Donald Trump’s reign. [...]
This action and actions like it are quite easy to do yourself. This only took a few hours and a little bit of planning. The hardest part was calming our nerves. Particularly easy was placing wire on the tracks to send a signal to the train company that the tracks were blocked. This action can and has been easily repeated wherever train tracks are []. For more info on how to do this check out this explanatory video [] [] .
Concrete on the tracks is just a start
Rest in Power James Marker! []
Free Red Fawn! []
[end excerpt]

* "Auburn, AL: Students Chase off Richard Spencer and Matthew Heimbach’s Alt-Right Trolls" (2017-04-19, []
* Auburn University students chase Richard Spencer supporters off campus []
* "Against its wishes, Auburn hosts white nationalist Richard Spencer" (2017-04-19, []
* "White nationalist Richard Spencer riles Auburn campus, three arrested; University loses bid to block controversial figure from campus" (2017-04-18, []
* Richard Spencer's Full Speech at Auburn University []
* Richard Spencer's Full Q&A at Auburn University []
* Alt-right's Richard Spencer met with protest at Auburn University []
* ANTIFA protestors get heated at Auburn University protests []
* Protests in Auburn: Richard Spencer []
* Auburn Alabama Police UNMASK antifa against Richard Spencer []
* Richard Spencer Live at Auburn, AL []

* "Bloomington, IN: Taking on Murray" (2017-04-19, via [] [begin excerpt]: In the early afternoon on April 11th, 2017, students chalked outside of Franklin Hall: “Pseudo-science advances one racist at a time.” Charles Murray, author of The Bell Curve, would arrive at Indiana University that evening to present an invited lecture. At 4PM, the Indiana University Police Department (IUPD) began to set up gates around Franklin Hall in preparation. A crowd gathered as police lugged in large bags with riot gear: gas masks, helmets and face shields, combat gloves, batons.
Murray’s academic work has been pivotal in reawakening and legitimizing the pseudoscience of race. Rather than a critique of race rooted in a history of Western European colonialism and oppression, Murray offers us an account of intelligence and class structure that rests on a flimsy and ahistorical conceptualization of race. His book The Bell Curve argues that people of color and women are all inherently less intelligent than affluent white men. Murray weaves this claim into a framework of economic class, arguing that intellectual inferiority accounts for the economic class structure in which affluent white men dominate. Murray’s argument allows for intelligent women and people of color only as exceptions to the rule, intellectual elites on the peripheries of their respective demographics. Since the book’s publication in 1994, Murray has stood strong by the racist implications of his work in The Bell Curve, decrying Affirmative Action and other social welfare programs that seek to alleviate some of the struggles of poverty and working-class life. He has continued to publish white-supremacist and patriarchal works, such as his 2005 essay “Where are the female Einsteins?”.
Two hours after the fences were erected, President’s Hall — a cathedral-ceiling lecture hall in Franklin reserved for administrative meetings and esteemed guest speakers — became a platform for white supremacy, thinly-veiled in the rhetoric of science. The brick footpath under Indiana University’s iconic Sample Gates became a scene of police intimidation and, later, brutality. Hundreds of students, faculty, staff, and community members arrived to reject Murray’s academic work and his commitment to white supremacy, all disavowing the invitation he received to speak at IU. [end excerpt]

* "Critical Discussion On Armed Struggle with Anarchists in Rojava" (2017-04-19, by CrimethInc. Ex-Workers Collective) []
* "IRPGF Gives Eulogy for Şehîd Kawa Amed, Native-American Martyred in Rojava" (2017-04-18, (via newswire) []:
A member of IRPGF (International Revolutionary People’s Guerrilla Forces) was recently asked to give the eulogy at a şehîd ceremony in Rojava for Şehîd Kawa Amed, or Paolo Todd, an indigenous American who was involved in the struggle at Standing Rock before traveling to Rojava to help defend the revolution. We originally did not plan on releasing the video or text but since so little has been said about him following his passing, we decided it would be nice for friends and family of his to see the love those in Rojava have for him.
In talking with Kurds that knew him personally, we have repeatedly been told of his compassion, sincerity, and revolutionary spirit. Indeed, words cannot express the emotions that were present during his ceremony from all those in attendance, including villagers, members of YPG/YPJ, and HPC. We hope this eulogy reaches those who were close to him and fills them with the same pride those here have for him. Solidarity to all those struggling for indigenous liberation and against the barbarity of colonialism!
* "Heval Agît's (IRPGF) Eulogy for Şehîd Kawa Amed (Paolo Todd)" (posted 2017-04-17) [], video []:
Today we honor and pay tribute to a true revolutionary hero. Heval Kawa was an internationalist revolutionary; a fighter in defense of a people who he didn’t see as other, but as his own. He loved the Kurds and he loved Kurdistan. While I did not know Heval Kawa personally, I do know that he was full of love and compassion, with a desire to change the world and to fight for freedom. From the plains of North Dakota, Heval Kawa, fought alongside his tribal family at Standing Rock against the barbarism of capitalism and the continued oppression and genocide of the Native Americans by US imperialism.
From the Dakota, Heval Kawa traveled thousands of miles from the United States to Rojava to defend and ultimately give his life for a people also fighting for their freedom. Heval Kawa heroically fought against the tyranny and barbarity of Daesh alongside the YPG. In the prime of his life, and on his first trip to Rojava, Heval Kawa became a Şehîd, a martyr for the revolution in Rojava. To be a martyr is immortality for his blood will continue to nurture the struggle and show the path that others will follow. From the Dakotas to Rojava, all indigenous people’s will be free; united against their continued oppression and domination. The future is bright, for justice will prevail. The light will shine through the darkness as millions win their freedom and their right to live the way they want, on their own terms.
Şehîd Kawa, may the great spirit along with your ancestors guide you along your next journey. We give thanks and praise for all you have done. You were and always will be a free Kurd in our eyes. You are one of us and we are blessed to have known and fought alongside you. May Şehîd Kawa’s memory be eternal and may his life continue to guide and inspire the future hevals who will take his weapon and continue the struggle against all oppression and tyranny.


information collected by the Worker's Defense Committee []

* "For An Anti-fascist, Revolutionary Unionism" (2017-04-03, African Peoples Caucus of the Twin Cities Industrial Workers of the World IWW) []:

Fascism is a concept that has grown a lot of particular interest since the election of Donald Trump and the failure of neoliberalism. While we don’t consider Trump himself to be a fascist but a right wing populist, we do recognize that he has mobilized a broad coalition of the right, which includes some fascists. However, reactionary violence is nothing new to black and African people living in the United States. Our communities have seen first-hand the terror campaigns of proto-fascist groups such as the KKK, and other kinds of organized white supremacist violence. Our oppression and exploitation have been central to the establishment of modern capitalism in the Americas. This also means we have been fighting back since we were brought here. Our stake in anti-fascism is not an academic question.
Fascism needs to be defined for our context: right now this is a smaller element participating within a popular front of the right wing. Most notable of this multi-tendency white nationalist milieu is the alt-right, who believe in atrocities such as "white" ethnic cleansing, misogyny, violence against a perceived "other" (minorities, refugees, Muslims, women, lgbtqia, Jews), and overwhelming worship of authority and class-based hierarchies. What allows this to spread is that neoliberal economic policies under capitalism cause the working class to suffer, and they are given scapegoats and offered false and authoritarian solutions. The reactionaries’ influence within the State will be strengthened, which will increase the suffering of black and African people at the hands of the police, prison, and poverty.
While fascism sometimes spreads using political opportunists like the electoral right wing, it is also an independent movement of the insurgent right wing and has an agenda separate from and opposed to the current state. Fascists also recruit through entryism into popular cultures and subcultures (music, arts, internet groups, faith-based, etc). Today’s fascists have improved the ability to hide within “legitimate” conservative political and social groups. Its spread is international and evident in the western turn away from neoliberalism towards economic nationalism, Islamophobic motives surrounding Brexit, and the State literally assassinating drug users in the Philippines. Trump is a big piece of this, but definitely not the only one. In addition to being aware of fascists attempting to turn the repressive state apparatus against us, we also have to prepare to defend ourselves against reactionaries like George Zimmerman and Dylann Roof, who have terrorized us with direct extralegal violence since we got here.
It's important that we not let our history of struggle be claimed by the liberal narrative that the civil rights era was built on a dogmatic commitment to "nonviolence". Black and African people have had to physically, mentally, and emotionally defend their communities from State and white supremacist terror, and it was organized. Groups like the Deacons for Defense, Black Liberation Army, and Black Panther Party understood why a self-defense approach in the face of police and reactionaries was necessary. If a person knows the bloodshed that occurred at the height of the labor movement, one must also acknowledge there has been consistent violence against black and African people for centuries. Labor organizers and specifically the IWW have long-opposed class traitors like the Ku Klux Klan. White supremacists despise the radical left because of their commitment to solidarity with all oppressed people. The IWW will remain a target of the State and the far right, especially as our activity gains momentum and size. The General Defense Committee has been and can continue to be an excellent vehicle to grow the anti-fascist movement. Anti-fascism needs to grow into an extremely popular movement in order to win. Communities that build their capacity for organized defense against the State and organized hate will be major contributors in the fight against capitalism.
We black and African workers face this threat in many places within and beyond our workplaces, and a fascist threat to any of the working class is a threat to the entire class. We have no choice but to confront organized white supremacists, just as we have no choice but to struggle against the bosses in our workplaces. We are calling on our comrades in the IWW and elsewhere, to join us in confronting white nationalists organizing to direct further violence against our people. We are calling on the General Administration to give our rank and file militants the support we need to organize in defense of ourselves and our class on the ground. We believe that the slogan “an injury to one is an injury to all” should also be demonstrated by our white comrades who feel as though confronting fascism is optional or of little importance.

