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THE HITLIST, Sept. 29th, 2016

Featuring the Best in Bay Area Bangas!

Stevie Stone - "Momentum"

Ice Meez - "Everybody Know Me" (ft. Sage the Gemini, Yaj-He-Spitz)

Mac Mall - "Throwin Hunnids" (ft. E. Dubb)

P-Lo - "Going To Work" (w. 8 Bar intro)

Andre Nikatina - "Monday Like A Friday" (ft. Equipito)

- "Blow The Trunk Out" (ft. Get Ricch)
- "Chest Banging" (ft. Kobra Abysmal)

T-Benz - "Number in my phone"

Louie Valitino - "Change" (ft. J.Minixx)

Eseibio the Revolutionary
- "SEIZE THE TIME!" (in honor of BOBBY SEAL)

Ras Ceylon - "Panther Town" (feat. Askari X & Sinista Z; A-RusH)

Chozen Destiny - "Your Law vs. US" (prod. by Kidd Tha Kraftzman)

- "American Nightmare"
- "Pyramids to Plantations"

Sept. 29th, 2016, Northbay Uprising Radio News

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Updates on campaigns for Peace, Justice, & Freedom across the greater Bay Area, Norcal, and Socal

* "Police Fatally Shoot Black Man In San Diego Suburb, Sparking Protests; The man later died after being taken to the hospital" (2016-09-28, []

BAY AREA SOLIDARITY: Updates on campaigns across the Nation! 

* "Police Kill Black Man In North Carolina, Clash With Protesters; Police have now killed 193 Black people in 2016 alone" (2016-09-20, [], photo caption: Police officers wearing riot gear block a road during protests after police fatally shot Keith Lamont Scott in the parking lot of an apartment complex in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S. September 20, 2016.
* "Clashes, tear gas, cops injured after 'disabled, unarmed' black man shot dead by Charlotte police" (2016-09-21, []
* "In Charlotte, National Guard Descends on Community Seeking Justice and Answers; Demonstrators in Charlotte, NC confront riot police for a second night after the shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott" (2016-09-22, []

* Live video footage (2016-09-20, watch here [], with comments [] [], and within 5 hours the video feed received 1.3 million viewers.
* "N.C. Governor Declares State Of Emergency Amid Violent Protests; The killing of Keith Lamont Scott sparked clashes between protesters and police, who disagree on whether the man was armed" (2016-09-21, []
* "Charlotte Protesters Shut Down Freeway, Steal And Burn Cargo From Semis" (2016-09-21, []
* "9 people injured, 44 arrested in Charlotte night riots - police chief" (2016-09-22, []
* "Eyewitnesses scrutinize police account of Charlotte protester’s death" (2016-09-23, []
* "Curfew set on 3rd night of Charlotte protests against police killing of Keith Scott" (2016-09-23, []

* " ‘Fed up & scared’: Demonstrators speak to RT about Keith Lamont Scott protests" (2016-09-22, [], attached videos:
- ‘As a young African American man, the way I feel is scared’ – protester[]
- Community is frustrated with black men being killed - Charlotte activist []
- Activists call for economic boycott of city of Charlotte ‘for black lives’ []

* "White Driver Pulls Out a Gun During Charlotte Protests" (2016-09-22, []

* "USA Today Columnist Urges Motorists To ‘Run Down’ Protesters On North Carolina Highway; The newspaper suspended Glenn Reynolds for a month after he made the inflammatory comment" (2016-09-22, []

* "Not #CharlotteProtest: Shocking assault on elderly man actually took place in London" (2016-09-22, [], read more about the actual incident [].

* "Charlotte mayor lifts citywide curfew, protests turn into boycott of NFL game" (2016-09-26, [], photo caption: People gather outside the football stadium as the NFL's Carolina Panthers host the Minnesota Vikings, to protest the police shooting of Keith Scott, in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S., September 25, 2016

* Statement concerning Charlotte (2016-09-22, NC NAACP) []
* "ACLU Calls on Charlotte Police to Release Video Footage of Keith Lamont Scott Shooting" (2016-09-21, []
* " 'Don't Shoot Him': Wife's Cellphone Video of Fatal Police Shooting Released; 'He doesn't have a gun, he has a [traumatic brain injury], he's not going to do anything to you guys, he just took his medicine,' Scott's wife tells police in moments before shooting" (2016-09-23, []

* "If you don’t understand Black Lives Matter after Terence Crutcher’s death, you never will; His car broke down. An officer said he looked “bad.” Now he’s dead" (2016-09-22, []
* "Tulsa cop who shot Terence Crutcher charged with 1st degree manslaughter" (2016-09-22, []
* "Cop Who Shot Terence Crutcher Has History Of Drug Use, Domestic Disturbances; Aren’t these the characteristics that describe a “thug”?" (2016-09-22, []
* "Terence Crutcher Was Not Shot With His Hands Up. Here’s the Definitive Proof" (2016-09-20, []
* "Tulsa Police Officer Shares Her Side of the Story in Terence Crutcher's Shooting" (2016-09-21, []
* "SPLC Statement on the Death of Terence Crutcher" (2016-09-20, []

* (2016-09-22, []


* (2016-09-21, []:

* "Kaepernick calls out his critics: “There’s a lot of racism in this country disguised as patriotism” ; Colin Kaepernick speaks out after the recent police shooting of Terence Crutcher" (2016-09-21, []

* "Bruce Irvin, Malcolm Smith raise fists during National Anthem" (2016-09-25, []

* "NFL player makes powerful statement after latest police killings of black men" (2016-09-22, []

* "Texans' Duane Brown raises fist during national anthem" (2016-09-22, [], close-up of the photo []

* meme, comments [], including: "And is a Navy veteran. That's what it's about. The freedom to express your opinion. 15 years in the military USMC/Army."

* (2016-09-21, []:
My Friends.
I need to introduce you to Janaye Ervin - an Intelligence Specialist in the Navy and an 8 year veteran who has served our country with honor and discipline.
She is currently stationed in Hawaii.
On Monday, she made the conscious decision, while in uniform, to not stand for the Star Spangled Banner. As a result, her security clearance has been revoked and she has even been threatened with jail. We must stand with her during this time as she has so boldly sacrificed her own comfort because of injustice and racial violence in America.
Here is her official statement:
My fellow Americans,
I have been proudly serving in the US Navy Reserve Force since November 2008. I have pledged to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and to spread freedom and democracy around the world. I will never waver from that pledge.
On September 19,2016, while in uniform, I made the conscious decision to not stand for the Star Spangled Banner because I feel like a hypocrite, singing about "land of the free" when, I know that only applies to some Americans. I will gladly stand again, when ALL AMERICANS are afforded the same freedom.
The Navy has decided to punish me for defending the Constitution and has taken away my equipment I need to do my Naval job. It was my pleasure serving my country, I love it dearly, that is why I must do this for you. I will keep you all posted on what happens next!

* "Millennials Arrested at Paul Ryan's Office Denouncing GOP's Politics of Hate ; 'Donald Trump isn't an aberration, he's a consequence of the system' " (2016-09-20, []

* "National Effort Launches To Fight Surveillance State On Local Level" (2016-09-22, Derrick Broze) []
* "#TakeCTLR: US cities, activists rise against police surveillance" (2016-09-23, []
* "Community Control Over Police Surveillance Effort Launches with First Wave of Legislation in 11 Cities; Bills Aim to Introduce Transparency and Accountability Into the Purchase and Use of Police Surveillance Tools" (2016-09-21, []

* "Activist DESTROYS 19 Red Light Cameras And Turns Himself In" (2016-09-20, Luke Rudkowski) [], attached video []


Black Power! Revive the Community! Defend the Nation!
National News [] [] []

* "Racial wage gap largest in 36 years, black men make 31% less than white counterparts - report" (2016-09-20, []

* "Death penalty and the history of lynching in the U.S. a ‘very clear’ connection: Alabama lawyer" ( []

* "Former Death Row Prisoner Moreese Bickham Dies at 98: He Served 37 Years for Killing Klansmen Cops" (2016-05-05, [], attached video []


* (2016-09-23, BRLP) []:
Enough is Enough - Pigs must stop killing US !
General T.A.C.O. in the middle of the line...
BLACK RIDERS - New Generation Black Panther Party for Self-Defense! Join Now - To be a member inbox or email us at
Black Power! All Power to the People! RBG 4 LIFE!
Please share this with everyone you know...