Emergency CA Education Conference & The Fight To Defend Public Education
Blueprints for a Future: Transforming Education Conference
* "The Struggle To Defend Public Education, Privatization, Union Democracy & Education Workers" (2017-04-17, by Labor Video Project, ) [], videos [] [], adapted from materials at the article source:
An California emergency education conference sponsored by Labor Rising Against Trump [] was held on April 15, 2017 at UCB to discuss the attack on public education and the fight against privatization from charters to outsourcing. One of the workshops was on "Organizing to Build Power: How to Prepare for a Strike in your Contract". Two of the speakers at the panel Ann Robertson who is a California Faculty Association member at SF State and Joel Jordan who is with UTLA Special Projects gave presentations and attendees raised questions about democracy and the role of the bureaucracy in the CTA and the CFA.
The conference also discussed the fight for democratic unions that are critical to challenge the assault on the right to public education. The panel also discussed the pernicious role of privatization and charters and the fight to repeal the California charter school law.
The opening speakers at the conference included:
- Blanca Misse, San Francisco State CFA member
- Kristyn Jones, UTR Member and Delegate To 2017 NEA Convention
- Beezer De Martelly UAW 2865 UCB
- John Penilla Undergraduate Workers Union UCB
- Nina Deerfield, Parent DFPN

- SF State CFA Member Ann Robertson At Education Conference []: SF State CFA lecturer Ann Robertson talked about the top down process of how the union negotiates and prepares to defend CSA faculty and students.
- Joel Jordan of UTLA Special Project Discusses Alliance Campaign []: Joel Jordan, with UTLA special projects talked about how the UTLA was uniting locals to organize for next year bargaining. He also discussed why he was against the repeal of California charter laws.
- Participants at Emergency Education Conference []: Some of the audience at the CA emergency education conference at UC Berkeley of Labor Rising Against Trump on April 15, 2017
- Struggle To Defend Public Education In Mexico With CNTE Ex Bd Member Guadalupe Luquin []: At an California emergency education conference at UCB Berkeley on April 15, 2017 Guadalupe Luquin who is an executive board member of the Mexican teachers union CNTE discusses the issues facing the union and the defense of public education in Mexico.

- Opening Plenary Speech At CA Emergency Education Conference by Kristyn Jones (United Teachers Of Richmond UTR Delegate To 2017 NEA Convention; member, Defend Public Education Now Richmond,
Charter schools are the biggest threat to public education right now. Betsy Devoss, and the threat of vouchers are looming just around the corner, but the dog on our heels presently are the charter schools. Which are not a product of the far right or even the Republican Party but have been championed by California Democrats.
Jerry Brown in fact owns two charter schools in Oakland.
Every piece of legislation, sponsored by Democrats to make charters more accountable or transparent. Has been vetoed in fact by Jerry Brown.
But the fact is charter schools are wrong on principle. They are wrong because they are taking pubic money and diverting it into private hands. They are using public money and even call themselves public schools but are not under the governance of the publically elected school board. Instead their boards are often made up of folks form the business community.
They are wrong because they use public money but do not have to take all students. They in fact cherry pick the best and brightest students. They often don’t take their fair share of special education students and when they do take them they are often students with mild disabilities such as speech impediments, rather than the severly handicapped or learning disabled.
They are wrong because they use public money but do not hire union. Charter schools in the state of California have spent billions of dollars of non union construction with tax payer money. There was a charter school built near Hilltop Mall in Richmond California that flew in non union labor from Nevada.
Charter schools are taking money away from public schools and threaten to bankrupt districts.
The Cost of Charter Schools- LA Unified Report, charters cost LA unified a half billion dollars last year.
OUSD- Has announced a spending freeze. There will be a 25 million dollar budget deficit this year.
WCCUSD-There are about ten charter schools serving about 4,000 students. There numbers are increasing . Old schools that need to be rebuilt have been left to languish. The jury is still out on the financial impact. A new charter called Voices was just approved this past Wednesday, former Trustee Tod Groves said, “By approving Voices, the BOE cemented a $10 million revenue loss, equivalent to the Measure T parcel tax.
We need to have straight talk about the effect on remaining students. $10 million will hurt deeply. ELD and SPED populations are not shrinking and rightfully will consume ever greater shares of diminishing funds, as will pensions.
Charter expansion is creating a fiscal crisis while in no way offering new solutions to educating our most needy students. This conversation must happen”
So, can charter schools be reformed? The answer is no. If something is wrong on principal it cannot be reformed, it must be destroyed completely, abolished. Imagine if people like Jim Brown, Frederick Douglass had tried to reform slavery by making the hours shorter or the food better, that would have been ridiculous! Likewise it is ridiculous to try and reform charter schools, we need a movement for abolition.
I see several paths towards abolition, First place to start are Calls for moratorium. We need to get unions and cities to pass moratoriums.
The NAACP in fact has called on a moratorium. We are calling for a moratorium on the expansion of the charter schools at least until such time as:
(1) Charter schools are subject to the same transparency and accountability standards as public schools
(2) Public funds are not diverted to charter schools at the expense of the public school system
(3) Charter schools cease expelling students that public schools have a duty to educate and
(4) Charter schools cease to perpetuate de facto segregation of the highest performing children from those whose aspirations may be high but whose talents are not yet as obvious.
Then bringing a law suit against Prop. 39. What is prop 39 you might be wondering? It is the cornerstone of this charter school sham in California. Charter schools were granted rights to public school facilities through Proposition 39, which was passed by California voters 12 years ago. This means that public schools have to share facilities with charter schools. There are some schools in Oakland and Richmond that actually house two different schools, a charter school and a public school. Independence High in San Jose’s Alum Rock School district actually has 3 charters in one public high school. this is a recipe for disaster that is right of the playbook of Betsy DeVos.
Proposition 39 is unconstitutional.
1. It prevents school districts from taking action to protect their financial integrity by requiring approval of charters regardless of the financial impact. This violates the California constitution which requires fiscal integrity of governmental agencies.
2. Proposition 39 violates equal rights to protection of California students by allowing charters to opt out of the Field Act in protection of public school students. This is discriminatory for charter school students who deserve the same protection as public school students at non-charters.
We need to get unions and school boards and city councils to protest these illegalities and to support legal and action to repeal prop 39 and the California charter law. The other thing is that the Washington State NEA chapter actually sued in the court against the charter laws and won and we need to demand that the CTA and CFT take the same stance We need to united parents, students and teachers statewide against the damaging policy of co-location which steals room, facilities and land from public schools to bring in more charters.
The other path forward is preparing to in fact repeal the charter school law in 2018. We need 200 committed people to collect 2,000 signatures to get this on the ballot. This is the only way we can get rid of the charter school parasite once and for all.
So, clearly we need the unions on board. The problem is that the unions are top down anti-democratic tools of establishment politics and not worker run institutions. The unions for the most part have not educated their members about the threat of charter schools to public education. For example at the National Education Association conference last year I tried to bring a resolution asking for NEA to stop referring to charter schools as public schools and to investigate the financial impact of charter schools and I was blocked by my own California Caucus. Terry Jackson, a member of United Teachers of Richmond, CTA,NEA told me that in fact charter schools are public school because they take public money. There were many other resolutions brought to the NEA last year and all of them were referred to committee. So, NEA affectively sidestepped making any major policy decisions on charters last year. However this year the issue will be remerge in Boston in a major way.
My local United Teachers of Richmond UTR did however pass a resolution calling on an end to the expansion of charter schools in our district and in the nation, and effective moratorium. This resolution was passed by the 1600 members though our rep council. Resolution emerged from struggle and dialogue among members of the E board and our rank and file. It is a beautiful shining product of dialogue and struggle. It will forever live on in history as a testament to labor power and unity. It a talks about poverty, calls out charters for being anti-union. However, this resolution was suppressed, a substitute resolution was posted on the website and members were never educated about the threat of charters. Our union leadership in fact rather than promoting our rank and files resolution aligned with the California Alliance for Community Schools. This group put out a platform to reform charter schools. They claim to have the support of 50,000 teachers statewide. But it is a top down paid organizer inititative. The platform is weak and in distinguishing private and public charters, under regulated versus regulated charters, confuses people into thinking there are good charters and bad charters. No, we need to stop all charters.
So, there is a fight against charters, and a fight within our unions to make them more democratic. There needs to be a political education campaign in not just education unions but all unions and among all working people about the cancer. This is the fight that I have taken on, that my group Defend Public Education Now has taken on. We are a group of workers who are on the battlefield for real public schools, and are committed to staying there until we win. Today lets start a statewide campaign to expose the pernicious affects of these co-locations. Those who say that DeVos is somehow different from the California Charter School Association and we can make these privatizes are politically disarming the real fight against charters and privatization and we need to tell the truth about the financial conflicts of interest which are inherent and also the systemic corruption which is being covered up by politicians like the California Attorney General and most District Attorneys. They are stealing money from our kids and schools and they need to be prosecuted and jailed. So, we ask that you join us!
One of the obstacles is the need to organize politically against charters and privatization and that is what DPEN has been working on statewide.

* "Labor Rising Program to Confront the Crisis of Public Education" (.pdf) []:
For decades Democrats and Republicans have increasingly turned public schools over to corporate interests. These so-called “reforms” have severely damaged public education, especially for those the privatizers claim to help: Black, Brown, and poor people. President Trump and Education Secretary DeVos plan to make things even worse. Labor Rising fights against fake school reform and for policies to truly provide high-quality public education for all.