* (2016-09-23, BRLP - Oakland Chapter) []:


* []

* "Issues" by Kam Pierce []: They want our culture and our music, but they don't want to share our issues.


information collected by the Worker's Defense Committee []

* "Business-Backed ‘Anti-Union Union’ Falters at Volkswagen" (2016-09-23, []

* "Farmworkers Taste the Fruits of Victory" (2016-09-23, []



* "Manhattan developers try evasion tactics on affordable housing" (2016-09-20, []

information collected by the Committee to

* "Man Who Hit Kevin Johnson With Pie Says Mayor Hasn’t Done Enough For Homeless" (2016-09-22, []
* "Here's The Guy Kevin Johnson Reportedly Beat Up For Hitting Him With A Pie" (2016-09-21, []
* "Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson Fights Back After Being Pied In The Face; “He reacted like most people do when attacked by an unknown object,” said an aide to the former NBA star" (2016-09-22 []

Documenting human-rights abuse by domestic security agencies
[] [] [] []

* "Forensics used to convict 1,000s of people may not be scientifically valid – report" (2016-09-22, []

* "Aren’t more white people than black people killed by police? Yes, but no" (2016-07-11, []

* "Police Use TEN Different Types Of Checkpoints, With More On The Way" (2016-09-20, by MassPrivateI) []

* "US police abused database access to stalk innocent people – report" (2016-09-28, []

* "Vallejo police, city leaders lambasted over Romero shooting" (2012-09-12, []

* "Police Brutality California: It Takes 9 Stockton Officers To Arrest 1 Teen For Jaywalking" (2015-09-17, []
* "Police Admit California Cops Beat and Arrested Teen For Jaywalking That ‘Isn’t Even A Misdemeanor’ " (2015-09-18, []

* "Cops in Southern California can't find 329 firearms – more may be missing" (2016-09-26, []

* "Body cam shows 15yo girl pepper-sprayed by Maryland police during arrest" (2016-09-23, []

* "St. Louis cop caught on film planting a gun on a man he just killed" (2016-09-21, []
* "New videos, photos and documents provide fresh look at 2011 St. Louis police killing" (2016-09-21, []

* "Cop Unplugs Body Cam, Shoots Woman, Turns Camera Back On Just In Time For Gun To Appear On Dead Body" (2015-02-11, []

* (2016-09-23) []: Eugene PD attempt to 'explain' why their officer is shaking hands with a well known local nazi, saying "... the officer did exactly what he was supposed to do.."
photo [], screenshots [] [] [], from Eugene Police Department's page ( []:
- [Question]: Why is this officer shaking hands with a Nazi?
- [Answer]: Following the recent shootings of police officers across the country, the man in this photo showed up in the parking lot of the police department with his pickup truck playing bagpipes.
One of our officers entered the parking lot and approached the vehicle. From his vantage point the officer did not see the back of the pickup with the comments about Jews. The man reached out to thank the officer for his service. The officer did exactly what he's supposed to do, which is to respond in a professional and courteous manner to someone who wants to greet them and in return shook the man's hand.
Unbeknownst to the officer, another person was in the parking lot and at that instant moment snapped a photograph of the officer shaking hands with the subject.
- [Comment thread]: screenshots 1 [], 2 [], 3 [], text [].

* " 'I’m the Law Today N**ga' — Cop Fired After Using Social Media to Declare Her Racism" (2016-09-28, []

* "Community Policing Expands in New York, but Some Question if It Works" (2016-08-17, []


NORTHBAY COPWATCH: Domestic Security Agencies and private-sector partners 


* "Outrage As Facebook Closes Multiple Political Activists Accounts; Anger comes weeks after Israel and Facebook reportedly penned a deal to limit freedom of expression" (2016-09-27, []

* "SpaceX test-fires Raptor, next-gen engine that will take us to Mars" (2016-09-26, []

* "Tech invests in Washington: Internet companies lobby big on Capitol Hill" (2016-09-22, []

* "Reddit ordered to preserve alleged posts from Clinton’s server techie" (2016-09-22, []


* "Yahoo confirms data breach of 500 mln users, blames 'state-sponsored actor' " (2016-09-22, []


* "US Govt Just Legalized Operation Mockingbird — FBI Can Now Impersonate The Media" (2016-09-23, Claire Bernish) []

* "Another terrorist, another past connection with the FBI" (2016-09-21, []

* "Playpen: The Story of the FBI’s Unprecedented and Illegal Hacking Operation" (2016-09-15, []

* "Big Brother's hipster cousin" (2016-09-25, by Gunnar Angeles) []


* "Unprecedented and Unlawful: The NSA’s “Upstream” Surveillance" (2016-09-19, []

* "With Rule 41, Little-Known Committee Proposes To Grant New Hacking Powers To The Government" (2016-09-20, by Rainey Reitman) []

* "Feds: We Can Read All Your Email, And You’ll Never Know" (2016-09-22, by Clark D. Cunningham, Georgia State University) []


* "Pennsylvania mom admits to abandoning kids for ISIS, marrying fighter over Skype" (2016-09-21, []

* "How The Govt Used The NY Bombing To Convert Millions Of Citizens Into Spies — Literally Overnight" (2016-09-21, by Claire Bernish) []

* "9 Weird Things About The NYC And NJ Bombs That Will Make You Say Hmmmm…" (2016-09-21, by Daisy Luther) []

* "Chelsea Bombing Suspect Investigated By FBI Two Years Ago, Turned In By Father" (2016-09-21, by Brandon Turbeville) []

* "Bomb squad deployed after LAPD finds suspicious package near govt buildings" (2016-09-21, []

* "US murders up 11% in biggest spike since 1971 – FBI crime report" (2016-09-26, []

* "CBP Fails to Meaningfully Address Risks of Gathering Social Media Handles" (2016-09-14, []

NORTHBAY COPWATCHInternational Security Agencies, the Five-Eyes, and transnational partners

* "One pilot dead after military spy plane crash in central California" (2016-09-20, []

* "European Copyright Ruling Ushers in New Dark Era for Hyperlinks" (2016-09-08, [] [begin excerpt]: This judgment is a gift to copyright holders, who now have a vastly expanded array of targets against which to bring copyright infringement lawsuits. The result will be that websites operating in Europe will be much more reticent to allow external hyperlinks, and may even remove historical material that contains such links, in fear of punishing liability. [end excerpt]

from the Committee to
End the Drug War! Stop Jim Crow! Close the Torture Chambers! 
[] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []. Become a Human Rights Pen Pal! [link]. 

* "Prison Reform Misdirection: 5 Caveats About Private Prisons and Mass Incarceration" (2016-09-21, []

* " ‘End prison slavery!’ 24,000+ inmates join nationwide jail strike" (2016-09-21, [], attached video []
* (2016-09-21, []: One way to help the #PrisonStrike is simply to tell everyone you know in prison that we know about the strike out here. Even if the folks that you know in prison are not involved.
Officials are hiding outside support from the prisoners by disallowing newspapers to come inside that talk about the strike- in an attempt demoralize the strikers and potential strikers by making them think that people outside don't know about it.
If you know of anyone going to visit a loved one in prison, or potentially receiving a call from someone in prison- tell them about the prison strike and ask them to bring it up in their call or visit.

* "4 Things to Consider When Running Social Media Campaigns About Texas Inmates" (2016-09-15, [] [begin excerpt]: The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) sent shockwaves through the prisoner rights community in April when it announced a new policy forbidding inmates from participating in social media. The memo, distributed in English and Spanish within prisons, read: "[O]ffenders are prohibited from maintaining active social media accounts for the purposes of soliciting, updating, or engaging others, through a third party or otherwise."
Since the inception of social media, activists have used it to draw attention to incarceration issues, such as spreading the word about prison conditions or calling for sentencing reform. Supporters use social media to promote innocence and clemency campaigns and to fundraise for appeals. Social media has also allowed the family and friends of inmates to share updates and moral support on a more personal level. Often these accounts involve posting content and artwork generated by the inmates themselves.
The wording of the new TDCJ rule was vague and chillingly broad, and the community was unsure how it would be applied. Some were afraid that continuing their social media advocacy would result in their loved ones ending up in solitary confinement for supposedly breaking the new rule. [end excerpt]
* "Texas Prison System Unveils New Inmate Censorship Policy" (2016-04-13, []

* " ‘Not a whodunit’: Florida inmate begged for help as guards gassed him to death, lawsuit claims" (2016-09-21, []

* "Louisiana Denies Compensation to Dying Exonerated Death Row Prisoner as Former Prosecutor Apologizes" (2015-04-06, []
* "Volunteers Gather to Care for Glenn Ford, Exonerated Louisiana Man Who Is Now Dying from Cancer" (2015-04-17, []


* "Chelsea Manning could face indefinite solitary confinement over suicide attempt" (2016-09-22, []
* "Prison Disciplinary Board Decides to Punish Chelsea Manning with Solitary Confinement for Charges Related to Suicide Attempt" (2016-09-23, []

articles recommended by the 
Campaigns, info, and more []. Science []. []

* " 'Practically toothless': EPA accused of ignoring environmental racism" (2016-09-26, []

* " ‘Brockovich’ Carcinogen Found in Tap Water of 200 Million Americans" (2016-09-20, []
* " 'Brockovich' carcinogen found at unsafe levels in tap water supplies of 218mn Americans – report" (2016-09-28, []

* "Media Silent As Massive Sinkhole In Florida Leaks Radioactive Water Into The Ground" (2016-09-21, by Jay Syrmopoulos) []

* "Need Answers After Odd Smell in Vallejo/Oil Sheen in San Pablo Bay" petition []
* "Crude oil smells bad and could kill you" (2015-11-04, []
* "Refinery plan threatens Rodeo residents’ safety" (2015-04-06, []

Posted to Phillips 66 Spill Vallejo []:
Somewhat cumbersome but creates an official record which can further serve for any future enforcement or mitigation. If enough folks report it will have an impact.

* (2016-09-22, Myrna Hayes) []:
I called that night to the air board. Reported being nearly overcome in the Mare Island Preserve. Told my volunteers to go home and shelter in place. Told my neighbors and house guests to do the same. Then saw on FB. I reported to the air board that at the same time as that dreadful odor turned up, so did ConocoPhillips refinery sound level. Something definitely backfired there. I heard and smelled it. Time for them to close down.
[question]: what does 'did…sound level turned up' mean, in more precise terms Myrna? Two quite different meanings in odor 'turns up' and sound level 'turns up.' So glad you are documenting this, thank you!
[answer]: Really means what I said. As the odor enveloped me and increased in intensity so did the volume of the roar from the refinery. If you have never heard it, it ruins our experience of the serenity of our Preserve. It is awful but never have I smelled such an intensely powerful odor. It made me sick instantly.
[question]: Thanks, Myrna, now I understand much more clearly. The roar from the refinery could NOT come from a ship berthed there, right? Your statement of the simultaneous NOISE and overpowering SMELL is definitive. How often have you had this experience of simultaneous sound and smell from this refinery?
[answer]: I cannot recall ever experiencing that type of odor OR a shelter in place in my 30 years in Vallejo. Refinery towns find it all too common. Both the odors and the pervasive noise. There have been plenty of times that Vallejo Fire Dept training grass fires and other such agency actions should have invoked a shelter in place I have heard the rise in noise level at the ConocoPhillips refinery from the Preserve often. So have Preserve users in the evening. I guess after 5pm when the regulators have gone home. ...

* (2016-09-23) []: I have been able to obtain some actual numbers of people treated at local hospitals on Tuesday night, those who had immediate symptoms and who required emergency treatment. And of course, limited to those who were able to be seen.
I talked with Jaylene Richards with Solano County Department of Health today who told me that the information she received from both Kaiser and Sutter Hospital was that they treated 100 people on Tuesday night and that 20 additional individuals were treated in Fairfield. She said the majority were treated for nausea and headaches.
I asked her if she would be collecting further information from doctors whose patients contacted them this week. She said she didn't know.
It is always best to assume that no one is out there taking care of you. Sorry to say it, but it is true. Therefore, this is what I suggest. Everyone in this group and your family and friends who became ill, call the Solano County Health Department, describe your symptoms and express your concern. Ask them what they will be doing to assess and address the future health risks attributed to this toxic chemical event. Jaylene Richard's direct number at the Health Department is 707-784-8616.
Addendum: Jaylene Richards said that she received many calls on Wednesday, the day after the grand smell event, but since then not. That is the way of the world. People move on too quickly even after they have been injured.

That number is consistent with the following from "Odor, Shelter in Place and Oil / Chemical Spill in San Pablo Bay / Vallejo Update" info from Cal OES [], (pdf) [], text []:
• Sutter General in Vallejo declared a MCI Level 2 event (Both Kaiser and Sutter General had 50 patients each).
• Medic ambulances transported 20 people to northern hospitals.

* (2016-09-20, []: Hospitals overwhelmed by patients complaining of complications from odor in the air in Vallejo. Medic Ambulances Mobile Command vehicle was brought to Sutter Solano Hospital in Vallejo to coordinate the transfer of patients to hospitals in Solano county.

* "City of Vallejo Activates Emergency Operation Center in Response to Unknown Odor" (2016-09-20, City of Vallejo) []
* "OSPR Investigating Sheen in North San Pablo Bay" (2016-09-21, []
* BAAQMD Complience and Enforcement Division Incident Report for Phillips 66 Refinery (site #A0016) (2016-09-20) []

* "Coker fire 72 hr report" (2015-08-06, [] [begin excerpt]: A 72 hour report was submitted to Contra Costa Health Services regarding Sunday’s fire in the coker at the Phillips 66 refinery in Rodeo. The report states that the fire started at the top deck when an “Antifoam Day Tank” was overfilled with flammable antifoam solution.
The majority of the fire burned out within 10 minutes, and there was smoldering for about 45 minutes.  A CWS Level 2 alert was made, but the refinery thinks there were no off site impacts due to the lack of complaints and no recorded detection of chemicals leaving the site.
The report details the agencies involved and the times of notifications.  There is no mention of the CWS Level 2 “sensitive receptor” phone message system that the refinery is supposed to implement in such a case. [end excerpt]

* "After Decades Away, River Otters Make a Triumphant Return to the Bay Area; Scientists and volunteers track a remarkable return, and study how to keep it going" (2016-09-27, []
* Map of Bay Area River Otter Sightings []


* "Why Is Environmental Damage Of War Considered A Taboo Subject?" (2016-09-22, by Diane Mantzaris) []

SAN PABLO BAY EPA: Health and the Human Ecology
Monopolists enforce a regime that does not recognize the natural right to health and life. Info [].