We oppose -
• Privatizing public education through charters, vouchers, contracting out jobs, etc.
• Corporate-driven curriculum and high-stakes testing requirements
• Cuts to public schools and services and attacks on school workers and unions
• Using underpaid, contingent faculty and growing numbers of overpaid administrators

We fight to transform schools to empower students, families, and communities by -
• Prioritizing education to prepare students for democratic participation, as well as for college and any type of work they may choose
• Creating school-based programs to provide vital services for families and communities and to defend communities under attack
• Making all education free, pre-school through higher education; cancel all student debt
• Democratizing governance in all public educational institutions
• Democratizing unions and ending their collaboration with administration and privatizers to the detriment of members and students
• Creating programs relevant to students’ cultural and class backgrounds
• Increasing the number of educators from Black, Brown, and working class communities
• Improving school workers’ conditions, compensation, security, & collective bargaining power

None of the above is possible without the resources necessary to meet the diverse and complex needs of all students, especially in schools and communities of greatest need:
• Small class size & caseloads, especially for Special Ed, low-income, Black, & Brown students
• Adequate time to plan, collaborate, support students, govern schools, & improve skills
• High quality facilities, tools, and materials to support teaching and learning
• Sufficient support staff to address students’ academic and extracurricular needs

Creating these conditions requires a drastic increase in the amount now spent on public education.
Even then, educational inequality will continue as long as students lack adequate food, housing, health care, safety and economic security. The money to meet these needs exists: in banks and other corporations and military, police, and prison spending. As Martin Luther King Jr. said fifty years ago, “We must recognize that we can't solve our problem until there is a radical redistribution of economic and political power.”


information collected by the Committee to

* "Homeless victimized again" (2017-04-23, by Joey Carrizales, via []:
Once again, the illegal practice of local law enforcement to confiscate, remove and destroy valuable property of my homeless friends continues and continues in the city of Vallejo. On Wednesday, April 19, just before the JFK Library opened, a group of law enforcement personnel came to the library and took possession, without consent or knowledge of the owner of his items that were located within his sight.
What I don’t understand throughout the years that I have written about such activity by local police is why! Why does the mind-set exist within the leadership of this city that it is better to believe that bullying, harassing and citing is the best answer to solve the homeless issue in Vallejo? As justice Oliver J. Wagner wrote in his opinion, Kincaid v City of Fresno, “The city’s (Fresno) seizure of homeless people’s personal property without probable cause and the immediate and permanent destruction of such property without a method to reclaim or to assert the owner’s right, title, and interest to recover such personal property violates the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution and Art.1, 13 of the California Constitution.”
The example I just gave concerning my friend has happened to others, and many more, who I have not been able to locate. This type of activity by the local police happens regularly.
A solution to the homeless issue in Vallejo can be found. What is needed is a clear and adequate plan or strategy that involves a well established organization that has demonstrated that their type of plan has worked. Maybe a 5-year strategic plan will work. Or how about Solano County partnering with the surrounding city’s and creating ideas that will help reduce the homeless population in each city?
What really is needed in Vallejo is adequate and clear leadership that will help find a reasonable solution to the homeless issue.

* "Freedom Sleepers # 93 - Sleep-Out to End the Sleeping Ban" (2017-04-18) [] [begin excerpt]:
Many people are being driven out in to the rain and their belongings taken by Rangers and Police. This must stop. Freedom Sleeper Abbi Samuels was arrested last week filming the police forcing those sleeping under the City Hall awning to move out into the rain. As you can imagine trying to stay warm and finding a way to dry one's blankets after spending the night standing in the rain. [...]
There are solutions to ending homelessness in Santa Cruz but city and county leaders do not have the political will to take the steps needed. Today's Santa Cruz Sentinel reports on the Bob Lee Partnership for Accountability Connection and Treatment program or PACT.
"PACT participants represent “a small subset of the local homeless population that tends to have a high proportion of arrests, citations and use of emergency medical services,” according to the evaluators."
"In the year before they joined the program, the 153 people reached by PACT accumulated 1,531 citations, 458 ambulance runs, 545 emergency room visits at Dominican Hospital, 1,054 jail bookings and 7,165 nights in jail. These services cost $1.99 million."
"Some 25 percent of the citations were for sleeping outdoors, 16 percent for open containers of alcohol, and 8 percent for smoking in no-smoking zone. Other citations were for remaining on bus or park property after being asked to leave and sitting or lying on a sidewalk."
* "Freedom Sleepers # 94 - Sleep-Out to End the Sleeping Ban" (2017-04-25) []:

Please join us. Free food provided by Food Not Bombs and India Joze.
The campaign against the houseless of Santa Cruz is growing more repressive. On Monday night April 17th the police came and kicked people out from under the city hall awning into the pouring rain during a very severe storm.
Wells Fargo Bank install “The Mosquito” high frequency box outside their downtown branch to drive people out from under their eves. They may have experienced an increase in people seeking shelter from the heavy rains from under their eves since the Anti-Homeless fence was placed around parts of the downtown Post Office. The city installed "The Mosquito" in several parks in the fall of 2014.
"The Mosquito" was placed under San Lorenzo River bridges downtown primarily to stop chronic illegal activity, Assistant City Manager Scott Collins said.
Abbi Samuels was arrested the night of April 13th while filming the police drive those seeking shelter under the City Hall awning out into the rain. She spent 18 and a half hours in jail before being freed without charges. Police and Rangers are confiscating survival blankets and sleeping bags even when spoken for or being watched by friends. Police even confiscated a broom and partially filled garbage bag and many pounds of survival gear from people at City Hall.
A few days later Park Rangers confiscated several pick-up trucks full of personal belongings at the Civic Auditorium as people looked on helpless to do anything. Freedom Sleepers Sleep-out #93 provides a view of the struggle facing those who are forced to live outside. Around 30 people slept outside Santa Cruz City Hall on the night of April 18 to 19, 2017.
Two Santa Cruz police officers arrived to City Hall at about 5:00 pm and arrested a person named Mark after he had gone up to the bike racks to retrieve his bicycle. He said he was arrested for violating a stay away order. Mark returned to City Hall to recover his backpack at about 11:30pm
Maile McGrew-Fredé hosted the All-In: A Community Seeks Solutions to Homelessness meeting at the Downtown Branch of the Santa Cruz Public Library at 6:00pm. Over 30 people participated including several people who planned to sleep out at City Hall.
After the meeting ended Library staff shared that City Manager Martin Bernal was making several changes including the removal of the benches outside the library and the stationing of two police officer. The librarian also reported that the City Manager also planned to implement new restrictions to the area “like those at the Civic Auditorium” but these details were not clear.
After the All-In meeting members of the Freedom Sleepers gathered at city hall to plan a Tuesday, May 9th march from the County Building to the Downtown Post Office fence to City Hall agreeing on the message “HOUSING FOR ALL- No penalty for poverty” Eight Santa Cruz Police officers arrived around 2:00 am and issued 13.04.011 Park After Hours tickets and 13.08.100 24 Hour Vacate stay away orders to 4 people, three of which had been sleeping on red brick or under the City Hall awning. One of those people was very ill and had been throwing up during the night.
Food Not Bombs co-founder Keith McHenry was one of the people who got a ticket while he was filming the police waking sleeping people. They put him in cuffs while they gave him an in the park after hours ticket. They also gave him a 24 hour stay away order and told him they'd be coming back in the morning to arrest him for a misdemeanor when he violates the stay away order by trying to clean up and share food. All people that received tickets for in park after hours also received a stay away order. It was freezing out!
Two Rangers arrived soon after breakfast was served at about 7:30 am. All was peaceful until a city employee arrived on Center Street with a leaf blower. She walked up to a person sleeping near Locust Street and blew a burst of dirt into his face. Keith McHenry asked her to refrain from using the leaf blower to assault people but she did not respond. The employee walked towards the Church Street end of Center and blasted dirt and someones paper bowl of food into the face of a man sitting on the stone wall.
City Manager Martin Bernal is one of the central proponents of the wave of anti-homeless laws and policies. He is paid $216,158.90 per year by the people of Santa Cruz. Maybe we should go and wake him up at his 96 Brookwood Drive home.

* "The truth behind the Santa Cruz Main Library" (2017-04-22, by Dr. John Colby, to Santa Cruz City Clerk Bren Lehr) [] [begin excerpt]: To my understanding the Santa Cruz Library System is a joint powers government agency. Yet the City of Santa Cruz owns the property on which the Santa Cruz Downtown Branch Library sits at 224 Church Street, this library branch is a City of Santa Cruz park and the First Alarm guards who harass homeless people inside and outside the library — like Richard Gallegos who assaulted me and Justin Fenn — are under contract to the City of Santa Cruz (not to the Santa Cruz LIbrary System). Worse Santa Cruz City Manager Martin Bernal is tightening the screws on homeless people who use the Santa Cruz Main Library by fiat. [end excerpt]


Documenting human-rights abuse by domestic security agencies
[] [] [] []

* "Jeff Sessions moves to freeze Barack Obama’s legacy on police accountability; Accountability for abusive and racist police conduct is now at the whim of Sessions" (2017-04-04, []

* "Judge hogties free speech lawsuit over Ferguson cops-as-pigs painting" (2017-04-18, [] [begin excerpt]: A federal judge ruled against a lawsuit seeking redemption for the removal of a US Capitol painting depicting cops as violent pigs, stating the artist’s free speech rights were not violated when the painting was removed after protests by Republicans. [end excerpt]


Domestic Security Agencies and private-sector partners 
[]; "The Gentleperson’s Guide To Forum Spies (Spooks, Feds, etc.)" []