* "Both Parties in Congress Agree: Flint Can Wait a Few More Months for Clean Water; House leaders reportedly reached a deal to fund Flint and avoid a potential government shutdown—but the money still won't arrive for months" (2016-09-28, []

* "Just As Flint Threatens Lawsuit, The State Of Michigan Removed Their Power To Sue" (2016-09-21, by Claire Bernish) []


* " 'Travesty': Nestlé Outbids Another Town for Control of Local Water Supply; Council of Canadians launches new Boycott Nestlé campaign in response to company's continued water grabs" (2016-09-23, []

* "This Infographic Shows How Only 10 Companies Own All The World’s Food Brands" ( []: Just when you think there’s no end to the diversity of junk food lining supermarket aisles, an insanely detailed infographic comes along to set us all straight. Out of the hundreds of products at our disposal, only ten major corporations manufacture the bulk of what we toss in our shopping carts.
So whether you’re looking to stock up on anything from orange soda to latte-flavored potato chips, Mondelez, Kraft, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, PepsiCo, P&G, Johnson & Johnson, Mars, Danone, General Mills, Kellogg's, and Unilever own just about everything you could hope to buy. It seems that six degrees of separation theory has been proven after all, if only because we all drink Diet Coke every now and then.
In order to visually elucidate that point, Oxfam International created a comprehensive infographic that reveals the extensive reach of the “Big 10” food and beverage companies. Unlikely ties between brands we largely don’t associate with one another show how easy it is to be misinformed about the American food system. For example, PepsiCo produces Quaker granola bars, and Nestlé makes Kit Kat bars but also frozen California Pizza Kitchen pies. To the surprise of many, Pineapple Fanta isn’t sourced straight from the mythical Fanta Islands, but canned right alongside Barq’s root beer at the Coca-Cola factory.
Obviously, the horrors extend far beyond our own shattered daydreams. Massive corporations squash entrepreneurial diversity and make it nearly impossible for startups and small businesses to compete. According to Oxfam’s report, “The world’s largest food and beverage companies have a lot of power – but you have more. And because they’re not using theirs enough to help poor communities or the planet, you can use yours to change the way they do business.”
If you’re looking to avoid contributing to the Big 10 world takeover, try shopping at local farmers’ markets and maybe skip out on soda and highly processed foods altogether. Your body will thank you for it in the long run anyway.


SAN PABLO BAY EPA: Save The Birds [link]! and the Bees [link]!
A campaign to preserve and expand the habitat and populations of pollinators in the San Pablo Bay Area.

* "Will bumble bees go the way of the dodo? Endangered status proposed" (2016-09-22, []

* "They’re here! Long-feared UK arrival of honeybee-killing Asian hornet confirmed" (2016-09-20, []

articles recommended by the 
NO NUKES! campaign
[] [] [] []; National Radiation Map [], depicting environmental radiation levels across the USA, updated in real time every minute.

* "Pentagon Chief Pledges $108 Billion to Fix Nuclear Force" (2016-09-27, AP Newswire) [], Felix Abt comments: INFERNAL NUCLEAR THREAT
The Pentagon justifies a massive investment in its already huge nuclear overkill capacities over the next 5 years by "the unwise resort to smaller but still unprecedentedly terrible attacks, for example by Russia or North Korea"


articles recommended by the 
[] []

* "Dr. Bronner’s Announces Resignation from the Organic Trade Association and Escalates Commitment to Organic Agriculture and Other Causes; Top-Selling Brand Sets Sights on Helping Regenerative Organic Agriculture Reach a Global Tipping Point; Continues Focus on Minimum Wage, Cannabis Reform and Animal Welfare Ballot Measures" (2016-09-21, []

* "America’s First Offshore Wind Farm May Power Up a New Industry; A just-completed project off the coast of Rhode Island, though relatively tiny, is at the forefront of a sea-based transition to renewable energy" (2016-08-22, []

* "Efficient Slurry and Digestate Processing with "Kumac" from WELTEC; Liquid Manure Volume Reduced by Half" (2016-09-19, []

Documenting the process of fascism and for whom it benefits. [[]

* "Fed Monetary Policy Is Being Held Hostage by Wall Street Banks" (2016-09-21, []

* "Don’t Believe the Fed; the U.S. Consumer Is Far from Strong" (2016-09-22, []

* "Patient Safety Threatened by HHS Refusal to Close Dangerous Loophole That Allows Health Care Providers to Evade Malpractice Reporting" (2016-09-22, by Dr. Michael Carome, Director, Public Citizen’s Health Research Group) []

* "Big Pharma spent $880mn on keeping opioids available – report" (2016-09-22, []

* "Federal Court Denies Request to Turn Off Nestlé Spigot Despite Decades of Water-Taking in the San Bernardino National Forest; Despite Expired Permit Harming Strawberry Creek, Court Allows National Forest and Nestlé to Continue with Business as Usual; Judge Rules Forest Service’s 28 Years of Inaction is 'Reasonable' " (2016-09-21, []

* "The Banking Model from Hell Has Now Killed the IPO Market" (2016-09-23, []

* "I called the Wells Fargo ethics line and was fired" (2016-09-21, []
* "The Infuriating Reason Wells Fargo Got Away With Its Massive Scam For So Long; It’s all about the fine print" (2016-09-22, [] [begin excerpt]: How did Wells Fargo get away with ripping off its banking customers for so long? The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the City of Los Angeles recently fined Wells Fargo $185 million for five years of misbehavior, but now congressional Republicans are asking why this didn’t happen faster.
Their bewilderment, however, is in itself rather bewildering, if not downright disingenuous. Not only has the GOP consistently opposed the very existence of the CFPB, but Republicans have more recently registered strong opposition to specific new rules proposed by the agency that would have helped bring Wells Fargo’s misconduct into the open sooner.
Those rules concern Americans’ rights to band together to sue banks and other companies over shenanigans of the sort Wells Fargo was caught engaging in: Opening up millions of bank and credit card accounts for their customers without them knowing about it. [end excerpt]
* "Wells Fargo workers coming out of the woodwork to say that they pointed out frauds and were fired" (2016-09-21, [], Jeremy McCaleb writes: Interesting. No one in upper management knew about this Wells Fargo scam, but someone kept firing these people for trying to point it out to them. I wonder who that was. Someone in management we should assume? Who then was not asked why he was firing all these people by his apparently clueless superiors?
I'm sorry, but this "How could we have known?" defense only argues incompetence (or criminal fraud) in upper management. "We're innocent. We had NO IDEA 5,300 employees were committing fraud by opening over 2 million fraudulent accounts with the purpose of stealing from our customers."
Show of hands: who believes this? I thought not. Who believes that only repeat-offender Wells Fargo is guilty of such practices? Yeah. Me either.
* "Warren Skewers Wells Fargo CEO for Greed and 'Gutless Leadership' ; 'You should resign, you should give back the money you took while this scam was going on and you should be criminally investigated by both the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission' " (2016-09-20, []

* "How Bankrupt Is Horsehead Holding? Its Investors Want to Know" (2016-08-26, []

* "It’s Tough Being Over 40 in Silicon Valley; Older workers are trying lawsuits, classes, makeovers—even surgery—to keep working" (2016-09-08, []

* "If You Build A Censorship Machine, They Will Come" (2016-09-19, []

* "The Dumbed Down Democracy" (2016-08-26, [] [begin excerpt]: The dumbing down of this democracy has been gradual, and then — this year — all at once. The Princeton Review found that the Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858 were engaged at roughly a high school senior level. A century later, the presidential debate of 1960 was a notch below, at a 10th grade level. By the year 2000, the two contenders were speaking like sixth graders. And in the upcoming debates — “Crooked Hillary” against “Don the Con” — we’ll be lucky to get beyond preschool potty talk.
How did this happen, when the populace was so less educated in the days when most families didn’t even have an indoor potty to talk about? You can look at one calculated loop of misinformation over the last two weeks to find some of the answer.
A big political lie often starts on the Drudge Report, home of Obama-as-Muslim stories. He jump-started a recent smear with pictures of Hillary Clinton losing her balance — proof that something was very wrong with her. Fox News then went big with it, using the Trump adviser and free-media enabler Sean Hannity as the village gossip. Then Rudy Giuliani, the internet diagnostician, urged people to Google “Hillary Clinton illness” for evidence of her malady. This forced Clinton to prove her stamina, in an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, by opening a jar of pickles. [end excerpt]

* "Trump to Fossil Fuel Execs: 'You Will Like Me So Much' ; Republican presidential candidate's comments at industry conference show he 'would be a belligerent catalyst of catastrophic climate change if he were elected president' " (2016-09-23, []
* "Trump Bankruptcy Math Doesn't Add Up" (2016-06-24, []
* "A Trump campaign chair in Ohio says there was 'no racism' before Obama; Kathy Miller called the Black Lives Matter movement ‘a stupid waste of time’ and said low African American voter turnout could be due to ‘the way they’re raised’ " (2016-09-22, []
* "Teacher Suspended for Calling Trump Supporters Racist on Facebook" (2016-09-23, []


* "Texas' Prison Book Ban Allows Hitler. . . but No Shakespeare? What explains Texas’ approval of Hitler’s book and other white supremacist works, when Shakespeare is banned?" (2016-09-28, []


USA FASCISM: "Libertarianism & Constitutionalismto benefit private bureaucracies
[] [] []

* "Libertarians are even whiter and wealthier than the GOP; They are not the same as Tea Partiers or the religious right, this is a different crowd" (2013-10-30, []

USA FASCISM: Two Party Dictatorship
* "Court Says Ohio's Voter Purge is Illegal, But Will Rolls Be Restored in Time for Election? Ohio's policy is said to be the most aggressive in the nation with more than 2 million registered voters removed since 2011" (2016-09-23, []

* "Conflict of Interest: Debate Commission’s ‘Nonpartisan’ Poll Actually Run by Top Party Consultants" (2016-09-15, []

* "The first debate featured an unprepared man repeatedly shouting over a highly prepared woman; The coherence gap between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was devastating" (2016-09-26, []
* "Howard Dean Just Accused Donald Trump of Being on Cocaine During the Debate" (2016-09-28, []
* "Make blow great again!" (2016-09-26) []: Donald Trumps sniff-fest during the September 26th, 2016 debate. Could it be pneumonia? a stroke? some other neurological disorder? or, could there be a more obvious explanation?
Howard Dean dared say it. That crazy son of a bitch was high on cocaine.

* "Excluded from Trump-Clinton, Jill Stein will ‘insert’ herself into debate with livestream Q&A" (2016-09-26, []
* "Green party may try to ‘escort’ Jill Stein into the presidential debates A Stein supporter is calling for volunteers to take part in protest and civil disobedience in Hofstra, New York, where the first debate is set for Monday" (2016-09-21, []

* "Trump’s Agenda: A Recipe for Civil Unrest; Donald Trump's recent remarks highlight the candidate’s bigotry, but also signal a grim future for African Americans should he be elected" (2016-09-23, []

USA FASCISM: State Media Watch
Documenting propaganda issued by the monopolist media and members of the state security regime that uphold the economic dictatorship, imperialist wars, and the "New Jim Crow" regime []

* "Gallup: Trust in Mass Media Drops to Lowest Numbers in Polling History" (2016-09-14, []

* "How American Media Serves as a Transmission Belt for Wars of Choice" (2016-09-22, by james george jatras) []

* "Making up the news: How the Western media misreported the Syrian convoy attack; Instead of making a real effort to find out the truth of what actually happened to the Syrian aid convoy the Western media preferred to repeat whatever the US and the Jihadis told them as if it was true" (2016-09-22, []

* "Snowden has ‘a lot of guts,’ Oliver Stone tells RT as Washington Post turns on whistleblower" (2016-09-20, []

* "Snopes Got Snoped" (2013-05-31, [], a conservative website attacks the "liberal" tendencies of with an example describing that websites inaccurate reports, and pointing out that relies on the mainstream media for its refutations. The conclusion is that while may or may not be on the payroll of a domestic security agency, it does follow the State Media line without hesitation.

* "RT America goes global on election impact as King, Schultz & Ventura team up" (2016-09-26, [], showing the competition from the State Media of the Federation of Russia, and three well-known former employees of the USA State Media.


USA FASCISM: Artificial Poverty and Starvation

* "34% have $0 in savings: Americans' money habits go 'from bad to worse', report finds" (2016-09-21, []

* "In America, if your parents owe $25, they take your school lunch" (2016-09-21, []

* "EpiPen manufacturer under scrutiny for defrauding Medicaid, suspicious influences" (2016-09-21, []

Documenting the global economic dictatorship

* "TTIP 2.0? New Leak Exposes Threats of Lesser-Known TISA Trade Deal; 'The deal, a spiritual and practical sibling of the much-maligned TTIP and TPP free trade agreements, is designed to drive deregulation across the vast global services sector' " (2016-09-20, []

* "Former Wall St. Banker Suggests Global Debt May Not be Owned by Humans" (2016-09-21, [] [begin excerpt]: The world’s people are held in perpetual bondage to the fiat currency money masters who have saddled us with absolutely insurmountable debt obligations which are mathematically impossible to repay. At present, the CIA estimates the total global debt to be nearing $90 trillion.
“In 2013, according to the CIA’s World Factbook, the GWP totalled approximately US $87.25 trillion in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP), and around US $74.31 trillion in nominal terms.” [Source]
The gross world product, the nominal value of planetary human endeavor per year, was recently estimated at $78 trillion, meaning nearly an entire year of the productivity of every man, woman and child on planet earth, some 7.4 billion people, is owed to someone, but who exactly no one really knows for sure. How is this possible?
As nations like Greece are forced into austerity and unnecessary hardship by private banks, it is becoming ever more clear to the people of the world that debt-based currency is being used to conquer nations and enslave free people. The fiat money scheme is so absurd, so detrimental to human progress, that any sane person has to wonder why the global debt cannot just be written off with a few key strokes, allowing the world’s economy to again thrive.
In fact it can be written off, as was implied by former Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan.
“The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that. So there is zero probability of default.” ~Alan Greenspan
In other words, the money, ie., the debt, is meaningless, only having value if governments around the world use law and the violence of authority to enforce their citizens into payment of these fraudulent obligations, which is indeed happening the world over.
“I thought about the core tools we EHMs (economic hit men) used in my day: false economics that included distorted financial analyses, inflated projections, and rigged accounting books; secrecy, deception, threats, bribes, and extortion; false promises that we never intended to honor; and enslavement through debt and fear. These same tools are used today.” ~John Perkins, The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man [...]
We have a decent idea of who controls the world’s debt (the central banks, the IMF, and the private banking families), and we assume that these entities own this debt, but the cost to humanity is so great that something simply does not add up, unless the picture is broadened to include the possibility that earthlings are paying rent to other, as of yet undisclosed actors.
“Some people say that gold is the currency that will allow us to trade across planets, but for the life of me, I’ve spent many years trying to figure out what the gold inventory is on this planet, and I can’t do it. In 2011, somebody jammed the price of gold down, and then moved an unbelievable amount of inventory out of the single largest inventory in the overt economy for the GLD ETF.” ~Catherine Austin Fitts
It’s almost as if someone bought the moon, she points out, yet there is absolutely no agency on our planet that can explain astronomically huge transactions like these nor bring accountability to the billions of people who are being subjugated by a slavish debt-currency system.
So who owns our debt? It is a practical and key question, given the impact the carrying of such tremendous amounts of debt has on the human condition, and how easy it could be to free ourselves and future generations from such unreasonable, criminal bondage by simply adjusting a few digits on a computer screen. The fact that this option is not on the table in any discussion at any level is itself telling. [end excerpt]

* "5 global banks to pay $5.7 billion in fines over currency manipulation" (2015-05-21, []

* " ‘TTIP has negative connotation’: Austria, France want new name for controversial talks" (2016-09-23, []

* "Bahamas files: New leak exposes offshore 'tax haven' dealings of politicians, companies" (2016-09-22, []

* "Elite’s assault on human rights would strip soldiers of ‘hard-won’ protections - lawyer" (2016-09-22, []

A study of the personal ideologies and social practices of those who benefit from the global capitalist regime. []

* "Turing Pharmaceuticals Accused of Retaliating for Sex Assault Complaint" (2016-08-23, []

information collected by the  
[], for justice, dignity and human rights in accordance with the 1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (.pdf) [], and an end to the USA's endless wars, in harmony with Principle 1 & 6 of International Law [], the 5 protocols of the Convention on Conventional Weapons (CCW) [], and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights [].