* "Police, ICE, Sessions, & Trump: The Plantation Grows" (2017-04-20, []

* "Washington threatens to stop funding ‘sanctuary’ areas; The US Department of Justice has threatened to clamp down on so-called “sanctuary cities,” saying it would cut off their funding if they refuse to comply with federal immigration authorities" (2017-04-21, []

* "According to the Government, People Under Arrest Have More Rights Than Travelers at the Border" (2017-04-19, by Ron Wyden, U.S. Senator, Oregon) []

* "The CIA is hunting for an insider who gave top-secret files to WikiLeaks" (2017-04-19,, via []
* " ‘All sorts of illegal actions by CIA’: Assange blasts Pompeo for ‘pre-emptive attack’ on WikiLeaks" (2017-04-20, []

* "Trump Puts WikiLeaks and Julian Assange in the Crosshairs; The U.S. has not formally laid charges against Assange, but many within the new administration are signaling a hostile approach" (2017-04-20, []
* "US prepares charges to seek arrest of Julian Assange: Sources; The administration of US President Donald Trump has prepared charges against Julian Assange, the founder of the global whistleblowing service WikiLeaks in an attempt to arrest him, sources say" (2017-04-21, []

Metadata source materials -
* " ‘Wholesale disregard for customers’ privacy’: Bose Corp sued over spying headphone app" (2017-04-20, []


International Security Agencies, the Five-Eyes, and transnational partners

* "Drowning In Data – Security Services Are Not Complaining" (2017-04-21, []

* "Twitter to move Russian users' personal data to servers in Russia" (2017-04-19, []

* "Facebook F8 Conference Is Not The F8 ‘Safe Mode’ We Know" (2017-04-20, []

* "Maybe you don't have to use your fingers to post on Facebook anymore! Facebook has revealed its secret "Building 8" where it is crafting technology to read people's minds" (2017-04-20, The Independent, via []

* "Never Mind Area 51, Here's Building 8: Facebook Developing Mind-Reading Tech; Facebook has revealed it's working on an interface which will allow users to control computers via their brains" (2017-04-20, [] [begin excerpt]:
Headed by Regina Dugan, formerly of shadowy US military technology division DARPA and Google's Advanced Technology and Projects group (ATAP), its first goal is the development of a non-invasive system to allow people to type using thought.
The division, dubbed Building 8, will first aim to create a basic "yes-no brain click" — while a seemingly simple action, if successful the group could fundamentally change how humans interact with and use technology.
Facebook is not the first tech major to delve into the possibility of connecting brains and computers — Elon Musk's venture Neuralink is attempting to do much the same. [...]
Stanford University researchers have already created a system that allows paralyzed patients type eight words per minute using only thought, although that is achieved via an invasively implanted electrode array.
Building 8's provisions, it is claimed, will be entirely non-invasive, and optimize human function, for instance allowing people to type faster than they would physically, up to as much as 100 words per minute or more.
Facebook's dedication to non-invasive tech may be borne out of commercial concern, rather than ethical quandaries.  [...]
Moreover, the social media giant is quick to stress Building 8's products will not invade an individual's thoughts — a concern many may have, given the privacy issues surrounding Facebook's online network. Rather, Dugan said their application would decode words and directions individuals effectively publicly share in any event.
"Think of it like this: You take many photos and choose to share only some of them. Similarly, you have many thoughts and choose to share only some of them," the company said in a statement.
The firm is evidently so sensitive to potential controversy around the project, it has pledged to assemble an independent Ethical, Legal and Social Implications panel to oversee its developments. Institutional review boards ensure test subjects aren't being abused and research is being done as safely as possible. [end excerpt]


from the Committee to
[PoliticalPrisonersUSA.blogspot.comEnd the Drug War! Stop Jim Crow! Close the Torture Chambers! 
[] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []. Become a Human Rights Pen Pal! [link]. 

* "Tacoma, WA: Support Hunger Strikers Fighting Worsening Detention Conditions Under Trump" (2017-04-19, []:
 A new group of immigrants have joined a hunger strike at the Northwest Detention Center, run by the private corporation GEO Group (GEO). In addition to the hunger strike, immigrants detained at NWDC are boycotting the company store (commissary) to protest unfair prices and lack of nutritional food.
On Tuesday, April 18, the women’s section of the Northwest Detention Center began a hunger strike to protest GEO and Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) failure to improve the conditions to meet basic living standards. This follows a protest that began on April 10, 2017 when up to 750 people spent a week on hunger strike. While GEO promised to change the food menu to meet basic nutritional needs and lower commissary prices, it has failed to do so.
Detention conditions have worsened under the Trump administration, triggering this latest strike. Trump has staffed his deportation force with openly anti-immigrant officials with links to white supremacist organizations, leaving people detained with little choice but to put their bodies on the line to fight for their basic dignity. Attorney General Jeff Session’s newly released memorandum calling for increased prosecutions of immigrants and their supporters, combined with a roll-out where he referred to immigrants as “filth,” highlights the continued need for local resistance to the federal deportation and detention dragnet.
Hunger Striker’s Demands
·      Change the food menu to meet basic nutritional needs.
·      Lower commissary prices.
·      Improve hygiene, including providing clean clothing and the ability to wash clothes in soap and water.
·      Increase recreation time.
·      Make educational and other programs available to allow long-term detainees to continue learning.
·      Improve medical attention.
·      Increase wages for working detainees from the current rate of $1 per day.
·      Help speed up the legal process for detainees. Many are held for weeks before they even have an initial hearing to review their charges.
·      Provide contact visits, so parents can hug their children.
We need your support: Join us at the encampment outside the Northwest Detention Center to show GEO and ICE that people who are detained are not invisible, and tell the people detained that we support their calls for justice. We will have an encampment 24/7 as the strike continues.
Call the City of Tacoma and ICE
Call the City of Tacoma’s Finance Department and urge them to revoke GEO’s Business License. In a March 2017 letter to GEO, Mayor Strickland noted that the City of Tacoma can revoke GEO’s business license if it is a “danger to the public health, safety and welfare of the individuals [detained] as well as the community as a whole.”
·         Finance Department, Andrew Cherullo, Finance Director, 253-591-5800
Call ICE and demand that 1) they meet the Hunger Strikers Demands and 2) GEO not retaliate against hunger strikers. We have reports that strikers have been threatened with transfer to facilities away from their loved ones as punishment for engaging in protest.

* "Phone Zap: End the Retaliation Against HH Gonzales, Currently in Solitary Confinement" (2017-04-17, []

* "Lansing, MI: Support the Anti-Fascist Prisoners Going to Court on April 19th" (2017-04-17, []
When Trump supporter, proto-fascist movement builder and now disgraced pedophile supporter Milo Yiannopoulos announced he was coming to campus to speak on December 7th, 2016, Michigan State University (MSU) President Simon rolled out the red carpet to make sure that Yiannopoulos’ event was a successful one.
MSU administration/police planning for the event began as early as September 2016, as we learned from police reports. In October, Simon’s police contacted officers from other university campuses where Yiannopoulos had already spoken and faced protestor opposition in order to plan their response to anyone who showed up to protest Yiannopoulos speaking at Conrad Hall on the MSU campus. On December 7th, the day of the event, MSU police were ordered to arrest any protesters who were in front of the entrance doors, to take the tickets for the event, and to bar the press from entering the event. After we were arrested, instead of using the other available exits the police marched us down the aisles of the half-full auditorium to the jeers and shouts of the Milo supporters and out the back door in an attempt to demoralize & humiliate us. That night, however, everyone except for one person who was arrested had their charges dropped for lack of evidence.
Two and a half months later, after picketing and making noise on the MSU campus in support of the lone anti-fascist who was still facing charges, the prosecutor, under pressure from the MSU administration, reissued warrants against us, even though our charges had been dropped immediately after the original protest. This now brings the total number of our people arrested from the December 7th Milo Yiannopoulos back up to five.
We are charged with a combination of Failure to Obey a Police Officer, Resisting Arrest, Disorderly Conduct, and Obstruction. We are innocent of all charges and want them dropped immediately.
We cannot let this prosecution send a message to the alt-right and the other fascist elements in and out of the Trump movement that MSU is a welcoming campus for their recruitment efforts and attacks on oppressed minorities.
If you are in the Detroit/Lansing area, please come to our court date in East Lansing, Michigan on Wednesday at 10AM in Court 54B at 101 Linden Street to support getting the charges dropped.