* "U.S. spending on Middle East wars, Homeland Security will reach $4.79 trillion in 2017" (2016-09-06, []
* "For $178 Million, the US Could Pay for One Fighter Plane – or 3,358 Years of College" (2016-09-20, Reuters Newswire) []

* "Eugene V. Debs and the Urgent Need for a New Anti-War Movement" (2016-09-22, []
* "Want National Security? Dismantle the War Machine; A military response to violence creates more violence. For real security, we need to stop climate change and work toward shared prosperity" (2016-09-22, []
* "War, Peace, and Absurdity... You Must Be Kidding! Adventures in an American World of Frustration" (2016-09-22, [] [begin excerpt]: ...list of retired generals and admirals?  Does it surprise you that there are at least 198 retired commanders floating around in their golden parachutes, many undoubtedly still embedded in the military-industrial complex on corporate boards and the like, eager to enroll in the Trump and Clinton campaigns?  Trump went first, releasing an “open letter” signed by 88 generals and admirals who were bravely standing up to reverse the “hollowing out of our military” and to “secure our borders, to defeat our Islamic supremacist adversaries, and restore law and order domestically.”  (Partial translation: pour yet more money into our military as The Donald has promised to do.)  They included such household names as Major General Joe Arbuckle, Rear Admiral James H. Flatley III, and Brigadier General Mark D. Scraba -- or, hey!, one guy you might even remember: Lieutenant General William (“Jerry”) Boykin, the evangelical crusader who made the news in 2003 by claiming of a former Somali opponent,  “I knew that my God was bigger than his. I knew that my God was a real God, and his was an idol." [end excerpt]

* "US soldiers want fewer ‘nation building’ interventions, more attention at home - poll" (2016-09-23, []

* "Terrorism makes int’l security services cooperation ‘possible, necessary’ – New Russian intel chief" (2016-09-25, []

* "Lavrov: Russia wants to avoid shooting down US planes over the Baltic" (2016-09-22,, translated by J. Arnoldski for []

* "NATO responds to Russian military on their risk reduction proposal" (2016-09-15, []: The NATO has responded to Russia’s proposal on reduction of military risks, Russian Ambassador to NATO Alexander Grushko said after meeting NATO’s First Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow on Thursday.
It has been reported by TASS.
'Today, we have received an oral reply to the proposals on measures to reduce military risks, which our military made at a meeting of the Russia-NATO Council on July 13. This (NATO) reply will be studied in detail,' highlighted  Grushko.

* "Syrian Politician to Sputnik: 'WWIII Has Begun, and It's Being Fought in Syria' ; Syrian Social Nationalist Party representative Tarek Ahmad says that the war in Syria has reached a dead end, with the intervention of foreign powers turning the situation into a chaotic mess. Moreover, the politician says that Syria is just one front in a Third World War being waged by Washington and its allies" (2016-09-22, []
* "US wants to distract attention from coalition strike on Syria troops – Lavrov" (2016-09-26, []

* "How the Pentagon sank the US-Russia deal in Syria – and the ceasefire" (2016-09-23, []
* "Stop the Killing" (2016-09-22, by Robert C. Koehler) [] [begin excerpt]:
Maybe half a million dead, half a country — 10 million people — displaced from their homes, jettisoned onto the mercy of the world.
Welcome to war. Welcome to Syria.
This is a conflict apparently too complex to understand. The U.S. brokered a ceasefire with Russia, then proceeded to lead a bombing strike that killed 62 Syrian troops, injured another hundred — and gave tactical aid to ISIS. Later it apologized . . . uh, sort of.
“Russia really needs to stop the cheap point scoring and the grandstanding and the stunts and focus on what matters, which is implementation of something we negotiated in good faith with them.”
These are the words of U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power, as reported by Reuters, who went on to point out, with exasperation, that the U.S, was investigating the air strikes and “if we determine that we did indeed strike Syrian military personnel, that was not our intention and we of course regret the loss of life.”
And. We. Of. Course. Regret. The. Loss. Of. Life. [end excerpt]

* "Moscow satisfied by Syria deal implementation despite provocations" (2016-09-15, []
* "AP leaks one of the 5 Syria ceasefire docs, Moscow says always wanted them public" (2016-09-22, []
* "Kerry's 'Parallel Universe' in Syria Revealed in 'Scant, Factless Show' ; Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has repudiated the address given by the US Secretary of State at the UN Security Council regarding Syria, calling it a "show for the mass media and millions of people" where "he confessed he is in parallel universe in Syria"; meanwhile political analysts suggest what else could be behind it" (2016-09-22, []
* "The US road map to balkanize Syria" (2016-09-22, by Pepe Escobar) []: Forget about those endless meetings between Sergei Lavrov and John Kerry; forget about Russia’s drive to prevent chaos from reigning in Syria; forget about the possibility of a real ceasefire being implemented and respected by US jihad proxies.
Forget about the Pentagon investigating what really happened around its bombing 'mistake' in Deir Ezzor.
The definitive proof of the Empire of Chaos’s real agenda in Syria may be found in a 2012 Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) document declassified in May last year [].
As you scroll down the document, you will find page 291, section C, which reads (in caps, originally):
The DIA report is a formerly classified SECRET/NOFORN document, which made the rounds of virtually the whole alphabet soup of US intel, from CENTCOM to CIA, FBI, DHS, NGA and the State Department.
It establishes that over four years ago US intel was already hedging its bets between established al-Qaeda in Syria, aka Jabhat al-Nusra, and the emergence of ISIS/ISIL/Daesh, aka the Islamic State.
It’s already in the public domain that by a willful decision, leaked by current Donald Trump adviser Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn [], Washington allowed the emergence of the Islamic State – remember that gleaming white Toyota convoy crossing the open desert? - as a most convenient US strategic asset, and not as the enemy in the remixed, never-ending GWOT (Global War on Terra).
It’s as clear as it gets; a “Salafist principality” is to be encouraged as a means to Divide and Rule over a fragmented Syria in perpetual chaos. Whether it’s established by Jabhat al-Nusra – aka “moderate rebels” in Beltway jargon – or al-Baghdadi’s “Califake” is just a pesky detail.
It gets curioser and curioser as Hasaka and Deir Ezzor are named in the DIA report – and directly targeted by the 'mistaken' Pentagon bombing. No wonder Pentagon chief Ash 'Empire of Whining' Carter took no prisoners to directly sabotage what Kerry had agreed on with Lavrov.
No one will ever see these connections established by US corporate media – as in, for instance, the neocon cabal ruling the Washington Post’s editorial pages. But the best of the blogosphere does not disappoint [].
So what are Russia's options?
The crucial question is of course what will Russia do about it – beyond Vitaly Churkin, Russia’s ambassador to the UN, being absolutely appalled by the recent drama queen performance of notorious batsh*t crazy Samantha Power.
What will Moscow do about the fact that the whole nebulae described in the Beltway as “moderate rebels” – all of them issued from the Wahhabi ideological matrix - enjoys and will continue to enjoy, especially under Hillary 'Queen of War' Clinton, a CIA and/or Pentagon weaponized connection?
The DIA document spells it all out, in a stark link with all previous Divide and Rule schemes, from the Israeli Yinon plan to the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) delirium.
In Pipelineistan terms, this continues to be about the Qatar to Turkey – via Syria – natural gas pipeline versus the proposed $10 billion Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline, for which there is already a memorandum of understanding.
Lavrov is too much of a stellar diplomat to leak it – but after Deir Ezzor, Moscow has definitive proof any possible ceasefire bargained with Washington will be smashed.
So never-ending GWOT once again metastasizes from fighting “evil” al-Qaeda to allowing al-Qaeda in Syria and its spin-off the “Califake” being allowed to carve up their privileged space in Syria.
Nothing substantial will happen before the November US presidential election – apart from similar Deir Ezzor 'mistakes' ordered by soon-to-be-unemployed Ash Carter.
Afterwards, all bets are off. For contractors feeding off the industrial-military-security-surveillance complex, Russia demonization will remain a historic” business opportunity []. And just wait if
The Three Harpies manage to get their tentacle hands on the Empire of Chaos [].
* "Moscow says US failed to separate rebels from terrorists in response to US ultimatum over Syria" (2016-09-28, []
* " ‘Correct, but say Britain and Iraq’: Zakharova on UK slamming Moscow for ‘protracting’ Syria war" (2016-09-25, []