* "Path to Mumia's Freedom" (2016-08-28,  by Rachel Wolkenstein) []
* "New Struggle for Mumia’s Freedom!" (2017-04-21, The Labor Action Committee To Free Mumia Abu-Jamal,
A new legal action by imprisoned journalist and ex-Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal is to be heard in a Pennsylvania court on Monday the 24th of April. This raises the possibility of a new drive to free Mumia. But it will take a mass movement to turn this chance into a reality: as with the Black Lives Matter movement against police killings of young black men and women, the struggle to free Mumia needs your participation!
Mumia’s supporters rallied for Mumia’s dire health issue, and now have finally forced the State to supply Mumia with the proper medicine to treat his hepatitis-C infection. This is a victory for all prisoners who have this devastating disease. Now is the time to move again to free Mumia!
Mumia’s lawyers are now seeking to show how a recent US Supreme Court decision--Williams v Pennsylvania (2016)--clearly means that all of the PA Supreme Court’s negative rulings on Mumia’s appeals against his blatantly fraudulent murder conviction (for allegedly shooting a cop) need to be thrown out. If this succeeds, Mumia’s right to appeal would be reinstated; and that means that all of the tampered and manufactured “evidence” used to frame him in his 1982 trial could be challenged anew, and suppressed evidence of his innocence could be brought forward, in new appeals hearings.
Mumia’s Freedom Could Result -- If We Act!
Potentially, if new appeals happen, and if they touch on all of the evidentiary issues, and if they are successful, Mumia’s conviction could be thrown out. And that should--finally!--lead to his immediate release from 35 years of imprisonment for a crime he did not commit!  (The State could also seek a new trial if his conviction is thrown out, but their “evidence” has been thoroughly debunked, so they might have a hard time doing that.)
“Potentially” and “should” are big factors here, however. Failure through court delays and denials that contradict evidence and law could repeat themselves. The “Mumia exception,” in which courts have violated clear precedent in Mumia’s case while upholding it in other cases, has frustrated his fight for freedom throughout. And the Fraternal Order of Police has maintained a vindictive campaign to execute/keep Mumia in prison for decades. Ineffective assistance of counsel has also been a problem for Mumia.  That’s why mass pressure from working people and all who cherish justice and truth will be sorely needed in this struggle.
The Williams v Pennsylvania decision held that it is a violation of judicial impartiality for a judge to participate in a criminal appeals hearing if he or she had played a role as a prosecutor in the case being appealed. This concerned one Ronald D. Castille, who was a prosecutor in a Pennsylvania murder trial, and then later sat in judgement over over the same case in an appeals hearing. While the Williams ruling concerned a different Pennsylvania murder case in which Castille had been both prosecutor and then a judge at the defendant’s appeal hearings; the very same bad actor--Castille--was involved in exactly the same way in Mumia’s case! Both courts and Castile himself refused Mumia’s motions that he recuse himself from from judging Mumia’s appeals several times!
Castille was centrally involved in prosecution of Mumia, both as an assistant DA and as chief DA in Philadelphia, before running for the PA Supreme Court as a “law and order” candidate. In campaign, he bragged about his role in implementing the death penalty (which was Mumia’s original sentence--the only part of his frame-up to be later thrown out). Castille was then on the PA Supreme Court for the entire duration of Mumia’s appeals. DA Castile also had a hand in instructing PA prosecutors on how to disguise their exclusion of black people from juries, which, in the wake of the Batson decision, was explicitly illegal. Racial discrimination in jury selection was also a major factor in the framing of Mumia.
Evidence of Mumia’s Guilt Was Forged -
The evidentiary material that should be reconsidered if Mumia’s current appeal succeeds is legion: it includes coercion of so-called “witnesses” to give false testimony, suppression of testimony in Mumia’s favor through intimidation and threats, ineffective assistance of counsel, and Mumia’s expulsion from his own trial! Also involved was police tampering with physical evidence, suppression of evidence of an additional person at the scene who could have been the real shooter, and the invention of a “confession” that Mumia never made. One witness--William Singletary, who saw the whole incident and said Mumia didn’t do it--was forced out of town by police threats on his life!  (Unfortunately, both William Singletary and another witness, Veronica Jones, who bravely reversed her coerced lies against Mumia at one of the appeals, are both now deceased.) The appeals courts have also refused to consider the confession of Arnold Beverly, who stated in an affidavit that he, not Mumia, was the real shooter.
And that is not everything that was wrong with Mumia’s outrageously rigged trial and subsequent appeals! See the attached document, “Path To Mumia’s Freedom,” by Rachel Wolkenstein, for a much more complete description of the issues involved in this  court case and struggle. Rachel is a lawyer for Mumia who has been working on his case from the beginning, including as a member of one of Mumia’s earlier legal teams.
Rebuild the Movement To Free Mumia!
The movement to free Mumia has been a critical part of his defense. In 1995, thousands  mobilized in the streets to protest a death warrant which had been signed by the PA governor. The warrant was set aside, but the appeal, which was presided over by the same racist trial judge who said, “I’m gonna help ‘em fry the n----r,” predictably failed. This showed both what we can achieve, and the corruption that we’re up against! In 1999, shipping ports on the entire West Coast were shut down tight by longshore workers, who then led a large march in San Francisco to free Mumia. Now is the time to revive this movement, and carry it forward to victory!



* "Women’s March Napa Valley continues advocacy after January march" (2017-04-23, []


articles recommended by the 
Campaigns, info, and more []. Science []. [] []

* "California gets No.1 ranking for most polluted state again - study" (2017-04-19, []
* "Bay Area ranked among nation’s worst spots for air pollution" (2017-04-20, []
* "Researchers say climate change may be worsening China’s air pollution" (2017-03-27, []

* "EPA seeks to scuttle cleanup of coal power plant pollution" (2017-04-19, []

* "DAPL Builder Spills Drilling Fluids Into Ohio Wetlands: Report; The spills were attributed to Energy Transfer Partners' Rover natural gas pipeline, which spans 713 miles and is worth about US$4.2 billion" (2017-04-20, []

* "Removal of osprey nest on Orcem property sparks outrage" (2017-04-08, []


* " ‘Conveyor belt of trash’: Arctic Ocean is ‘dead end’ for West’s plastic pollution, study says" (2017-04-20, []


Health and the Human Ecology
Monopolists enforce a regime that does not recognize the natural right to health and life. Info [].

* "Epilepsy drug linked to 4,100 severe birth defects – French health authorities" (2017-04-20, []

* "Flint Now Required to Pay Full Price for Contaminated Water; 'They're not telling the truth about the water testing,' said Melissa Mays, a community advocate" (2017-03-01, []
* "Flint and Michigan Finally Agree to Pay $100 Million in Repairs; The Flint and Michigan governments might soon be obligated to inspect and replace water lines leading to at least 18,000 homes by Jan. 1, 2020" (2017-03-28, []



* "No fan of marijuana legalization, Jerry Brown offers partly baked regulation" (2017-04-19, []

* "California's Cannabis 'Sanctuary' Bill Could Blaze New Trails; Defying the White House, the proposed bill protecting marijuana users resembles sanctuary city laws protecting immigrants" (2017-04-03, []


Documenting the process of fascism and for whom it benefits. [[] []

* "US advocacy group warns of corporate takeover of White House; A Washington-based nonprofit consumer advocacy group is warning about the extraordinary grant of power to corporate businesses and the enrichment of US President Donald Trump’s private businesses by the administration" (2017-04-24, []

* "Where Do Your Tax Dollars Go?" (2017-04-17, []
* "Heritage Foundation misleading on Social Security" (2017-04-19, by John Henebry, via [] [begin excerpt]: The Heritage Foundation writers, Michel and Bogie, both by the timing of their article (the day before federal income tax is due) and by their opening words (“When Americans file their taxes…”) cleverly imply that they are referring to Federal Income Tax (FIT). Then they go on to pronounce the large cost of entitlement programs — and specifically Social Security as “The single largest federal program … accounting for roughly a quarter of all federal spending.” This pairing, it seems, could easily mislead the reader to a false conclusion: that Social Security is where a significant portion of their federal income tax payment goes. But Social Security is not funded by federal income tax revenue. By law it cannot. By law, Social Security was designed to be “self-funding” through a dedicated stream of revenue — FICA payroll tax — that amount deducted from each employee’s paycheck as well as the portion paid by the employer.
* "Correcting the record on Social Security" (2017-04-24, by  Linda K. Jesmok, via [] [begin excerpt]: Social Security is an insurance program, not an entitlement. The Federal Insurance Contribution Act payments (see “FICA” on your pay stub), not income taxes, make up the Social Security Trust Funds. Benefits are paid from the Social Security Trust Funds because a worker has paid premiums into the funds. The Trust Funds are guaranteed by the full force of the federal government.
Each month, in our local Representative’s district alone, 130,000 of our neighbors receive $170 million in Social Security. For over a third of beneficiaries, Social Security is the only income. This money is spent locally, returned to our economy for housing, food, and medical expenses. Fortunately for us all, Social Security has never missed making its monthly payment. [end excerpt]


President Donald Trump's regime

* "Trump’s Deep Swamp" (2017-04-19, by Stephen Lendman) []
* "Corporate Executives Swamp the White House; Corporate Executives Swamp the White House: During Trump’s First 100 Days as President, Tally of Meetings with Outside Corporate Executives Exceeds 200" (2017-04-17, [] [begin excerpt]: According to news reports and White House press releases, since his inauguration, President Trump has met with at least 190 corporate executives – averaging more than two a day. Counting repeat attendees, he has had at least 222 corporate executive meetings. These totals do not include his reported frequent telephone conversations with Blackstone’s Steve Schwarzman and other CEOs. Nor do they not count administration members and nominees. Since the Nov. 8 election, Trump has met with at least 224 corporate executives since being elected president.
While Trump occasionally has granted an audience with individual executives, the high numbers are due in large part to gatherings of executives at the White House. These extraordinary gatherings, which have the explicit purpose of providing a way for Big Business to shape the administration’s policies, are supplemented by the president’s more casual interactions with corporate leaders at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Fla., where the membership fee is now $200,000. [end excerpt]

* (2017-04-20, []:


"Liberal" Capitalists:

* "The Frightening Pro-War Twist Of The Democrats ‘Resistance’ ; The anti-Trump “#Resistance” has become a movement to defend the Democratic establishment’s pro-war policies, to purge anti-war Democrats, and even to embrace Donald Trump’s attack on Syria" (2017-04-24, [] [begin excerpt]: The Resistance, a self-aggrandizing term for what amounts to a relatively small but still powerful claque of embittered Clinton surrogates, has been keeping itself busy of late, fanning the flames of McCarthyite recriminations against anyone who dares question the rather flimsy public evidence that Russia influenced the results of the 2016 election, all the while cheering on President Trump’s expansion of the war in Syria.
Like its approach to the question of Russia and the election, the Resistance will brook no dissent over whether or not President Trump did the “right thing” in unleashing 59 Tomahawk missiles on a country which we are not at war with and which has never attacked us.
As with their hysterical claims that Russia stole the election from Hillary Clinton, the Resistance is loathe to allow facts, logic or evidence to get in the way of its view that Donald Trump acted in the security interests of the United States by bombing the Syrian military which (with air support from the Russians) is currently in the process of routing ISIS and Al Qaeda.
Neoliberal Clinton partisan Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post wrote [] that in her view “Trump is, if not behaving normally, at least adopting normal positions” []. Bombing Syria, in the absence of a legal mandate from the United Nations or with expressed authorization of Congress – both legal requirements if the U.S. Constitution and American treaty obligations are to be respected – is, to Marcus anyway, evidence of “Trump’s good judgment.” [end excerpt]
Photo caption: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at the 2016 American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Policy Conference, March 21, 2016, at the Verizon Center in Washington.