* Text of one of Hillary Clinton's e-mails outlining strategy against the Arab Republic of Syria [begin excerpt]:
Unlike in Libya, a successful intervention in Syria would require substantial diplomatic and military leadership from the United States. Washington should start by expressing its willingness to work with regional allies like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar to organize, train and arm Syrian rebel forces. The announcement of such a decision would, by itself, likely cause substantial defections from the Syrian military. Then, using territory in Turkey and possibly Jordan, U.S. diplomats and Pentagon officials can start strengthening the opposition. It will take time. But the rebellion is going to go on for a long time, with or without U.S. involvement. The second step is to develop international support for a coalition air operation.
Russia will never support such a mission, so there is no point operating through the UN Security Council. Some argue that U.S. involvement risks a wider war with Russia. But the Kosovo example shows otherwise. In that case, Russia had genuine ethnic and political ties to the Serbs, which don't exist between Russia and Syria, and even then Russia did little more than complain. Russian officials have already acknowledged they won't stand in the way if intervention comes. [end excerpt]

* "Ahrar Al-Sham plans to launch chemical attack on civilians, blame it on Syria govt – Syrian UN envoy" (2016-09-26, []
* "Syrian Kurds say jihadists used phosphorus in chemical attack in Aleppo" (2016-03-08, []

* "US warns Russia ‘extremists’ in Syria will exploit vacuum, attack Russian interests, cities" (2016-09-28, []
* " ‘Terrorist diaspora’: ISIS-inspired attacks in US to increase as ground is lost overseas – FBI" (2016-09-28, []

* "Making up the news: How the Western media misreported the Syrian convoy attack" (2016-09-21, []

* "Journey To Aleppo: Exposing The Truth Buried Under NATO Propaganda; The Syrian people are suffering under the ‘moderate rebels’ and ‘opposition forces’ backed by the US, NATO member states and their allies in the Gulf states and Israel. Yet their suffering is largely ignored in the mainstream media unless it furthers the agenda dictated by the State Department" (2016-09-20, []
* "Why I Go to Aleppo" (2016-08-26, [] [begin excerpt]: One night, we treated a child caught in an explosion who had the bone shards of obliterated bystanders embedded in his skin. An airstrike hit his school during a charity event to donate clothes to the poor. The last thing he remembered was seeing his best friend disintegrate in front of him. The boy’s father saw me and asked who I was, and why I was speaking in a strange language. A nurse explained to him that I was an American doctor. He told me that he had never met an American. He never thought he would. He never believed the day would come when an American doctor — one with Syrian blood but born and raised with the freedoms and luxuries of the United States — would come to Aleppo to help in a time of war. [end excerpt]

* "The REAL Syria Civil Defence Expose Nato’s ‘White Helmets’ as Terrorist-Linked Imposters" (2016-09-23, []
* (2016-09-28, by Gunnar Angeles) []: Still not convinced, we were nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize and you can watch us on Netflix and chill.

* "President Assad Of Syria Is Not An Evil Dictator Killing His People: The US Lied about It" (2016-09-24, []
* How ridiculous is the USA blanket support for the Salafist militants destroying the secular society in the Arab Republic of Syria? Here's an analogy based on World War 2 and the USA's clandestine support for Nazis []

* "Egyptian Media: ISIS Is “Made Up” And U.S. Created 9/11 To Justify War On Terror" (2016-09-21, Amanda Froelich) []

* "British MoD gagging soldiers dissatisfied with Iraq war crime probe handling – media" (2016-09-25, []

* "What you did in Iraq & Libya is the real barbarism – Russian FM spox rebukes US envoy to UN" (2016-09-26, []

* "UN: Donbass war has claimed 9,640 lives" (2016-09-15, []
* "Russian government increases funding for Ukraine refugees" (2016-09-16, []
* "Ukrainian human rights defender: War in Donbass unleashed by Avakov's thugs" (2016-09-19, []

* "UK 'Has Not Checked' Whether Saudi Police Training Led to Torture" (2016-09-22, []

* "UK accused of blocking UN inquiry into alleged Yemen war atrocities of Saudi allies" (2016-09-26, []

* " ‘If US can’t stop the war, it can at least stop selling weapons to Saudis’ - 10yo Yemeni girl to RT" (2016-09-22, []
* "Britain to send £100mn in aid to war-torn Yemen... while selling £3bn in arms to Saudis" (2016-09-22, []

* "The Bronx Inaugurates Mural in Honor of Hugo Chavez; The colorful mural in New York was painted to promote the legacy of the Venezuelan leader in Latin America and the rest of the world" (2016-09-22, []

* "US Blockade on Cuba Is 'Genocidal' ; The National Union of Cuban Jurists says that it also violates international law and the human rights of Cubans" (2016-09-23, []

* "Kerry: US Will Not Take FARC off Terror List or Release Guerrilla Leader; The top U.S. diplomat said a prisoner exchange involving Palmera is not being considered" (2016-09-26, [], photo caption: FARC leader Ricardo Palmera, aka Simon Trinidad


* "Rousseff Ousted over Her Opposition to Neoliberalism: Temer; Brazilian President Michel Temer confirmed accusations that the coup had nothing to do with former president Rousseff's budgeting practices" (2016-09-23, []

* "BELARUS: 'Denounce the IMF and those who are really responsible for the crisis' " interview with Yuri Glushakov, independent candidate (1) in the legislative elections in Gomel (Belarus) and delegate to the Mumbai conference (.pdf) [] text []:
[Q]: Yuri, you are an independent candidate in the legislative elections in Gomel (Belarus). In your campaign, you denounced the privatizations and the pressure that the IMF exerts on the government. Why?
[A]: After the restoration of capitalism, the authoritarian bourgeois regime deprived the workers of the possibility of deciding freely; elections are often falsified. So taking part in these elections is first of all a means of propaganda for our socialist ideas. It is not a dogmatic way to do so, but one that is understandable for the workers, in spite of the liberal propaganda. But we are fighting to win! Denouncing the IMF and those who are really responsible for the serious economic crisis that is also hitting Belarus is indispensible. The neoliberals are claiming that it is the “Soviet heritage” – which they say has been maintained intact here in Belarus – that is the cause. Yet Belarus has been committed to capitalism for a long time now. The unprecedented measures increasing rents, extending the age of retirement, freezing wages and retirement pensions are all the result of the IMF demands, which the power in place has implemented because it needs more loans. Thus it was our duty to reveal the real reasons for their impoverishment to the workers - because no one talks about that. In the name of “national unity” and the fight against the autocratic regime of Alexander Lukashenko, the so-called parties of the “left” have rallied to the capitalist economic programme of their liberal and conservative allies, i.e. the enemies of the working class. In order to impose the deregulating and the liquidating of social gains, capital uses two vehicles: not only the president and his advisors but also the opposition of the right and the NGOs that it handsomely financed.
[Q]: You will be the Belarus delegate to the Mumbai conference “Against war and exploitation, against exploitation and precarious employment”. Does this have any meaning for the workers of the ex-Soviet Union?
[A]: The Mumbai conference is of major importance for the workers of the ex-Soviet Union. In the conditions of a State which, although being a Soviet State, was deformed, they were confronted with serious problems. But they only learned what real exploitation was after the capitalist restoration in the 1980s and 1990s. And at the same time as exploitation came, so did war. The clans of the bureaucracy and the oligarchy, in the different Republics, engaged in a fight to the death for the pillaging of property, including by military means. The conflicts between nationalities and wars have been provoked by western imperialism and by certain of the reactionary regimes of the Middle East. The return to the domination of the bourgeoisie in ex-USSR took us decades backwards. Just to give one example: the average purchasing power of a Belarus worker today has fallen back to its 1947 level, i.e. two years after the end of the Second World War. The cliques that are currently in power have concentrated their energy in the frenzy of nationalism. The Ukrainian tragedy, which has destabilized the whole region, has shown the danger of these neo-fascist and nationalist groups, backed by the oligarchies of NATO. Co-ordinating our labour struggles, sharing our experiences and narrowly reinforcing the links between all the national sections of the global working class is more necessary than ever.
(Note 1):  One thousand citizens of the town signed an official form enabling him to stand in the elections.

* "MAURITIUS: Campaign against Diego Garcia US military base" (.pdf) [] text []:
The Mumbai Conference is taking place at a crucial moment when the question of the struggle against war and against military Bases is on right on the agenda all over the world. For Lalit (a Mauritian political organization professing socialism), December 2016 marks the end of the 50-year illegal lease by the UK of Diego Garcia to the US for its massive Indian Ocean military base. Diego Garcia is part of the Chagos Archipelago, which is part of Mauritius that the British against all international law and against the Charter of the UN, excised and kept as an illegal “condition” for granting Independence.
The Mauritian State has finally, after nearly 50 years of struggle to force it to do so, begun the process of putting a case before the International Court of Justice at the Hague, by way of a resolution at the General Assembly of the UN, which meets from mid-September. It is Item 88 on the Provisional Agenda.
So, what has for 50 years been a “secret site” from which B 52s have taken off to bomb civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq, at which the Pelindaba Treaty for a Nuclear Arms Free Africa is flaunted on a daily basis, and on which illegally detained prisoners were held, tortured and “rendered”, Diego Garcia is suddenly being exposed to public scrutiny
It is at this time that we in Lalit will be holding our International Action Conference on 1 and 2 October. And it is now, at this time, that we are calling for support from you. [...]
What happened is that in 1965, Britain literally “stole” the Chagos Archipelago in order to sub-let part of it, Diego Garcia, to the power that is literally the “receiver of stolen goods”, the USA for the purposes of its planned secretive military base.
Families were cruelly divided.
There were Mauritians living there, Mauritius being a State made up of many Islands. They had been living there from at least 1814, working on coconut plantations, living their lives, generation after generation, coming to the main island for medical treatment or for buying goods. The UK and USA state apparatus secretly removed all the inhabitants from there, first denying them return ship tickets from 1963 onwards when they visited Mauritius main island, then forcibly removing them. Families were thus cruelly divided.
The final shipload were transported, like slaves in the hold of a ship called the Nordvaer. That was in 1973. The base was already being constructed on Diego Garcia. [...]
This history of struggle began in resistance on Chagos, and then in people’s refusal to disembark from the Nordvaer. Since then there has been continuous struggle. Petitions, marches, hunger strikes, candle-light vigils, forums, street demonstrations by Chagossian and Lalit women, sit-ins on the public roads, arrests of Lalit and Chagossian women. We joined and became part of the leading team in the NO BASES movement. [...]
Now, finally the Mauritians State is acting. And the British State is in a corner. The lease to the US for the military base ends in December. But the Mauritian State had put in (under pressure from mainly LALIT for it to act) a case against the British State under the Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) for its illegal declaration of a Marine Protected Area around Chagos, and won the case. In the judgment, which is binding, it was declared that Britain can do nothing without consulting Mauritius. So, how does the UK re-new its illegal lease with the USA? Especially if we can get everyone to know about it?
The UK and USA were horrified -
At the same time – and this is dangerous – the UK state seems on the verge of granting the right to return for some Chagossians, on the condition that they accept continued colonization as subjects of BIOT, the British Indian Ocean Territory – the illegal colony set up in 1965. [...]
The Mauritian Prime Minister elected in December 2014, Sir Aneerood Jugnauth, is finally doing what Lalit has been formally demanding in all our struggles since 1985: fed up with being strung along by the British State, he is finally going to the UN General Assembly for a Resolution to put a case for an Advisory Opinion before the International Court of Justice at The Hague.
The UK and USA were horrified. In June 2016, they said in a rare joint UK-USA communiqué: “Referral of this matter to the International Court of Justice would cause lasting damage to Mauritius’ bilateral relations with both the UK and the USA.” [...]
On 28 August, in the main bourgeois Sunday paper, the editorial calls on the Mauritian State to give a delay of 6 months (time for the illegal leasebetween the UK and US to be renewed on the quiet before the end of 2016?) and then to wait for “a dignified and sincere offer”, as they put it in the editorial. For this, read: some commercial advantage for the Mauritian bourgeoisie. [...]
In the context of the Mumbai Conference, we are making an appeal to you to support our campaign
In the context of the Mumbai Conference, we are making an appeal to you to support our campaign by:
- 1. Writing us a letter of support in the coming days: for our Conference on 1 and 2 October. Its theme is (sorry it is a bit long):
“50 years of destruction by the UK and USA on Diego Garcia & 50 years of resistance against this destruction. For the de-colonization and re-unification of Mauritius via a UN Resolution and a case before the International Court of Justice! After resistance leading to base-closures in Philippines and Equador, in Italy and Vieques, let’s get the Diego Garcia base closed down.
What social forces will bring this victory? Working people of Mauritius including Chagossians, working people of the UK and USA, people world-wide who are against war and militarism, states signatory to the Pelindaba Treaty for a Nuclear-Arms-Free Africa, States in favour of complete decolonization.”
- 2. Write to your President or Prime Minister (copy to us) calling on him to support the UN General Assembly Resolution proposed by the Mauritian State to take the issue of Chago and Diego Garcia to the ICJ. Your letter could read something like: “We call on you to support Mauritius’ UN General Assembly Resolution that the sovereignty dispute between Mauritius and Britain be considered by the ICJ. We also call on you to, in turn, call for the US and UK to withdraw from their illegal occupation of Chagos, including Diego Garcia.”
- 3. Include the Diego Garcia base closure in your anti-militarist struggles; re-publish this article in your publication or on your website. And let us know.
For details, please visit our web-site []
You can use the search engine on our Home Page, using first “Chagos” and then “Diego Garcia” as keywords.

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