* "Democrats’ Favorite Conspiracy Theorist Calls Sanders ‘Russian Agent of Influence’ ; Concerned that talk of Russia is fading, Louise Mensch ups the ante on her outrageous claims" (2017-04-20, []

An example of how Liberals are taught the "Horseshoe" theory against militant anti-fascism...
* "Why Are Antifa And The Alt Right Doing Battle? They Agree on Almost Everything" (2017-04-18, []


The Military State
[]; [] "Air, Space, Cyberspace"

* "Does Trump’s New ‘Military First’ Policy Put the Pentagon in Charge? The world has watched -- sometimes with mounting anxieties -- the Pentagon’s military maneuverings over the last several weeks. Radio Sputnik’s Brian Becker spoke with Ann Wright, a retired Army Colonel and former State Department official, and anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, about what may well be going on behind the closed doors of Washington" (2017-04-18, []

* "DARPA Military Orders Software to Dramatically Boost Computing Power; DARPA has ordered new algorithm and protocol programs to dramatically increase the performance of its dispersed computing networks" (2017-04-18, []

* "US Navy Sends Jets Back Into the Air After Breathless Pilots Refuse to Fly; About 200 T-45C training jets were grounded in the first week of April after instructors protested unsafe flying conditions. On Saturday, the US Navy decided to put pilots and trainees back into the air, even though a firm solution has not been found" (2017-04-18, []

* "Huntington Ingalls to Provide Technical Services for Ford Aircraft Carrier; Pentagon announced that US shipbuilder Huntington Ingalls has received a work order for production and test engineering of the Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier's systems and nuclear reactors" (2017-04-18, []

* "Oshkosh Receives Army Contract to Renovate Heavy Tactical Trucks; The Oshkosh Defense Company has received an order from the US Army to carry out recapitalization work on some of its tactical trucks" (2017-04-18, []


Two Party Dictatorship

* "The Hidden Purging of Millions of Voters" video (2017-04-25, The Empire Files, []: With all the discussion of the contentious 2016 election, the most shocking fact is often ignored: that millions of people had their votes stolen through malicious, means. The Republican Party is currently working to purge millions more voters leading up to the 2018 election. To explain this major attack on our supposed democratic process, Abby Martin interviews investigative reporter Greg Palast, who has done the most extensive work uncovering this massive disenfranchisement campaign.


State Media Watch
Documenting propaganda issued by the monopolist media and members of the state security regime that uphold the economic dictatorship, imperialist wars, and the "New Jim Crow" regime [] []

From the owner of FOX News, a report based on false premise (highlighted in bold) promotes the narrative that the Federation of Russia is openly taking a war footing, adding to the propaganda in favor of raising the military budgets for NATO member states.
* " 'YOU DON’T NEED EXPENSIVE WEAPONS’, Russia claims it can wipe out entire US Navy with a single ‘electronic bomb’ in bizarre propaganda report; Russian news report claims electronic signal jamming weapon can render planes, ships and missiles useless" (2017-04-19, [] [begin excerpt]: RUSSIA has claimed it can disable the entire US Navy in one fell swoop using powerful electronic signal jamming. A news report from the country – where the media is essentially controlled by the state – said the technology could render planes, ships and missiles useless.
The newsreader says: “Today, our Russian Electronic Warfare (REW) troops can detect and neutralise any target from a ship’s system and a radar, to a satellite.”
The news report claims a single Russian war plane flew several times around American destroyer the USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea several years ago, disabling its systems and leaving it helpless.
The report also claims they are capable to creating electronic jamming domes over their bases that make them invisible on radar screens.
The propaganda piece even quotes top US General Frank Gorenc as saying: “Russian electronic weapons completely paralyse the functioning of American electronic equipment installed on missiles, aircraft and ships.”
The reporter adds: “You don’t need to have expensive weapons to win – powerful radio-electronic jamming is enough.” [end excerpt]
Also, from the same monopolist news corporation:
* "WAR FOOTING: China tests missiles on deadly new destroyer ship near North Korea as it warns it’s getting troops ‘battle ready’ ; The Xining battleship's war systems are being trialled in the Yellow Sea - which separates China from the Korean peninsular" (2017-04-19, []

The ethics shown to be prevalent among State Media outlets is a reflection of their loyalty to individualist pursuits, and not to the people consuming their news media.
* "ABC, NBC Minimize New State Department Sex and Drugs Scandal" (2013-06-12, []
* "State Department memo reveals possible cover-ups, halted investigations" (2013-06-10, []

* "Bill O'Reilly let go from Fox News Channel amid sexual harassment claims; Bill O’Reilly has been forced out of his position as a prime-time host at Fox News, the company said on Wednesday, after the disclosure of settlements involving sexual harassment allegations against him. His abrupt and embarrassing ouster ends his two-decade reign as one of the most popular and influential commentators in television" (2017-04-20, The Washington Post, via []


Artificial Poverty and Starvation

* "Young US adults lack economic security: Report; A new report by the US Census Bureau shows the majority of young American adults are failing to achieve educational and economic security and millions are idle, that is they neither go to school nor work" (2017-04-20, []

* "Detroit Continues Shutting Off Water to City's Most Needy; Access to safe public drinking water has been deemed a basic human right" (2017-04-21, []


USA Homeland's resident nations:
Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (USA territory) and the Boriqueno nation

* "Remembering Vieques: Anti-Colonial Victory in the 21st Century; teleSUR spoke with Vieques resident and activist Ismael Guadalupe about Puerto Rico's current and historic battle against U.S. imperialism" (2017-04-24, by Rebeca Toledo, via [], image caption: Ismael Guadalupe, a leader in the struggle to get the U.S. Navy out of Vieques, Puerto Rico.

* "Puerto Rico's Debt to its Oppressors" video (2016-06-22, The Empire Files, part 1 [], part 2 []: Puerto Rico’s massive debt has been discussed at length in Congress and the media, all omitting the most important fact: the history of being a colonial subject for over 500 years, still owned and controlled by the United States.
Abby Martin talks to two professors of Latin American studies, Luis Barrios and Danny Shaw, about the long struggle of Puerto Rico to break the shackles of US and Spanish colonialism—from indigenous resistance to the Young Lords in Harlem. Learn how the US Empire obscures the island’s colonial status today, who really is responsible for the so-called “debt crisis,” and how it can all be solved.
* "Puerto Rico: Colonial Bondage & Resistance" video (2016-06-28, The Empire Files, []

* "The Crisis of Puerto Rico" video (2016-05-06, Democracy At Work) []: In this EconoMinute, Prof. Richard Wolff discusses the current debt crisis facing Puerto Rico.

* "Puerto Rico: Another Victim of U.S. Colonialism" video (2016-05-03, []: Puerto Rico, essentially a U.S. colony, has been crushed by a a debt of $70bn which has led to the closures of schools, and other public cuts. Should the people really be the ones paying for this crisis?


Documenting the global economic dictatorship

* "Did Papua New Guinea Police Commit Atrocities for Gold Company? This wouldn't be the first time that Canada's Barrick Gold has attempted to dodge responsibility while minimizing reports of home burnings and rape" (2017-03-28, []


* "Angela Merkel is now the leader of the free world, not Donald Trump; The US President isn’t motivated by protecting liberal democracy or freedom, his sole ideology is Trumpism: corporate autocracy with a populist facade. And he surrounds himself with white nationalists even more hostile to liberal democracy than he is" (2017-02-01, []
* (2017-04-22, Gunnar Angeles) []: The German Queen of Austerity from the center-right Christian Democratic Union of Germany is now suddenly the, "Leader of the Free World" according neo-liberals.

* "Angela Merkel Calls Multiculturalism 'A Grand Delusion' ; The German chancellor said immigrants will have to do more to assimilate" (2015-12-14, []


A study of the personal ideologies and social practices of those who benefit from the global capitalist regime. []

Power is relative, including the power to poke at royalty...
For example, here is a photo of members of one of the most historically (in)famous capitalist families...
* Lady Lynn and Sir Evelyn de Rothschild hold the Torch of Illumination ( []:

* meme, original photo []

Who else can conduct such poking around?
* Photo: Jimmy Savile pokes at Prince Charles:

"BBC Scandal Exposes Cover-Up of Host Jimmy Savile's Pedophilia, Fueling Public Broadcaster's Foes" (2012-11-13, []


information collected by the exploratory committee towards a 
[], for justice, dignity and human rights in accordance with the 1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (.pdf) [], and an end to the USA's endless wars, in harmony with Principle 1 & 6 of International Law [], the 5 protocols of the Convention on Conventional Weapons (CCW) [], and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights [].

* "Washington pushes world to brink of nuclear war" (2017-04-18, []

* "The U.S. Pushed North Korea to Build Nukes: Yes or No?" (2017-04-19, []

* "Heading Where? USS Carl Vinson Spotted Near Indonesia, Not Korean Peninsula; The USS Carl Vinson was supposed to be headed toward the Korean Peninsula last week to project Pentagon power, but instead has recently been seen cruising thousands of miles away" (2017-04-18, []
* " ‘Duped by Trump’: U.S. Taunted Over Carl Vinson Aircraft Carrier Tale; Criticism rises after the U.S. Navy says it hadn’t sent the USS Carl Vinson directly to North Korea after all" (2017-04-19, []
* "Trump’s ‘armada’ was not headed to Korean Peninsula despite White House claims; A US military strike group that American officials said had been dispatched to the Korean Peninsula in a “show of force” against North Korea was in fact heading in the opposite direction at the time, highlighting the dysfunction that has come to symbolize the administration of US President Donald Trump" (2017-04-19, []
* "USS Carl Vinson Was Not En Route To Korean Peninsula When Defense Officials Claimed It. Where Is It Now?" (2017-04-19, []
* "White House denies misleading public about U.S. aircraft carrier whereabouts" (2017-04-20, []: The White House on Wednesday denied that it misled the public about the whereabouts of a U.S. aircraft carrier heading toward the Korean Peninsula.
"The president said that we have an armada going towards the peninsula. That's a fact. It happened. It is happening, rather," said White House spokesman Sean Spicer at a briefing.
In a statement released on April 9, the U.S. Navy announced that the USS Carl Vinson strike group was directed to skip a previously planned port visit to Australia and to sail north from Singapore.
Speaking at Fox Business Network days after the Pentagon announcement, U.S. President Donald Trump confirmed that the United States was "sending an armada," referring to the USS Carl Vinson strike group.
The Navy announcement came amid increased tension on the Korean Peninsula as U.S. media reports speculated about a preemptive U.S. strike on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).
Though the announcement did not explicitly say that the Carl Vinson would immediately steam north toward the Korean Peninsula, U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis did tell reporters that the Carl Vinson was "on her way up there."
"She (Carl Vinson) operates freely up and down the Pacific, and she's just on her way up there because that's where we thought it was most prudent to have her at this time," said Mattis on April 11.
However, on Saturday, when the DPRK showcased its military muscles during celebrations marking the 105th birth anniversary of DPRK founder Kim Il Sung, the Carl Vinson was sailing in the opposite direction, participating in a joint exercise with the Australian Navy in the Indian Ocean.
According to a photograph released by the U.S. Navy, the Carl Vinson was transiting the Sunda Strait on Saturday.
* "Trump’s ‘armada’ turns toward North Korea as White House defends misleading remarks" (2017-04-20, []

* "Moscow rejects MSM reports on ‘Russia blocking’ UNSC condemnation of N. Korea missile test" (2017-04-20, []

* "MOFA responds to Trump's comments on DPRK leader's 'desire for peace' " (2017-04-20, []
* "FM: Parties in Korean Peninsula nuclear issue want no conflicts, wars" (2017-04-20, []: Relevant parties in the Korean Peninsula's nuclear issue want no conflicts nor wars, and the world hopes for peace, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said Thursday.
Media reported that U.S. President Donald Trump said in an interview that the United States wants peace, and hopes Kim Jong Un, the supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, longs for peace as well. How much Kim Jong Un also wants peace will be a deciding factor in easing tensions between the two countries.
Commenting on this, Lu said that China has always believed that dialogue and consultation is the only effective approach to solving the nuclear issues and maintaining peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula.
"We hope all the related parties can reach a consensus and make practical efforts," Lu said.

* "Saudi blockade paralyzing Yemen, causing catastrophe: UN expert" (2017-04-13, []
* "UN must list S Arabia, allies for violating child rights in Yemen: Aid groups; A new report by two international aid groups says Saudi Arabia and its allies must be named in the UN's annual list of perpetrators of child rights violations as Riyadh continues to carry out attacks on schools and medical facilities during its military aggression against Yemen" (2017-04-20, []
* "Trump admin. wants to resume munitions sale to Saudis: Officials; The Donald Trump administration considers resuming sales of precision-guided munitions to Saudi Arabia as part of additional military and intelligence assistance to the kingdom’s bloody intervention in Yemen" (2017-04-21, []

* "Aid agencies call for life-saving assistance to crisis-hit Yemen; International aid agencies have demanded life-saving support to millions of civilians in Yemen, who are struggling to survive starvation and disease in the wake of Saudi Arabia’s atrocious aerial bombardment campaign" (2017-04-24, []

* "5300 Port Chicago Hwy. tracks protest; Audio from yesterday's weapons protest in north Concord over Trump WMD use and AQ support in Syria... prompted by crudely staged snuff films w/ zero evidence except of our own guilt and stupidity" (2017-04-18, DJ Mouse Report) [], audio []:
"Where in this country is there a military target where an adversary could use a nuclear weapon, killing everyone for a square mile, without committing a war crime by murdering innocent civilians?" I asked Cmdr. Richard ('the lion-hearted' Abe would call him) Owens, and standing on tracks of the weapons station that had shipped the mass destruction to Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Korea, Viet Nam, Central America and later Iraq and Afghanistan...he said. "No....No there's nowhere in the world where they could be used." ...A half a dozen years before the International Court of Justice decision on the illegality of radioactive mass murder of any kind, this should have been the end of the story. We would be planning a going away party for ourselves at the tracks...but that was before Trump's WMDs, Clinton's betrayals, and the return to power of the very people who's crimes drove us there...Nuremberg Actions members have blocked illegal weapons shipments since 9-1-87. . .
Counter-recruitment Notice:
If taking part in US war crimes has not already damaged your mental health you may wish to avoid vehicular assaults, torture, illegal strrip searches, un-investigated drive by shootings and false arrests we find cathartic and prevailed over in federal court in civil case No. CO3-336SBA in USDC No. Dist. Ca. Oakland Div. the Feb. 11, 2005 Third Ammended Complaint under the Civil Rights Act, 42 U.S.C. section 1983);
"Plaintiff hereby petitions for an Injunction to stop Defendant Watson's threatened arrest of Plaintiff "within 50 yards of Federal Property" (See 3-10-03 videotape of Defendant Watson making threat, Exhibit A) contrary to the law under United States v Grace 461 U.S. 171, 177 (1982); "...public places such as streets have historically been associated with the free exercise of rights guarunteed by the First Ammendment", and an Order of Mandate to secure First, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth and Fourteenth Ammendment rights violated by Defendant Watson in concert with former District Attorney Gary Yancy, County Clerk Kathy O'melia, and others acting outside the law to obstruct justice and deny Plaintiff's right to a fair trial stemming from August 6, 2002 arrest at 5300 Port Chicago Highway."

* "Banner Drop Against U.S Military Aggression" (2017-04-19, []
In the spring of 1972, while the US was bogged down in an imperialist war in Vietnam and Cambodia, students at the University of Minnesota rioted for days on end. They fought with police, built barricades, destroyed the ROTC armory, and wrote graffiti on the walls of lecture halls. On one building in particular, Ford Hall, the graffiti read: “U.S OUT OF CAMBODIA, PIGS OUT OF DINKYTOWN!” It is in the spirit of this uprising and as a tribute of insurrectionary memory that we write this communique:
On a windy Tuesday afternoon a banner was hung in the Dinkytown neighborhood of Minneapolis over I-35 that read “US OUT OF MIDDLE EAST, PIGS OUT OF DINKYTOWN.” The banner was hung as the evening rush hour was about to start. This action, while small and symbolic, takes place in the context of rising conflict everywhere. The continuing escalation of the perpetual civil war we see, especially in Berkeley, but here locally as well on the Capitol steps in St. Paul on March 4th. The war in Syria, with the Trump administration dramatically escalating our involvement by launching nearly 60 Tomahawk missiles and bombing a mosque full of civilians. The war in Afghanistan that has been going on for almost 16 years, with the so-called “mother of all bombs” dropped on a cave system used by Daesh to hold prisoners. The possibility of war re-starting on the Korean peninsula and potentially in the South China Sea against the DPRK and China. The ongoing cold war between Russia and the United States, with both states waging proxy wars through various rebel groups and terrorist organizations. Everywhere we look, we see this war escalating. The prospect of World War III is not only becoming a real possibility, it quite possibly has already begun.
Needless to say, this is terrifying. It carries with it the horrifying prospect of a nuclear armed superpowers clashing in open warfare with one another. We know that these wars will not make anyone safer, especially those of us who are poor, and most especially those of us outside of the Empire and on the receiving end of this imperialist aggression. We also know that the best way to end an imperialist war is to bring that war home. To answer imperialist war with revolutionary civil war! To destroy the State, to disband the military, and to make revolution and seize everything from the capitalists and ruling class! So consider this banner drop, a small and symbolic action, a call for more creative resistance that can effectively damage the Empire’s ability to make war on poor folks like ourselves overseas.
We stand in uncompromising solidarity with the Rojava revolution and the YPG/YPJ and their fight for autonomy and a better world beyond capitalism. We stand in uncompromising solidarity with the people of Syria who refuse the tyranny of Assad, the domination by an imperialist power like Russia or the United States, and the fascist Islamic State. We stand in uncompromising solidarity with all who resist aggression in their home countries and fight for their own autonomy, and we urge people everywhere to fight a united struggle against capitalism, empire, and the State for a global insurgency against these forms of domination and power.
Against empire.
Against democracy.

* Photo (2017-04-17), showing a demonstration in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan against the USA / NATO's use of the MOAB bomb.


Justice for Refugees!

* "Pope Francis likens refugee centers in Europe to concentration camps; Pope Francis has likened the detention camps set up by European states to hold refugees to concentration camps" (2017-04-23, []

* "2017 refugee death toll in Mediterranean surpasses 1,000: UN; Around 100 refugees have drowned in the Mediterranean according to shipwreck survivors, raising the death toll for the perilous crossing to Italy to over 1,000 victims in 2017, the UN’s refugee agency said Friday" (2017-04-22, []

* "UK forcibly removes asylum seeker to Iraq handcuffed in plane toilet: Report; British forces have reportedly injured, hooded, handcuffed and locked an Iraqi asylum seeker inside a plane toilet while forcibly removing him from the UK back to his home country" (2017-04-21, [], photo caption: This photo by the Middle East Eye shows Iraqi asylum seeker Aras Ismail who was forcefully removed from Britain to Iraq on April 11, 2017.



NEW COLD WAR Frontline: Federation of Russia & the Eurasian Union
* "Post-Soviet Russia: America's "Colony" to #1 Enemy" (2017-02-06, [], video []:
The increased aggression towards Russia from US politicians and media is made more clear when taking into account the real history of the post-Soviet period. The hidden story of Boris Yeltsin’s presidency explains how deeply the US government, along with Western capitalist institutions, cheered, shaped and exploited the country after the fall of the Soviet Union, paving the way for the political system they all condemn today.
To uncover just how much the US Empire has interfered in Russia’s political evolution, Abby Martin interviews Mark Ames, an American journalist who spent a decade reporting from Yeltsin’ and Putin’s Russia and witnessed the country’s transformation from an American “colony” to it’s “number one threat.”

* "One in Three Russians Fears War With US & NATO – What's Driving Their Concerns? Nearly one in three Russians believes that a war between Russia and the United States is either possible or even 'already underway', recent nationwide polling has showed. Observers emphasize that Russians are not the only ones to have come to such alarming conclusions" (2017-04-18, []
* "Kadyrov: West will use every resource to bring Russia to its knees" (2017-04-19, []

* "US Sends Two F-22 Jets in Response to Russian Tu-95 Bombers Near Alaska; The US Air Force flew two F-22 stealth fighter planes and an E-3 early warning jet near the state of Alaska after two Russian strategic bombers were seen about 100 miles from Kodiak Island, Fox News said on Tuesday" (2017-04-18, []
* "US Foils Russian Plot to Bomb Alaska; US scrambled jets after Russian bombers were spotted '100 miles away' from remote Alaskan island" (2017-04-18, RI News) []

* "James Comey used Buzzfeed fake dossier to build Russia collusion case against Trump; FBI Director James Comey used fake "Trump Dossier" to secure a FISA warrant to secretly monitor Trump aide" (2017-04-19, []

* "Leak Shows US Has Hacked the Hell out of Russians, Iranians, but keeps on crying about 'Russian hackers' " (2017-04-19, RI News) []

* "Russian Mercenaries In Syria And Around The World" (2017-01-18, [], video []

* "Russia boasts it can WIPE OUT entire US Navy with 'electronic bomb' as war fears grow; RUSSIAN troops have boasted how they can render the US Navy useless by deploying its latest technology – electronic warfare" (2017-04-19, []

* "Unconfirmed Anonymous Report: Russia Developing Kamikaze Nuke Tanks" (2017-04-18, RI News) [] [begin excerpt]: Maybe. But probably not. Delving deeper into this article published by The Diplomat [], it turns out this wild claim is based on "unconfirmed media reports". No link to these reports is given. For all we know the source is the weekly newsletter of the Krasnodar Dungeons and Dragons Society. So maybe Russian tanks aren't going to be clearing RPG nests with nukes just yet. Nor will tank crews be riding into battle on atomic bombs. Yes, sadly, we may have to wait a bit longer for something as insane as a direct fire nuclear shell []. [end excerpt]

* "State Dept sued over funding Soros operations in Macedonia" (2017-04-19, []

* "ExxonMobil seeks sanctions waiver to keep Russia oil deal alive – report" (2017-04-19, []

* " ‘Conspiracy theory fantasies’: Russian think tank dismisses report it masterminded Trump victory" (2017-04-20, [], video []

* "Trump won’t issue drilling waivers to Russia sanctions; The administration of US President Donald Trump will not allow any American companies to drill for oil in Russia, the Treasury Department announces" (2017-04-21, []

* (2017-04-22, Gunnar Angeles): Putin isn't a czar and there's no evidence Russia played a substantial role in swaying US elections. Most Russians don't even like Trump now since he exposed himself as a Pro-NATO warmonger like the rest of the Washington establishment.

* "Russia’s support for E Ukraine ‘obstacle’ in Washington-Moscow ties; US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says Russia’s “actions” in eastern Ukraine serve as an “obstacle” in ties between the administration of US President Donald Trump and the Kremlin" (2017-04-24, []

NEW COLD WAR Frontline: People's Republic of China & the SCO
* "McMaster Is Deluded, Trump Hasn't Divided China and Russia; The inexperienced Trump admin is giving itself too much credit. Russia-China ties are on a completely different level from US-Chinese contacts" (2017-04-19, RI News) []

* "Why China's Economy is Likely to Benefit From Korean Standoff; The uneasy standoff on the Korean Peninsula poses no threat to the Chinese economy, which has thrived this year, Chinese finance expert Liu Zhiqin told Sputnik" (2017-04-18, []

NEW COLD WAR Frontline: Islamic Republic of Iran
* "Tillerson warns 'unchecked Iran' could follow path of North Korea" (2017-04-19, []

* "Trump accuses Iran of 'not living up to spirit' of nuclear deal; US President Donald Trump has accused Iran of “not living up to the spirit" of the 2015 nuclear agreement, just two days after his administration certified that Iran was meeting its commitments under the landmark deal" (2017-04-21, []
* "Trump says Iran "not living up to the spirit" of 2015 nuclear deal" (2017-04-21, []
* "US defies both letter, spirit of nuclear deal: Iran FM; Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has slammed the United States’ defiance to honor its obligations under the spirit and letter of the landmark 2015 nuclear agreement signed between Iran and the P5+1 group of countries" (2017-04-21, []
* "Iran delivers counterblast to US rants at UN; Iran counters US efforts to force the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to turn its attention away from Israel, and instead target the Islamic Republic" (2017-04-21, []
* "Russia vows to oppose US stance against Iran; Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov says Moscow is against Washington's 'non-productive' attempts to unite in one agenda Iran's non-nuclear issues and those pertaining to the implementation of the country's nuclear agreement" (2017-04-21, []
* "US bent on doing utmost damage to Iran: Analyst; While the United States has acknowledged that Iran complies with its obligations under the nuclear deal with the P5+1 group, Washington has leveled fresh accusations against Tehran. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has claimed the Islamic Republic is behind the destabilization of the Middle East. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has slammed American hostile policy toward Iran, urging the White House to abide by its commitments under the nuclear agreement. To discuss the issue, Press TV has interviewed Sara Flounders, co-director of the International Action Center from New York, and Michael Lane, president of the American Institute for Foreign Policy from Washington" (2017-04-21, []

* " ‘UK banks closing accounts of Iranians despite lifting of sanctions’ ; A UK law firm handling dozens of complaints by Iranian nationals who have had their bank accounts in Britain closed because of their nationality says closures continue despite the lifting of economic sanctions" (2017-04-21, []

* "Iran sees no need to negotiate Mideast issues with US: Shamkhani; A senior Iranian official says the Islamic Republic is not willing to negotiate Middle East issues with the United States, stressing that Washington cannot act as “judge, jury and executioner” in the troubled region" (2017-04-22, []


NATO Watch
* "Pentagon chief in Israel to discuss Iran, Syria; US Defense Secretary General James Mattis has arrived in Israel for talks expected to focus on Iran and Syria as well the strategic relations between Tel Aviv and Washington" (2017-04-21, []

* "US military spending millions to renovate Mideast base; The United States is spending an estimated $34 million to renovate a military base it has at an undisclosed location in the Middle East, a report says" (2017-04-22, []

* "Canada will lead a NATO battlegroup in Latvia during the largest sustained military presence in NATO territory since the early 1990s" (2017-04-18, []

* " ‘Dust & rocky roads’ made half of German combat vehicles in Mali inoperative – media" (2017-04-19, []

* "US, Romania stage joint NATO exercise; American and Romanian military forces have taken part in a joint military exercise within the framework of the NATO" (2017-04-21, []

* "US to help allies against Russia meddling, Ryan says in Tallinn; The United States seeks to help its allies prevent Russia from meddling as it allegedly did in the US 2016 presidential election, says House Speaker Paul Ryan" (2017-04-22, []

* "Pentagon chief in Djibouti to bolster ties; US Defense Secretary James Mattis has arrived in Djibouti on a trip to bolster ties with the tiny African country, which houses the only known US military base on the continent" (2017-04-23, []
* "US cites piracy in Somalia for new focus on Africa; The commander of the US Africa Command cites fight with Somalia’s piracy during a visit by the Pentagon chief" (2017-04-23, []

* "Thousands of ex-Taliban militants may have entered Germany: Report; A report claims that thousands of Afghan refugees suspected to be former Taliban militants may have entered Germany over the past two years" (2017-04-23, []

* "May ready to launch nuclear weapons as a first strike: Fallon; British Prime Minister Theresa May will use nuclear weapons “as a first strike” against UK’s enemies, even if the country is not directly attacked, says Defense Secretary Michael Fallon" (2017-04-24, []


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